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Was It Worth It?

Chapter 2: Meeting Mr. Suna Rintaro Himself

It was a regular Friday night at your club. You helped around the club as much as you could on Fridays but mainly the bar because it was your favorite. You always met interesting people and their exciting life stories (Well, some were exciting.)

Some were here to find a cheating partner; some were here because the weekend was finally here, some type of celebration, and others were just there to find a hook-up. You thought you had seen it all. That was until you made your way to the bar. You saw three men in dark clothing. One was sitting and the other two were standing on either side of the man sitting. The man sitting, took a long drink of his dark liquor as he turned around facing the massive crowd of people dancing and others talking to their friends. Even in the low-light and strobe lights, you could tell this man was incredibly handsome.

Even In the poor lighting, you could still make out his grey-yellow cat-like eyes. He wore a highly imitating blank expression on his face. It captivated you when you first laid your eyes on this man.

When you made it to the opposite end of the bar, the mystery man was on, you asked Veronica (one of your bartenders) for a napkin and pen. You wrote your number on the napkin trying not to rip it. When you were done, you gave the pen back to Veronica and made your way towards the mystery man.

As you were close enough to the man, you slipped him your number and put it in his front suit pocket somehow not gaining the attention of the tall men you assumed was his security.

As you tried to keep walking, the mystery man pulled you back to him by your waist. You were practical in between his legs. It shocked you at first, but then you realized it had to naturally mean he was somewhat interested in you as well. As a smirk crept on your lips. You noticed the two men both had a hand on a gun they concealed under their suit jacket. You raised your hands to your shoulders and took a few steps back to show you meant no harm. Looking up to their gaze, you finally spoke your first words to the two men with guns.

“Is that a nice way to treat a woman, no? Yeah, I thought so either. And you’re not the only ones armed. And no, I’m not going to use my throwing stars on you or pretty boy here”

The mystery man chuckled at the nickname “pretty boy” you gave him. He raised his hand signaling to the men that everything was okay. But the men were hesitant as you gradually lifted the side of your cocktail dress to reveal you were serious about the stars. The men looked down at your thigh to see three matte black fire point throwing stars strapped to your thigh.

The man scuffed, “Bold, you realize we could assassinate you right here right now for threatening the boss right? "He can’t be serious, right? In a club as full as this, he’d have to be insane so pull something like that.

“How is this a threat? A woman can never be too cautious nowadays. And no you wouldn’t, the sound of a gunshot would cause everyone to panic and panic causes people to run. People running in a confined space would not be good, people will get hurt from trying to escape.”

“She’s right Ushijima, back down.”

"Oh, the 'boss' speaks! For a minute there I thought you were mute.”

“Obviously I can speak, I solely speak when someone or something intrigues me.”

“So have I intrigued you yet?” you asked confidently,

“You have, the minute you slipped this napkin in my pocket without Ushijima or Lev noticing” he pulled it out to show you were successful with your task.

The two men named Ushijima and Lev looked at each other with wide eyes wondering how that was able to slip that past them

“Good, I love capturing people’s attention. And you sir, look very mysterious. Especially with two men standing behind you. Why not just go to a private booth. I can take you to one If you want. ”

“Ma’am with all due respect, are you trying to seduce our boss? Because he isn’t interested in women in that type of business”

“Ushijima right? Yeah, I’m not a fucking prostitute”

“In that case, what are you?” the mystery man spoke up again.

“I am Y/n.You know the one this club is named after. I’m the owner,” you said as you gestured towards the club we were in. Ushijima looked stunned at what you just said and lev laughed to himself.

“My apologies ma’am, sincerely,” Ushijima said bowing in embarrassment.

“Ignore him. He’s highly judgemental.” He said while glancing at you.

“Oh I can tell he is, pretty boy, I can tell in his face, and the way he stands. And Lev looks like the type to be uninterested in anyone he comes into contact with. Now that you know my name, what’s your name pretty boy?”

“My name? Oh, it's Suna Rintaro.”

‘Oh wow, the head of one of three major mafias here in Japan is in my club. The other two are moderately irrelevant compared to Suna’s. He was the only mafia boss that the public could pin a face to. Smart. Why would you want to be a moving target? It made sense why the two mystery mafia bosses didn’t want to be known to the public. Suna’s is the most powerful. He took over three relatively small gangs and incorporated them into his mafia group.’

