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Family- Season 1


Season 1- Stassie Stark, Tony Stark's precious 15-year-old genius daughter is called by Nick Fury to participate in his 'Dram team," the Avengers, during her winter break, and catches the eye of one Captain Rogers...

Action / Adventure
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Season 1, Chapter 1

Season 1, chapter 1


This side of Paradise

Let me go

This Town

The way I are

Smooth Criminal

It’s Tricky

Watermelon Sugar

Sweet Caroline

Mumbo no.5


“Yes?” Tony Stark asked Director Nick Fury as he sat down in the office, “I’m assembling a new team to take down the Asgardian God, Loki Odinson, and find the Tesseract while still getting information out of him,” “okay..?” “and, Tony I’m assembling my “Dream Team” to do so,” “who’s going to be in it?” “Captain Rogers, Bruce Banner, Thor Odinson, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, and you,” “great, but Clint, really?” Tony rolled his eyes, sipping his coffee out of his “#1 Dad” mug, “I was considering someone else…” “who?” “she can start when she arrives, then she can go back to school when her break ends…” Nick slowly tipped Tony, trying to nor be too upright, for he didn’t want to get killed on the spot by Iron man, gesturing to Tony’s mug.

“Hell no.”

“No way in hell.”

“Over my dead body,”

“Don’t you dare?”

“Have you asked her?”

“What did she say?”

“I will kill you,”

“Just. No.”

“No,” Tony ranted, staring at his boss in the eye,

“Face it, her personality is very similar to Loki’s, and I’m not casting you to handle Loki, because you have the self-control of a 14-year-old girl, besides, Stassie is very persuasive,” Nick shuddered, talking from previous experience “she’s perfectly fine in Switzerland, besides, that kid, Peter is sure to drool over her,” Tony grumbled, “but, she needs you, she misses you, and let’s face it, you 2 can bond, for fuck’s sake, you’ve already made her a suit, deep inside, you want it too,” “you can’t persuade me by playing with my feelings,” Tony huffed, glaring, obviously considering.

’fine.” He answered in a small voice. Not liking to be talked into his choices, “what was that?” Nick teased, “fine.” Tony repeated in a louder voice, “loude-” Nick jeered, “but I’m keeping watch on her at all times.” Tony snapped, cutting into Nick’s sentence, slamming the door behind him, making a mental note to have JARVIS order some stuff from Target.


“Is this the Avengers headquarters?” Thor Odinson asked, walking out of the elevator to the living room of Stark Tower to the “Dream team already there waiting for him,” “yes,” Captain Steve Rogers answered, “your pop tarts are on the kitchen island,” said Tony, “you guys can settle in any room you want on the 85th floor and JARVIS will get you anything you want, I have to go send a private jet for my daughter, in the meantime, Loki is kept in a cell on the 90th floor, and JARVIS will tell you everything,” The explained, getting up to make some calls.


The Dream team waited for Tony to get out of earshot, then exploded,

“His daughter is coming with us?”

’Is she even legal?”

“How old is she?”

“Is she on the case with us as the surprise recruit the Fury told us about?”

“I CAN STILL HEAR YOU!” Tony shouted, “YES, ALMOST, 15, YES,” he answered,

“She’s 15?” Steve asked, confused, “her name is Stassie, Tony’s daughter,” Thor answered, “is she the girl on his dad mug?” Peter asked, “I got him that mug,” Bruce smugly answered, “she use to sit around in the Fury’s office drinking a strawberry milkshake all day, but she’s like a mini Tony, they’re exactly the same, it’s creepy,” Natasha shrugged, “mhm,” Steve thought, “keep it in your pants, cap, you’re 87, keep it in your pants,” Clint Barton rolled his eyes, “you’re just jealous you aren’t still 21,” Steve huffed, rolling his eyes, smirking, “Stassie’s smart, maybe she can tutor you, kid besides, your Spanish is terrible,” Thor honestly shrugged, munching on a pop tart, “that one is very high maintenance,” Nick walked out of the elevator, “and yes, I agree, Stassie should really teach you some Spanish, you speak like you’re a tourist reading a crappy out of date brochure you found at an airport in Spain,” he rolled his eyes, “anyways, I’m glad you people are all not killing each other, adn CLint hasn’t built a fort out of blankets in the vents yet, and I assume Stassie is arriving tomorrow afternoon, just in time for lunch, now, I’m a busy man, even if it’s finding a good divorce attorney,” he walked back into the elevator and pushed a button to the ground floor.

“He’s getting divorced?” Thor asked, confused, ”I never knew he was married.” Peter commented, “He keeps his personal life separated from his work life,” Natasha explained, “like he even has a personal life,” Bruce laughed, as Steve glared at him.

“You have any homework, kid?” Tony walked into the living room, “um- no, kids from the academic decathlon just catch up on their work at school,” “great, I need you people to get the 87th and 88th floors ready, along with organizing the training room and making sure the new training stuff works and won’t blow up,” he listed, “damn boss,” “Stassie is graduating next year, so I might as well get this place ready ahead of time, we’ll start with the Loki shit tomorrow,” he waved them off, “bossy diva,” Clint grumbled, “you can build your fort later,” Thor sighed, “at least we can try out the new training equipment, Steve looked on the bright side, “it’s probably something insane that Tony bought that Stassie would go insane over,” Bruce predicted as the group made their way to the 87th floor.


