Shake It Up; Wonder Boys

Chapter 1

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I heard some cheering and soon a bang only to find it was Ryan giving Jungkook and Daehyun around horseback rides until all of them fall to the floor.

“Haaaaaa~ Here we go again~ Look how stupid Youngsoo-ie is~” Seokgi sighed at what the leader is doing with the two youngest members of the group. “Shut up you party spoiler!” Beomhyun and Minjin both tell Seokgi.

“Let them have their fun,” Beomhyun says. “Your just sour and that’s that!” Minjin says to Seokgi that Jimin clings onto me scared. “It’s okay.” I reassured him patting his head.

“Is this our new member Uncle Bae?” Ryan asks me as soon as he saw what Jimin is doing on my leg. “Maybe.” I say laughing. “Ahhhhh so cute!” Beomhyun soon walks to Jimin squatting down a little to my leg where he is.

“What is your name?” Beomhyun soon asks him. “Y-Yang J-Jimin...” Jimin softly responds, “Y-Yours?” He quietly asks back. “Jung Beomhyun!” Beomhyun says with a smile that got Jimin shyly smiling.

“Nice to meet you.” He shyly says. “Oooooo a baby there!!” Jungkook looking at Jimin, as always, will be clapping inappropriately.

“He’s 2 years older than you Im Jungkook.” I tell Jungkook sighing. “I didnt know that!” He defends himself. “I want to send you to the behavioural therapist!” I tell him jokingly.

“YOUNGSOO HYUNG!” He whines running to Ryan. “It was a joke,” I tell them. “It really is we know!” Ryan says to me, “He was joking Jungkook,” He tells Jungkook. “I know.” Jungkook pouts.

“Where’s Bernard?” I soon asked. “Didn’t he say he can’t be here to take care of Eunha?” Minjin points out to me that got me remembering. “What happened to Eunha?” Seokgi asks. “Fell sick after that day she and Jiyeon got into trouble with some gangsters on their way home.” Daehyun answers Seokgi

“Ah okay. I hope she gets better soon,” He says. “Can’t wait to see him again.” He adds on. “Agreed,” I say. “I trust I can leave you here with them yes?” I asked Jimin who is still hugging onto my leg.

“Yes,” He says. “Good” I patted his head taking my leave for the others to get know Jimin better.

I soon went back into the office to my wife anxiously looking at me. “What’s wrong dear? I never seen you looking this anxious.” I asked her in a much concerned and worried tone. It didn’t take me a while to realise something is up.

“Did something happened?” I asked her again before she points to me to the window. I went to look at the window and saw a few rough-dressed men there hanging around the park. “Bernard have called me and send me a picture of the people harassing Janice and Jada. Is it them?” My wife then passed me her phone of the picture. I matched the picture to the men that got me very sure not only the dressing but also that these are the very same people that are harassing Eunha and Jiyeon.

“I am very sure it is them.” I said to my wife. “Our company has a CCTV facing there so it shouldn’t be much of an issue capturing them with what they are really up to.” I explained as I passed my wife back her phone.

“I know what you mean. I know what you mean.” She says. “And also Bernard says he wishes to withdraw from Wonder Boys line-up.” She adds on.

“HUH?! WHY?!” I shouted upon hearing Bernard’s wish to withdraw from the line-up. “WE HAVE ONLY 6 MONTHS LEFT TO THE DEBUT! WE CAN’T BE LOSING ONE OF OUR BEST RAPPERS AT THIS HOUR AND LET RYAN HAVE TO BE THE MAIN RAPPER ALL BY HIMSELF!” I started ranting like nobody’s business.


My wife suddenly shouted that got me stopping myself since she isn’t the type to raise her voice at me all day. “More calm now?” She asked me and I nodded my head.

“I understand how angry you are about this but do make sense of this situation.” She then start saying. “Yes Bernard is a very good rapper but you and I have to admit his style with the group are pretty off the charts that he has struggled quite a lot to catch up. Also yes we are setting for a hip-hop boy group, but they are also idols. The number of rappers to dancers to vocalists have become a little too uneven don’t you think?” She continues as I listened to every word she is saying.

“And plus you yourself told me when you picked Jimin that this boy’s dancing skills will hit global stage some days and he has good singing skills.” She adds on. “Thinking about it, his skills are as good as Beomhyun and Jungkook. And the fact it became much better after training with us for 2 months is an amazing for a 18 year old.” I said as I started to getting some sense into what my wife is talking about.

“Moreover, if we just debut with what we have, what if those gangsters down there knew and began hell for Bernard because Bernard knows Janice and Jada?” She also points out to me. “True to what Yoonseo is saying. Even if I now solve this issue and debut Bernard, what if these people start going too far out that even he gets hurt? I can’t have too many people hurt because of this...” I think in my train of my thoughts as my wife continues talking.

“So what do you think?” My wife asked me again. “I will approve of Bernard’s wishes to withdraw from the debuting line-up and replace Jimin with it.” I said my decision after taking a deep breath. “In addition, I will find something for Bernard to do so that his time with us won’t be wasted as such.” I continued as she nods her head. “How about the gangsters down stairs?” My wife then asked me.

“Get Jinhee and Kyeongseo to get the CCTV footage, and get Bernard to hand over whatever evidences he have as soon as possible cause I am making a report and getting a restraining order not only to keep them off the company’s boundary but also restraining orders for they will have no chance to have their hands on anybody in my company!”

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