Shake It Up; Wonder Boys

Chapter 8

{Credits to @NobodyToIdols for her help}

Jungkook’s POV


The Hyungs are unusually fighting over some trivial matters. “NOT MY FAULT EITHER!” V Hyung angrily shouted at Jimin Hyung.

“I TOLD YOU BOTH TO STOP DIDN’T I?!” Youngsoo Hyung walks in stopping them all and snapping. “WE ARE ALL DEBUTING NEXT WEEK AND THIS IS THE BEHAVIOUR WE ARE GOING TO DISPLAY IN PUBLIC?!” He continues that everybody including Jin Hyung and Suger Hyung shutting up.

“You all are grounded today. Jungkook come with me!” He says to everybody pulling me out of the dorms with him which got me worrying a little. “Don’t say anything Im Jungkook! Just don’t say anything!” I think to myself seeing the situation and not wanting to become another of the Hyungs to get snapped at.

“You’re scared that I will also snap at you?” Youngsoo Hyung soon asked me as if he can sees through what am I thinking about. “A-A little...” I admitted timidly. Just as I was thinking that I will be next in the shouting charade, I was shocked and surprised when he pulled me into a warm bear hug instead. “E-Eh?” I looked up to him in shock. “Sorry.” He softly apologizes to me that shocks me even more.

“W-Why?” I asked him stuttering a little. “For frightening you by being angry at everyone else.” He says in a heavy tone. “You are not wrong in shouting at them.” I reassured him. After a short while, we both broke out of the hug and went to the recording studio. I was playing with some blocks the CEOs left for us to play in case we’re bored while Youngsoo Hyung is talking to our producer Mr. Sun about the lyrics of some of our songs.

“The broadcasting station has been really weird and off-hand about how should songs, dances and music videos be broadcasted in the country. I advise you be careful and cautious at all cost.” Mr. Sun tells Youngsoo Hyung in a careful yet soft manner. “I know what am I doing and don’t you worry.” He reassures Mr. Sun back. “And where have the others went? Why you only brought Jungkook with you?” He then asks Youngsoo Hyung. “I have grounded them for the day cause they are arguing over very trivial things like toilet paper and the kitchen.” Youngsoo Hyung sighs explaining as he looked seriously frustrated talking about it.

“I mean you all are growing men, you should be handling this matter maturely then grounding them directly.” Mr. Sun laughs a little telling him. “I understand that Mr. Sun however we are debuting soon and such behavior will be throwing the reputation of the company’s out in the hot seat of embarrassment if we’re in public.” Youngsoo Hyung sighs again explaining to him. “Think hard about what I say okay?” He taps Youngsoo Hyung’s shoulder saying.

“I will think it through hard.” Youngsoo Hyung says back to Mr. Sun with a slight smile. “Good” Mr. Sun happily ruffles Youngsoo Hyung’s hair much to his annoyance

“I also heard Beomhyun joining the rap line from the vocal and dance line. I guess Bernard’s departure have something to do with it?” Mr. Sun then asks us both.

“By the sounds of it. he has something to do with this.” Youngsoo Hyung sighs. “And knowing the CEOs, they are sure quick to target people when things like this happened.” Mr. Sun added on.

“Mmmmmmmm I’m bored” I lay on the couch kicking my legs and whining cause the talk is so long that I got very bored. “What should we do?” Youngsoo Hyung asks me and I just pouted cause no ideas are coming out of my brain until a voice excited me like a happy puppy.


I turned around to KyeongMi looking around confused and I am happily jumping and running around cheering. “KyeongMi!” i jump. I ran to her and give her a big hug. “Oi! Oi! Oi! What are you doing?!” KyeongMi tries getting out of the hug as always but too bad for her, she isn’t strong as I am so she has no choice but to stay in the hug.

“Fine. Now whats wrong?” she asks Youngsoo Hyung as she hugs me back. “Shouldn’t we be asking you what’s up Miss?” Mr. Sun giggles at her.

“I have no classes after rap so it’s free time for me!” She explains. “If that’s the case, keep your Jungkook Oppa entertained while Youngsoo and I have songs to finish up!” Mr. Sun chuckles telling her.

“Says who he is my Oppa?” She pulled out of the hug and scratched her head at Mr. Sun confused.

“Us.” They both say. “Fine! He can come with me to the cafe since I’m getting lunch but I’m holding you two responsible if rumours are out of this.” She says pointing her finger at them before leaving the room

“okay.” They say as I leave the room with her. We soon go to the cafe, while I am having a burger, she brought a meat salad for herself to eat.

“Do you want some of this burger?” I ask her. “I like salads more than burgers.” She says to me. “Okay, is it Yummy?” I ask her. “Yummy it is.” She says eating.

I soon can’t help myself taking a knife from the cutlery section and gave her some of my burger. “What are you doing?!” She gasped asking me when she saw the slice on her plate.

“Its only a small bit.” I say. “You can have it back.” She says giving me back the burger slice I cut for her. “Are you sure?” I ask her giving her back the slice. She soon stands up and slams her fists on the table. “YOU MAY BE OLDER THAN ME BUT PLEASE DO RESPECT PEOPLE’S LIKES AND PREFERENCES!” She shouts at me that I can’t help finding it cute so I giggled.

“Ok i’m sorry.” i tell her still giggling cause she is just so cute when angry. “ITS NOT FUNNY THAT WE’RE IN THIS SITUATION NOW!” She continues telling me off.


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