Shake It Up; Wonder Boys


In the year 2013, Jin, Suger, B-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook debuted as members of their company's very first boy group Wonder Boys. Little do they know, what awaits for them is not a road of flowers but a road of blood, sweat and tears. Will they rise above the top or fall below the bottom? Start: 09-03-2021

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Author's Note

The following book is a BTS-concept based fanfic for a group under my applyfic book Shake It Up Entertainment. This is not to be taken seriously as a real group and this is only a fanfic to read for the joy of reading.

I would also like to thank @NobodyToIdols for this inspiration too for starting books for her series which gives me strength to give some colour and life to the characters in the Shake It Up Entertainment applyfic. Do check her books out! She's awesome!

The events in this book are just inspired by the things that happened to me or the people around me in real life that are only dramatised for the sake of making the story interesting. If you can't handle it, feel free to leave and not read it but if you can handle and like the book, I hope you all can enjoy!

Remember to stay safe during this pandemic and make love, not war! Cheerios~

-Kim Youngji/MonkeyBitesTV Official

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