Shake It Up; Wonder Boys

Chapter 2

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Jin’s POV

“WHAT?! WHY?!”

We all shouted in shock when we found out that Bernard won’t be in the debuting line-up. “W-What?! I don’t understand! He is one of the best rappers in the company!” Seokgi scratches his head

“Does that mean i’m the only rapper now!?” RM asked shocked in which he got a flick on the forehead by Seokgi. “Are Beomhyun and I dead to you?!” Seokgi says flicking RM’s forehead.

“Sorry,” He rubs his forehead. “Woah woah woah! Calm down! At least think of a good side that we have Jimin with us isn’t it?” I said pulling Jimin in and ruffling his soft hair.

“Very true,” They all agree. “Yup. At least I have 7 here to debut.” Mr CEO says clapping his hands happily. “But how about Bernard?” Beomhyun then asked.

“As for Bernard, I will figure out something with him. In the meantime, I know you all are tired so go back and get some rest please you seven.” Mrs CEO says.

“We will,” I say as we nodded and start to head back to the dorm.

“This Hyung is so short!” Jungkook was happily ruffling Jimin’s hair in which the latter is giving a huge cringe. “I’m still growing!” Jimin tells him whining. “What a baby!” Jungkook giggles ruffling his hair and hugging him.

We all end up laughing, “youve reached your highest height,” Seokgi laughs walking to his room and closing the door. “You are also not very tall like me Seokgi Hyung!” Jimin whines.

“Not as short as you,” he laughs from the room. After a while of laughing, we were all doing our things when my phone rang to my mother calling me.

“Hi Mum,” I say into the phone. “Hey dearie! How’s everything? Have you been eating well? Have you been sleeping well?” My mum as usual be asking all these questions.

“Yes, i’m fine, i’ve been eating fine and sleeping fine,” i answer them all nodding my head. “Good. Good. Anything for me to get you in New York? Minho as always remembers getting you the latest series of the cookbooks you love.” Mum giggles saying to me.

“And is your things still get destroyed by Ryan?” She then asked me this really awkward question that I have no idea how to answer. “Destroyed how?” I ask confused.

“Remember the last time I brought you the set of earphones and the moment Ryan touches it, the wire in the earphone snapped. Did you forget that?” She points out to me in a nagging manner.

“Ah yes that. No he hasnt touched any of my things,” I tell her. “Good. And do you have any new friends in there?” She then asked as well.

“No, still the same six,” I say. “Six? You told me there was eight yesterday isn’t it?” Mum then asked me in a confused manner.

“One person has left, there is seven of us now,” I explain. “Ah okay! Maybe hope whoever is that friend of yours to have a great career ahead!” She says before I can hear some shouting and it was Daehyun and Jungkook running wild, half naked around the pool. “My good guesses that voices came from Vin Daehyun and Im Jungkook right?” Mum laughs that got me cringing a little cause she has a very sharp hearing.

I see RM struggling to stop them, “It is,” I laugh. “Jungkook-ah! Daehyun-ah!” I saw RM running out to the pool stopping them like an old grandfather. “I guess you better go ahead too and help Ryan stop those two!” My mum giggles and yawns to me.

“I better,” I laugh as we say good byes and end the call.

I immediately run to the pool out finding Jungkook swinging his shirt at Daehyun like a cowboy’s rope. “Oh my gosh! Jin Hyung! They are not listening!” RM jumps to me.

“LISTEN!” I shout, they both stop and look at me. It was a short-lived one as the two continued messing around at the pool. I was about to find another way to stop those two with RM when I turned to the sound of a splash to find Beomhyun in the pool instead.


Beomhyun screams and shouts like a whimp kicking in the pool. “Sorry to say this but did Beomhyun just dived himself in?” RM giggles softly to me. “Looks like it,” I giggled. “HELP ME!!!! THIS WATER IS KILLING ME!!!!!” Beomhyun continues screaming and kicking.

We all burst out laughing. Soon he is able to pull himself out of the pool. “PLEASE LISTEN NEXT TIME V AND JUNGKOOK!!” BeomHyun sadly pouts at the two as he gets out of the pool.

“You can’t blame us when you yourself throw yourself in!” Jungkook talks back to him. He points at the two getting really pissed. “Relax B Hyung! We are just having fun!” Daehyun says to BeomHyun.

