Shake It Up; Wonder Boys

Chapter 11

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I was alone in the office with Mr CEO and Mrs CEO known to me as Uncle Bae and Aunty Bae.

“This is ridiculous on the whole new level!” I said in shock as I read through a shocking truth that I was “offered” by my parents so that they can pay for their business debts

I look at both of the CEOs. “We are not lying. You surely can recognise your father’s handwriting.” Mrs CEO says.

“What will happen?” I ask them. “You will still be apart of this company but I will give 20% of the shares to your dad in exchange for a restraining order.” Mr CEO says

“Why cant they pay off the loan themself?” I ask them. “Your father thinks it’s a good idea investing in the New Zealand land and putting the money in the US accounts he have despite our advices.” Mrs CEO explains

“The market crashed back then and the US freezing the account he has only paid of 40% of the debts he and your mum incurred.” She continued

“But dont you own this company?” I ask them. “Yes we do so we happened to loan him all our monthly expenses in exchange for you being a trainee at ours.” Mr CEO explains.

“We initially were asked to keep this from you but seeing your father has broke part of the agreement to visit you once a month lately have us making this decision telling you everything.” He continued

“That sounds illegal.” I tell them. “And isn’t my dad your friend? Why did you got to make such a deal with him?” I asked Mr CEO since he and my dad are friends since military.

“I guess you can say your father has an “ODD” way of supporting this only friend of his.” Mr CEO says. “So the auditioning was to get me to the company?” I asked him and he nods his head.

“He forced me to audition?” i ask. “Let’s just say he used your interest in rapping for this.” Mrs CEO says. “Actually I don’t really blame you guys.” I then sighed.

“So that means whatever money I earn will go right to my parents.” I tell them. “Not necessarily.” Mrs CEO says and I ended up looking at her in shock

“How? Your paying my parents to be here.” I tell them. “The monthly expenses we paid is more than enough to pay off the 60%. But actually behind their backs, we have the money you’ve been with us for the past 4-5 years saved here.” Mr CEO shows me a bank statement they got recently with my name on the account

“Okay.” I tell them. “Thank you.” I ended up thanking them which got them looking at me back in shock.

“What?” I ask them. “I’m thanking you guys for all you’ve done for me.” I said. “And if you want to proceed with the order, go ahead.” I added on before excusing myself from their office

I walk into the dance practice room. “Youngsoo Hyung! Where you’ve been!” Jungkook whines running to me for hugs

“Talking to the ceos.” I tell him. “He’s been asking for you for the past 1/2 hour.” Jimin tells me pointing at Jungkook. “I’m back now.” I tell him hugging him.

“Please don’t leave me alone next time.” He says that got us all laughing. “I wont.” I tell him. “Youngsoo! When did you get yourself a pet?!” Beomhyun laughs

“Just now.” I laugh. “I’m happy we are debuting tomorrow that today we just chilling” Daehyun says with a smile. “Are we all excited?” Jin asks us all. “Yes we are!!” We all cheered. “Shall we all go out to eat?” Beomhyun asks us.

“Yes we should!” We all agreed. “Let’s bring the girls along too!” Jimin says. We go to their dorm and tell them whats going on.

“Hahahaha! Let’s go out and let the fans roll us under the bus!” Raeah cheered. “Seems fun!” Jungkook agrees with her. “I feel like rolling you two out of here.” Kyeongmi tells the two savagely that got us laughing

“Oh really?” Jungkook asks her laughing. Despite these two oddballs being OUTSTANDING, we went out having some food. “Let’s make this a tradition.” Daehyun says out of the blue

“I’m down for that.” Seohwa tells him. “You two can do that yourselves when you become a duo” I tell them jokingly

“We just might.” Seohwa jokes. “Lol you guys.” Kyeongmi says as they we all laughed again. “The food looks yummy!” Raeah says as the staff brings it over.

“It does.” Seokgi says agreeing with Raeah. “Thank you for the food.” We thank the staff.

“Enjoy.” The staff tells us and as he left, we are talking about some old stuff and catching up. “Really?! Got such stuff?!” Jin looks at me in shock when I decide to be honest about what happened

“Yeah.” I nod. “Your dad is surely playing mind games with Mr CEO but too bad, Mr CEO has no time bothering him.” Kyeongmi says to me.

“True.” I say. “I feel bad for the CEOs to be honest.” I even add on. “Same.” Raeah agrees.

“And they even opened an account for you, that’s touching.” Makiko says. “Really?” I ask. “Yes it shows how much they value you as their very first trainee.” Seohwa says to me

“I see.” I nod. “Have more food.” I say to them all. I give them more food. “Have some for yourself Youngsoo” Beomhyun tells me.

“I am.” I say putting some more food on my plate. “Yummy?” I asked everybody and everybody nod their heads. “Good.” i say eating my own share. It took me a while to notice somebody is taking pictures of us. When I walked towards the direction.

“Hey can you don’t take pictures of us?! We can sue you for privacy intrusion!”

“Not our fault!!”
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