undeliverable/fred weasels au/


background story: hogwarts but with phones 😌 *dumb best friend🤨 added you in the group chat* this is only for having fun and this is my first fanfiction i guess so i hope u like it💕

Age Rating:


contacts names:

luna: nargles gril
theo: mr "18 months my ass
pansy: the doras hair girl
fred: mr sexy ass man
george: dumb best friend
ginny: little bean
draco: snitches get bitches
neville: precious king
cedric: deadric
blaise: bezz bezz
bella: you (y/n)
ellie: fetus deletus but getting wrong
lexie: little grey

When you have a crush on your best friend brother or when ur best friend (George ) add you in a group chat just for fun and his brother (Fred) is part of it

this history is happening like in year 6th-7th but is 2021 (without the pandemic)


Bella: Huffelpuff (or ur house if u want)

Ellie: Slytherin

Lexie: Gryffindor

Blaise: Slytherin

Cedric: Huffelpuff

Neville: Gryffindor

Draco: Slytherin

Ginny: Gryffindor
Fred&George: Gryffindor
Pansy: Slytherin

Theo: Slytherin

Luna: Ravenclaw
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