“You-HYUNG!!!!” BeomHyun points to the two whining to me. “Everyone calm down and get inside. Beomhyun get inside and change some clothes” i tell them as they three along with RM and I got our asses in the house.

“We know Daehyun’s condition so it is normal for him to be like this. I am just hoping Jungkook doesn’t get thrown by the CEO to therapy.” I sighed to RM as BeomHyun, DaeHyun and Jungkook get changed. “I’m sure he wont,” RM reassures me.

“Jungkook is still young after all. There is time for him to correct his behaviour.” We both agreed. We walk back inside and see everyone doing their own things. “Anyways I may have an idea why Bernard have left.” RM walks to me saying when there’s only the two of us in the lounge room.

“That is?” I ask him. “Bernard told me recently that there had been a few gangsters harassing his sister and Jiyeon. Unfortunately the gangsters have found themselves the company.” RM shows me a picture from Bernard recently.

“You think Bernard may have withdraw out of embarrassment?” I asked RM back cause knowing Bernard, he loves to take matters into his own hands.

“Maybe,” He nods. The door soon rang again, and I saw that was Kyeongjin crying. “Come in and explain whats wrong,” I tell her worried as RM and I brought her in. “H-Have you guys s-see S-Sis?” She sobbed asking us. “No sorry, why?” RM asks.

“Is she up to something?” I asked Kyeongjin and she nods her head whimpering. “Do you know what?” RM asks her patiently as Kyeongjin wipes her tears. What she said next even got Manager Ho spilling her own drink on herself.

“Sis has found out about the gangsters’ background and is planning to fight them.” She tells us that Manager Ho made a mess of her own with her drink.

“I’m calling the cops and CEO,” Manager Ho says grabbing the phone. “No please don’t! It’s the gangsters asking my Sis to fight when they come harassing Eunha and Jiyeon again.” Kyeongjin stopped Manager Ho explaining.


Jungkook runs out with the towel around his waist in shock. “What if they hurt her?” Manager Ho says holding the phone over her head. “Han Kyeongjin! You know very well how reckless your sister can be? Do you think Eunha and Jiyeon can bear the guilt if because of them, KyeongMi get seriously hurt?!” Manager Ho tells her.

“But it’s not Jiyeon or Eunha’s fault! It’s the gangsters finding trouble!” Kyeongjin got so panicked that she starts crying again. “You still have to think what will happen if she is hurt” Manager Ho says to Kyeongjin.


We turned around to Seohwa at the door shouting. “Unnie!” Kyeongjin ran crying to Seohwa hugging her. “Why?” She asks her. “I have already called the police. Moreover, wherever that place is, the police will be there eyeing on everything.” Seohwa reassures Manager Ho while hugging Kyeongjin.

“And IM JUNGKOOK! GO CHANGE INSTEAD OF WRAPPING YOURSELF WITH A TOWEL THAT MAKE YOU NOT HANDSOME!” Seohwa shouts again as soon as she saw Jungkook half naked with the towel around his waist.

“Okay,” She says as she pushes Jungkook to change. “I believe you all also have heard what happened to Bernard right?” Seohwa then asks RM and I.

“Now we have,” Beomhyun tells her walking out. “My parents have called the police and when you guys debut, you guys will be on high security alert.” Seohwa then tells us sitting on the couch with Kyeongjin

“Remembered,” I tell her. “I can’t believe all these bad things really are happening now.” Seohwa sighs hugging Kyeongjin who is still crying.

“Its just bad timing,” RM says. “Can we know where’s the place though those ruffians are fighting KyeongMi?” I then asked Seohwa as it seems she knows more than what we have been told.

“Huh? You really want me saying it?” Seohwa looks at me scratching her head. “Yes,” I say. “It’s a very rough and dirty place KyeongMi used to take Kyeongjin to is also where my parents recruited the girls.” Seohwa then sighs saying to me. “It’s a underground martial arts training ground. Not many people know where it is and not many people can get out of there alive and well.” Kyeongjin sniffles adding on.


We turned to Jungkook looking at us shouting in shock. “Does the police know!?” Seokgi asks walking out too. “Yes they know where it is.” Kyeongjin answers that got Jungkook taking his jacket and running out of the dorms.


We all tried calling him but he didn’t come back and just ran out anyways. “I never seen Jungkook running out of the dorms for anything” Seokgi comments to us in shock. “Shut up!” I tell him silently.

We all end up following him, “JUNGKOOK!” We shout but we got ignored until we heard a loud thud from the back.

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