Shake It Up; Wonder Boys

Chapter 3

{Credits to @NobodyToIdols for her help}

Seokgi’s POV

We all end up following Jungkook after he ran out of the dorms in a frenzy, “JUNGKOOK!” We shout but we got ignored until we heard a loud thud from the back.

“Who the-KYEONGJIN?!”

Seohwa and Minjin shouted in shock when Kyeongjin who was walking behind us fainted on the ground. “What shall we do now?! Shall we go after Jungkook still?” Beomhyun asked us all in worry.

“Seohwa and I will take Kyeongjin back to the dorms! You all go ahead and follow Jungkook! Youngsoo take the lead!” Minjin says panicky picking Kyeongjin up in the bridal style. “NOW!” He shouts that we all immediately take action as Minjin and Seohwa went the other way back to the dorms with fainted Kyeongjin.

“We gotta be fast!” RM says before taking the lead. We tried increasing our speed but Jungkook being Jungkook. He’s young and fast, how can we match up with his speed? We managed after a good 15 minutes catching up with Jungkook at the entrance where Kyeongmi could be at.

“Jungkook! Calm down please!” RM says as he and Beomhyun managed to grab hold of Jungkook before he could go any further and pulled him back. “NO NO NO NO! YOU ARE NOT GOING IN!” Beomhyun tells Jungkook sternly. “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO HYUNG?! KYEONGMI IS GOING TO GET HURT!” Jungkook in a panicked stated silently shouts to Beomhyun.

We pulled him back to the other alley and try calming him down. “You either going to calm down and we think of a plan or we going back to the dorm and let the cops handle everything.” RM says to Jungkook calmly as Jimin and I stopped Beomhyun from going to nag and rant.

“Suger Hyung! That kid needs-” Beomhyun was about to continue when I covered his mouth and make him looked at me in the eyes. “You hear me well Jung Beomhyun! You are to do NOTHING to Jungkook understand?!” I warned him silently yet menacingly. He nods his head that I roughly let go of my hand of his mouth that he just kept his mouth shut.

“So any plans Youngsoo-ah?” I looked at RM. “We have to go in there and save KyeongMi and that’s that.” He then decides after thinking through for a good bit. “Are you crazy Park Youngsoo?! There is so many-“ Beomhyun was freaking out at RM’s decision and before he could finish, RM is already screaming at his face that he stopped talking.

“I KNOW THERE ARE MANY OF SUCH PEOPLE UP THERE! BUT BETTER THAN WE HAVE A TRAINEE IN THE COMPANY DEAD!” He shouts at Beomhyun’s face. “SHE ISNT DEAD!” I shout at him. “Jungkook-ah! Jungkook-ah! Calm down!” Jimin and Daehyun soon pulled Jungkook back from leaving again. “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?! LET HER FIGHT?!” Jungkook was crying and screaming like mad as he tries getting off Jimin and Daehyun’s grip.


We turned around to Makiko folding her arms at us all. “Sorry,” I tell her. “We are here to save people! Not to start another fight!” She walks towards us saying.

We all nods and goes to save Kyeongmi. “You also know this place?!” RM looks at Makiko in shock as we walked into the entrance. “You dumb dumb! Of course I know. She has brought every female trainee that is friends with her HERE!” Makiko answers him in an unfriendly manner.

“Okay, I will remember that,” He tells her nodding his head sighing at Makiko’s answer towards him. “This place is smells blood!” Daehyun tells Makiko sniffling his nose.

“Which underground fighting place doesn’t smell of blood!” I flicked Daehyun’s forehead annoyed. We walk a bit more futher in. We all stop as we hear shouting. We went see KyeongMi in the ring slamming a guy twice the size down the ground hard.

“OH MY GOD!!” Beomhyun dramatically jumps amongst the noise. “Do we step in!?” I ask confused and shocked. Before anything can be done, the match is over as the guy had fallen down which means KyeongMi has won the match.

“YOU BETTER LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE NEXT TIME DUMBA**!” KyeongMi heavily shouts and pants as soon as she takes out her mask and throws onto the ring grounds.

“WE WILL STAY AWAY!” The guy shouts back before he throws up some blood to the floor. “Oh my god!!” Beomhyun jumps again dramatically.

Soon he walks away and out of the place, “KYEONGMI!” Jungkook calls.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE JUNGKOOK OPPA?!” Kyeongmi’s knees fall on the floor shouting in shock when she saw us all. “Saving you!” He runs over to her and piggybacks her out of the ring. “PUT ME DOWN JUNGKOOK OPPA!” She shouts hitting his shoulder.

“NO!” He shouts back. “PUT ME DOWN!!” She continued as we all went out of the place. “Looks like you all are spending the night at ours again.” RM shyly tells Makiko.

“I AM NOT PUTTING YOU DOWN!” Jungkook shouts as we get back to our dorm and he is holding her legs pretty tight.

“Not funny!” Makiko hits RM’s chest as RM giggles at her softly. “JUST-“ Kyeongmi keeps resisting until she stops and throws up some blood to the floor.

“And hospital it is!” I say directing Jungkook to that side while the rest heads back to the dorms.

