Shake It Up; Wonder Boys

Chapter 10

Jimin’s POV

We are preparing for our debut stage, many things happened and I don’t know how should I even think some days.

“Ahhhh Jimin Hyung so cute!” Jungkook always ruffles my hair which got me terribly annoyed as always though I try not to show it because he is the youngest and the others treat him like a treasure trove.

“You really don’t take to heart how Jungkook treats you?” Suger comes over asking me. “What can I do? He’s the youngest and the ACE of the group.” I said to him.

“You are also one yourself.” He says. “How?” I asked him. “You both can sing and dance which is not my strong pointer.” He explains. “But you rapped better than both Jungkook and I.” I said to him back.

“I’m sure you will shine some day.” He reassured me before we continued our practice till lunch break.

We bumped into a young female during our break. She looks new here and looks lost also. “Mr CEO likes fresh faces.” I said to Suger. “Fresher than the sun!” He giggles.

“What’s your name?” We walked up asking her. She just looks at us before backing off. “Don’t worry we won’t hurt you.” I reassured her.

“E-Edwina…K-Kim…” She introduced herself shyly and stuttering. “I’m Jimin and he’s Seokgi” I introduced myself and Suger. “What are you doing here?” Suger asks her.


We turned around to a guy taller than Suger and myself. “ANDROS!” Edwina calls him out fast. “Hello!” We said back to him. “Sorry about my cousin!” Andros apologised carrying her the moment he is near her.

“It’s alright. We are just keeping her safe.” Suger says. “How old are you two?” I then asked them both. “11 turning 12 soon.” Andros says.

“That’s cool!” We said. “And do you know where I can find RaeAh Noona?” He then asks us. “RaeAh Noona? As in RaeAh?” I asked him and he nods his head.

“Looking her for?” I asked him. “She and I shared the same vocal trainer and I’m supposed to tell her that Mr Chung is sick again so there’s no lessons today.” He explains.

“We will get the message to her. Have any lessons after this?” Suger says before asking him and he shook his head. “We have to get ready for school later.” Andros says.

“Sure.” We both understanding what he meant before the two took their leave. “Chung been sick for quite a long time.” Suger comments as we left the building too with our lunch. “I agree.” I nodded my head.

“How did the company get a sick cat like Chung is still a mystery~” He sings that got me laughing. “What’s so funny?” He asked me. “Your comments make me laugh.” I said.

“Haven’t you thought of being a comedian?” I then asked him. “Honest talk.” I added on so he won’t be able to get mad at me. “A comedian?” He asked me back and I nodded my head.

“A comedian? No.” He said. “As you know and I’ve told you, I come from a rough place as you know that we don’t even have the time for things like jokes. I can’t even imagine myself becoming one.” He answers.

“I don’t blame you.” I said and when we get back to the dorms. Everybody else was pacing up and down like they are rushing for something. “What’s wrong?” I managed to stop Manager Ho asking her as she walking fast with a pail.


She shouts going to the kitchen to get more water. We immediately went to Jungkook’s room checking on him. “What’s wrong Hyung?” We asked Jin whose shaky hands is opening our new thermometer box.

“Just help me with this! Jungkook suddenly had a fever and I don’t know what to do!” He says opening to the point that stuff inside can drop to the floor as Jungkook on his bed looking really miserable.

Oh boy! Help me…we can’t be facing this now…we’re debuting soon!

Suger’s POV

Jungkook’s fever stabilised a while after we gave him some painkillers and turn on the air conditioner in his room so he can feel much better. As he rests up, we are in the living room talking about what happened and what to do.

“Jungkook is also a human for God’s sake! What’s this ACE thing coming about?!” Beomhyun comments. “Not going to lie, I rather wish I was the one sick instead of Jungkook.” Youngsoo says sighing.

“The company some days are really very questionable.” Jin says in which we all can’t help agreeing to. “Where’s Manager Ho?” I pointed out asking as she is not around. “Our dear CEOs invited her out for a TALK again.” DaeHyun answers.

“Again? Can’t the CEOs find somebody else? I have a feeling they have an IN for her.” I said scratching my head. “I doubt they will have that sort of IN for her. After all, she’s Mrs CEO’s cousin. I believe they won’t be this ridiculous to go hard on her.” Jin says.

“Moreover, she’s asthmatic guys.” Jimin soon points out. “You guys have to think, what if she suddenly has an asthma attack cause they go hard? Don’t the CEOs scared their own uncle and aunt questioning them?” He soon explain.

“I agree with what Jimin says. It’s also not in the CEOs’ nature to be stupid to that extend.” I also sided with Jimin.

Soon, Manager Ho comes back looking alright. “How’s everything Ho?” Jin asks her. “Alright there. Just Jungkook will be resting for a week.” She says before going to the bathroom and having a bath.

“So what did you two do today?” Youngsoo soon asks Jimin and myself about today’s practice. “Nothing much but the rap part Jimin has.” I explained before I get Jimin showing him what I have taught him.

“Sounds smoother. He sure can do well in live performances!” Youngsoo claps impressed. “And we also met two young trainees today. Very young! But that will be the story of another time of course.” I also said seeing the clock that it’s getting late and we need sleep.

“Very young? How young?” Beomhyun and DaeHyun asked me. “One boy and one girl. Turning 12 years old soon.” I tell them. Somehow, the moment I said that, these two are gasping at one another.

“12 years old? Didn’t the CEOs says they will take the minimum age of 14?” DaeHyun asked me in shock. “Oi! Kyeongjin is also 13 turning 14!” Jin tells them off before walking to Jungkook’s room to take care of our little boy.

“Sorry!” The two said as they start messing with one another on their way back to their room. “I guess we also need sleep too!” Youngsoo says as we all go get ourselves some sleep for tomorrow.

Words: 1201
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