Shake It Up; Wonder Boys

Chapter 9

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Jungkook’s POV

“Are you sure?” I ask Kyeongmi giving her back the slice. She soon stands up and slams her fists on the table. “YOU MAY BE OLDER THAN ME BUT PLEASE DO RESPECT PEOPLE’S LIKES AND PREFERENCES!” She shouts at me that I can’t help finding it cute so I giggled.

“Ok i’m sorry.” i tell her still giggling cause she is just so cute when angry. “ITS NOT FUNNY THAT WE’RE IN THIS SITUATION NOW!” She continues telling me off.


She continues till I cut her off by kissing her on the lips for a while. I did pull out of the kiss and giggled at her reaction to my kiss which she is still very pissed, throwing a “Hmph!” at me before walking off finally.

“Hahahahahaha!” I can’t help clapping my hands laughing. “She is so adorable!” I think to myself giggling before another voice is close to giving me a heart attack.


“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! VIN DAEHEE!!!!!” Iturned around and shouted in shock. She just rolls her tongue at me in return. “What are you doing here?!” I put my hands together asking her. “What am I doing here?” She points to herself giggling. “Of course to help you with the mess you’re in with Han KyeongMi!” She giggles even more saying

“In return~” She says in a singing tone. “You’re gonna tell me where’s my brother!” She gives me the wink and I can’t help facepalming. “Didn’t your brother told you that he got grounded from leaving the dorms for the day?” I looked at her annoyed.

“He didn’t text me!” She pouts. “You can check your phone.” I tell her walking off as fast as I could back to YoungSoo Hyung and Mr. Sun because knowing what is going to happen with that emotional bean.

I end up running the moment I know I am out of the cafe’s sight. Little did I know I bumped into the Princess of the company, Seohwa.

“Woah! Im Jungkook! Seen a ghost?”

Seohwa giggles asking me. “Running away from who?” She looks at me giggling and asking. “JUST!” I tell her trying to breathe. “JUST DON’T ASK ME!” I said in one breath running as fast as I could back to Youngsoo Hyung and Mr. Sun.


“We are almost done MR. YOUNGSOO!” Mr. Sun chants dancing with his head at me out of the blue which I find it really weird. “Ermmmm may I ask what are you up to?” I asked him looking him weirdly.

“Nothing?” He says continuing what he is doing until I turn my attention to the sound of the door opening to Jungkook panting heavily and looking like he’s really back from a marathon and ready for a skydive fall.

“WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! WOAH!” Mr. Sun also soon realised and responded before going to lend Jungkook a hand. “Did you just seen a ghost?” I asked as I also went to lend the young chap a helping hand.

“Vin! Dae! Hee! Is! Asking! For! Her! Brother!”

He pants each word as he is getting up and trying to breathe as I patted him on his back. “Vin Daehee? V’s sister?” Mr. Sun scratches his head asking and Jungkook nods his head trying to breathe while I helped him to the couch.

“I mean Daehyun can text her that he is grounded! Not like I confiscated their phones.” I said to Jungkook sitting back on the chair. “But you know V Hyung told us before that Vin Daehee is the most emotional of them three siblings right?” Jungkook asks me as he slowly gain his pace back. “Ah yeah!” I nodded my head back.

“But she’s the academically BEST of them three.” I also added on before yawning for a bit to continue putting the final pieces of the song together.

“Have you seen anybody that can control that emotional bean?” Mr. Sun then asked Jungkook. “Oh yeah! Saw Seohwa!” Jungkook answers him. Somehow I realised something when I turned around to see Jungkook that Kyeongmi isn’t with him.

“Where’s Han Kyeongmi?” I asked him. “S-She took off after I kissed her.” He shyly scratches his head telling me that I also throw my pen across the wall. “REALLY?!” Mr. Sun jumps out of his chair in shock to the news that he fell and a crack can be heard in the room.

“OUCH!!! OH MY GOD!!!”

-The Next Day-

If anybody at this point wondering what happens between the members and I.

Yes, they apologised and I apologised...

Yes, we all made up...

Yes, I managed to clear things up with Daehee...

Not without Mr. Sun breaking his back after Jungkook revealed yesterday that he kissed Kyeongmi in the cafe. Unfortunately, that leaves me all alone doing all the supervision of the members recording.

“Whose first?” I asked my six “naughty frogs”. “Telling y’all I be recording last so count me out!” I added on putting my black hoodie on cause the aircon starts giving me the chills I don’t even need.


They all pointed to Jungkook in which to my surprise, he claps his hands happily since he was whining whenever he is asked to go first. “But why me though?” He asked scratching his head like a fool.

“Cause you are the reason why Mr. Sun is now out of commission for a while.”

Jin Hyung giggles telling him. “For kissing a 14 year old.” Jimin added on chuckling. “Alright then!” He cheers skipping into the recording booth.

“Ready Jungkook?”

I asked through my big mic and once he gives the signal that he’s ready, it was time to record his parts. As he records his vocal and rap, I can’t help shaking and dancing to the beat along with the others cause Jungkook’s skills are no joke.


I cheered after I stopped the recording of his last part. “All perfect?” Jungkook asked me and I nodded my head. “WOOHOO!!!!!” He cheered running out loudly the moment I released him from the booth. “You are free to pick whose next!” I then tell the happy young chap.


He stretches his arms cheering that got JiMin pouting at him sadly as he walks in the booth. “Come on! JiMin! I’m sure Jungkook is trying to be nice and friendly.” I reassured him at his adjust the stand, mic, headphones to his height.

“Ready?” I asked him and he nods his head before I started the button for him to record his parts. I got impressed simply because I never really hear his singing voice as I am only with him for dance classes.

“Is it okay?” JiMin asked him once I stopped the recording. “Ah yes!” I nodded my head. “Your voice is really smooth!” I complimented him. “But won’t that clash with the song?” He then asked me worried. “Nah!” I shook my head releasing him from the recording booth. “It’s good.” I tell him as he sat down and picks V to record.

After recording everybody’s parts including mine, we are all heading back to the dorms for a good rest after a long day of recording. Little did we know, there are reporters with the big mics surrounding us.

“What is going on?”

“Are you guys the members of Shake It Up’s upcoming first boy group?”

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