Jin’s POV

After the rest left to get Kyeongmi, Seohwa and I are at the dorms trying to get Kyeongjin’s fever down. “Looks like we are bumping in for the night.” Seohwa says passing me the basket with a newly changed cold towel in it.

We use many wet cloths, ice packs and even get some cold and flu meds. “Her fever is still not going down!” I told Seohwa worried after taking another round of temperature for Kyeongjin.

She turns on the air conditioner. “Will the others come back?” I saw Seohwa anxiously looking at the window and the door.

“Maybe,” she says worried. “I’m giving Kyeongjin my bed tonight.” I said to Seohwa carrying Kyeongjin from the couch. “Seriously?! Don’t spend the night with her I’m warning you!” She starts warning me out of the blue.

“I wont do anything stupid!” I shout back carrying Kyeongjin to my room. “Stupid girls! Not all guys are perverts.” I mumbled to myself silently as I closed the door to my room with my leg and carried Kyeongjin to my bed.


Seohwa shouted from the lounge room. I ignore her and place Kyeongjin on my bed, i pull a thin blanket over her. “Cold! Cold! Cold!” Kyeongjin whined when I pulled the blanket over her. I pulled two more blankets over her.

“You had to have thin blankets.” I softly tell her giving her my Princess plushie for her to hug onto. It didn’t take a while that she ends up falling asleep.

I soon heard the door opened that I ran out to see only RM, Daehyun, Seokgi, Jimin and Beomhyun back. “We’re back I think?” Jimin shyly scratches his head.

“What do you mean by I think?” I ask him. “Where’s Jungkook, Kyeongmi and Makiko?” Seohwa asked them.

“Makiko went back to the dorms to get Eunha, Jiyeon and RaeAh while Jungkook took KyeongMi to the hospital!” Daehyun giggles a little explaining.


“MANAGER HO IS ON HIS WAY THERE NOW!” He shouts back. “RELAX ALL OF YOU!” RM also shouts. “How are we going to debut like this!!” Beomhyun dramatically continues his nagging

“Enough yelling, enough bickering, start getting along and working as a team!” RM tells us all.

“Is KyeongMi getting checked over?” Seohwa looked at them bunch worried. “Yes,” they say. “Good good” She sighs in relief, “how about Kyeongjin?” Seokgi soon asked me.

“Asleep,” I tell them. “I will go watch her.” Seohwa pushes me walking into my room. “I’m cooking tonight,” I tell everyone walking in. “Hey hey let me help!” RM wants to come in but I immediately shut the door on him.

I grab out some things and end up making a light soup. When I finished make the light soup, I called Jimin and Daehyun into help while I take two bowls and headed for my room to check on Kyeongjin

I see she is still asleep hugging the pushie I gave her. “Have some soup.” I said to Seohwa. “How about you?” She asked me rubbing her eyes.

“I’ll get some once everyone else is fed,” I say. “Still not awake?” I asked Seohwa and she shook her head and tell me the fever is not going down either.

“Get her to drink some of the soup when she wakes up,” i tell her handing her another bowl. “She is not waking up.” She tells me. After a couple of shakes and calling her she soon wakes up, “Where’s Sis? Is she back?” Kyeongjin rubs her eyes asking Seohwa and I. “No but shes getting check over. Have some soup,” I tell her but she just pushes the bowl a little away. “Oh boy this gonna be long” Seohwa sighs as we tried convincing her to have some food.

Jungkook’s POV


Manager Ho and the two CEOs run over to me at the emergency room while KyeongMi is getting checked over.

“Over here!” I wave them over. “You foolish boy running out on your own!” Mrs CEO flicked my forehead in worry. “It was to save a friend!” I tell them. “Just don’t run out like that next time will you?!” Manager Ho also flicks me on my forehead.

“If your friend was in a spot like this, would you go save him and her?” I ask Manager Ho. “It’s no-“ She was about to diss me back when Mr and Mrs CEO stopped her.

“Relax woman!” Mr CEO tells Manager Ho off. “Stop dissing him and answer his question properly,” The ceo tells her. “You are worse than me cousin!” Mrs CEO tells her off.

“Okay and true I would save my friend if they in the same position but it’s no secret he likes her!” Manager Ho answers and spills my secret out to the CEOs that got my dropping my mouth in shock.

“Huh? Who like who?” Mr CEO asked Manager Ho. “Im Jungkook likes Han KyeongMi!” She answers pointing her finger at me.

“Is that meant to be a problem?” Mr CEO asks Manager Ho. “Okay sorry I will shut up.” Manager Ho says before the doctor came out. “May I know if I can speak to Marian Han Kyeongmi’s legal guardian?” The doctor then asked.

“Me,” The CEOs tell the doctor. “It is good that the internal injury has been stopped in time but just remember not to let her move around for these whole month.” The doctor instructs them both.

“But can she be discharged?” I then asked the doctor. “Tomorrow yes. We will be keeping her tonight,” the doctor explains before walking off. I can’t help sighing in dismay to myself. “At least shes alive,” I sighed. “And I got message from Minjin saying the girls will be with them tonight.” Manager Ho tells the CEO.

“Good. Now I believe you want to stay the night,” The CEOs tells me. “Yes yes can I?” I excitedly asked. “You can,” he nods. “YAY!” I cheered running into find Kyeongmi’s ward to see her.

Words: 1977
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