“So many clothes,” Thor complained, “wait ’til you see the shoes,” Clint shook his head, I never thought a daughter of Tony’s would have so many different parts of her closet, being organized from the season, color, brand, clothing type, when it was in trend, and what occasion they are for,” “wait- was she the one in a Disney show?” Peter asked, remembering something from his childhood, “yeah, until she went off the boarding school in Switzerland,” Natasha answered, “Le Rosey, a bunch of entitled pricks, it’s like a school of connections if you know those famous people, you will be alright there, but if you’re a scholarship student, and you don’t know anyone there, you will have the worst experience in your life, it’s probably the most expensive boarding school in the world,” Thor explained, munching on a pop tart, “how do you know that?” Bruce asked, giving him a weird look, “it’s been around for a long time, I noticed that they had a good range of pretty girls, so a couple of decades back, I tried my luck there as a scholarship student, it was terrible, what’s football anyways?” Thor answered, “wow, you- a prep school student,” Clint imagined, the group cracking up.

“How does this 15-year-old have a whole closet dedicated for “fashion through the decades?” Natasha grumbled, heaving boxes of vintage clothes, “I bet all of these designer bags could buy an entire neighborhood, much less build one,” Peter puffed, out of breath, “how did she get these 40’s clothes?” Steve asked, “these were for upper-class women,” he held up a 40’s evening dress, “these were very fancy back then,” he told them, matter-of-factly, “he’s like Google, except he tells us 40’s facts when we don’t ask for them,” Clint rolled his eyes sarcastically, “that’s why no one likes you and you’re forced to live in Tony’s vents,” Steve replied, hanging some dresses up, as CLint scoffed, “maybe I can borrow some of these for my history around the world project in school,” Peter shrugged, “like she would let you up to the 87th floor,” Thor laughed, “she’s here to deal with Loki, she’s VERY mean,” Bruce replied, “oh. Then I should butter her up, like what I do when I want to break some bad news to Tony,” he shrugged, “something like a peace offering,” Natasha suggested, “such as trade, bargaining, or collateral, but yeah, she will most likely kill you if you get too close to her,” Clint tipped, “you should stay away from pissing her off, but she gets annoyed VERY easily, and usually has around 3-19 weapons on her at all time,” Natasha advised, “I’m not even joking,” she seriously looked Peter in the eye,” “very scary, but if you’re familiar, with her, she’s kind, she once knitted me my signature pop tart scarf and gifted it to me for Christmas, “Thor showed off his scarf, hanging from his neck, “he shows off the scarf at any opportunity he has,” Steve rolled his eyes, “oh, please, you’re just jealous,” Thor put his chin in the air.


“Woah,” Peter gazed at the new equipment in the training room, “is that the training thingy from the hunger games?” he asked, “yep, and only Tony would be insane enough to custom make something from a fictional movie,” Steve blinked, “I call dibs,” Natasha raced Clint, Bruce, Thor, Peter, and Steve to the key-pad, all of them eager to try out the new gadget.

Natasha used her set of bracelets to fend off the holograms, Thor used his hammer, Bruce just charged, Clint used his signature bow and arrow, Steve used his shield, Peter was last, because he got bullied, and he used his spider web.


Tony sat in the security camera room, shaking his head, as the Avengers eagerly took turns to try out the training equipment like children on Christmas morning, shaking his head.


“Does anyone here know how to cook?” Tony Asked, looking around at the group of adults and a 15-year-old, depending on him for something to eat, “I can make pop tar-” Thor offered, “no thank you, I’m not having a child’s snack for dinner,” Tony rolled his eyes, “mac and cheese, anyone?” Tony asked, “tacos at least?” they all shook their head, “wow, so Nick really sent us out all here to starve,” Tony rolled his eyes, “Applebees?” He smirked at Peter, who had a job there, “no, no, no, please, no.” He begged, “APPLEBEES!” Natasha decided, “APPLEBEESSSSS,” cheered Steve, Tony, Clint, and Bruce, as Peter groaned into his hands and the group drove down to their local Applebees, laughing.


“I hate you all,” Peter groaned, as the Avengers were sitting at a table chewing on their burgers and sipping their drinks, teasing him, “you love us, kid” Thor cooed, pinching his cheeks like he were a baby, embarrassing him in front of his co-workers, making him blush, making the rest of the Dream Team want to fo it more, giggling and having fun, “I’ll order a lava cake, and how big of a tip should I leave?” Tony asked, “definitely not three thousand dollars,” Natasha reminded, “come on, the tip really helped,” Peter smiled, “the kid needs to save up for college, right?” Tony put his arm around Peter’s shoulder, patting him, “he won’t be able to get any scholarship anyways,” Tony added the bomb at the end, the table howling, all of them having fun.

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