“Oh, I've heard of you. You’re one of the big three huh? Dangerous. Look, I don’t care if you hang around here but you better not cause trouble here if you’re going to keep coming back. I don’t need customers to fear that my club is a vulnerable place to party because of you and mafia work” The last thing you needed was more mafia members in the club on busy nights like this. Who knows what could go down. A corrupt deal, a rival partying at the same time, money cut short of what they owed. You could never be too cautious when it comes to your customers and just safety overall.

“Alright got it. Princess, don’t worry”

“I’m sorry, ‘princess’?” you asked confusedly, looking at the man you had barely met.

“Well, you call me ‘pretty boy’ so I figured that I called you something too,” Suna said, smirking.

“Hmm, ok. I like it, pretty boy. But I have to get back to work. It was nice meeting you boys. I hope to see you again soon”

“Oh you will princess, don’t worry” He consumed another drink and let the ice dance around the glass.

Before you walked off again, you had asked your other bartender, Kev, for your phone because you needed to make a call. Once you received your phone, you gave the boys a final wave goodbye before walking to your office. Because of working in a loud club, your office was secluded, so there wouldn’t be much noise while you were working.

* on the phone *
“Hey, Yams!”
“Hey, Y/ n what can I do for you?”

“I need you to call in a meeting in the next hour, please. Inform them that Uc/n has an urgent message and the details will be discussed in the red room. Also, tell them to come in through the back, so no one sees them.”

“Got it, I’ll say forty-five minutes so everyone is on time so you won’t fire anyone for being late this time”

“Yams you know me too well, thank you. See you in an hour.”

~ time skip to the meeting ~

Walking into the green room, you had your voice modifier on. Occupying your seat behind the curtain that separated you and the others, you could hear murmurs on what you could want at this time of night. No one knew what you looked like, it for your protection. Or what you even sounded like, but because of the voice modifier, they assumed you were male. The sole person who knew who you were, was Yamaguchi. He was the only person you fully trusted with any information you came across because he was family after all.
You were a little late. Ok maybe ten minutes late there shouldn’t remain a problem because I am the boss here.

“You’re late,” Tsukishima said with an attitude.

“Tsuki, I mean this absolute meanest way possible, please shut the fuck up. I’m the boss here, not you, you wouldn’t be where you are if it weren't for me. At this time I suggest you be quiet if you don’t want to end up like the last guy. Now, let’s get this meeting started,” you said trying to keep your cool.

No one knew the reason he talked back all the time, he knew it irritated the fuck out of you, maybe that the reason. Just to get under your skin and see how long it would take for you to finally blow up at his snarky remarks. Or he was just simply not afraid of dying.

“So what did you want to meet with us about? It’s practically 3:00 am.”

“Well, Hinata, I thought it was finally time that you guys experience what I look like. I’m going on a some-odd years-long mission, and I don’t need you guys accidentally kidnapping me while on the mission.”

“Woah, are you sure about this? And what type of mission are we talking about here?”Yams asked frantically.

“Calm down Yams, It’s just an undercover mission, and I’ll be dating





Suna Rintaro,” you said while finally stepping from behind the curtain revealing yourself for the first time.
As you stepped from behind the curtain, all eyes were on you. Mouths hung wide open as they saw a woman being revealed as their mafia leader. Before you started speaking again, you turned off your voice modifier to hopefully soften the blow at your reveal.

“Good evening, boys, and of course Yachi and Kiyoko. My actual name is Y/n L/n, but you already knew that. I had quite a fun time meeting you all as the owner or a bartender getting to encounter you personally. Analyzing if I could completely trust you all or not. Well congratulations, you all pass. I look forward to finally working with you guys face to face” you were still kind of nervous about how they would handle this. But you were the boss, you could kill each one of them without any repercussions. They were all disposable to you.

Everyone was still looking at you in shock. They had no idea what to say at this very moment. Yams were distraught at the fact that you had just revealed yourself to the others and at the fact that you would be “dating the one and Suna Rintaro.” He knew you were crazy, but never this crazy.
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