Shake It Up; Wonder Boys

Chapter 4

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“WAIT!! Jungkook likes WHO?!”

Seohwa and the others minus Kyeongjin whose sleeping shouted in shock staring at us all when I told them. “CALM DOWN!” I told them five when I told them Jungkook has a crush on KyeongMi.

“When was this?” “How long?” “How did it start?” RaeAh begin bombing a lot of questions on my face. “Since the day she joined in...” I scratched my head telling RaeAh the answer shyly.

“You better not let her hear it or she will kill you” Seohwa tells me pinching my nose. “Oh relax Princess~ I’m sure she will come to-TERMS!!” Beomhyun commented to Seohwa that RaeAh, Eunha and Jiyeon were either stepping on his foot or pinching his nose away that got him screaming.

“I hate you girls!” Beomhyun whined in pain. We end up pulling them off him, “stepping on his foot and pinching his nose wont change a thing,” Jin tells them. “We will wait for Jungkook’s call and see how’s KyeongMi!” Seohwa says to us while looking at Beomhyun unpleasantly.

He just folds his arms as they walk out. “These girls are too rude!” Beomhyun says to me whining and complaining.

“Am I not meant to like her?” Jungkook quietly asks us on the phone which I turned to it was Jimin’s. “Who called you?” I took Jimin’s phone and answered.

“Jimin Hyung” He answered. “What happened?” He asks us. “Seems that your goddess has a lot of protectors!” Suger says in a joking manner.

“Oh really!?” He asks shocked. “Ah yeah! Our Princess didn’t react good to it!” I said to Jungkook on the phone

“Oh,” He says. “How’s KyeongMi?” I then asked him. “She’s to be hospitalised for the night and it took me 2 hours to get her to even sleep~” He answers.

“Good, did she eat?” “Yes she ate,” He explains. “The CEOs also said that the girls will be kept in our dorms for the next 3 months.” He adds on.

“3 MONTHS?!” Beomhyun gasped in shock. “Yes its to make sure something like this doesnt happen again,” he says. “Ahhhh girls!!!” Beomhyun hurriedly rushes to find the girls who walked out.

“How do we arrange the beds though?” I asked the rest. “I dont mind sleeping on the couch,” jimin says. “How about we all sleep on the couch and the girls sleep in our rooms?” Daehyun suggests.

“I’ll sleeping with KyeongMi though for your information” Jungkook says to Daehyun. “You’re not married yet Im Jungkook!” Jin tells him off

“Then the couch it is!” He changes his mind. “Seriously who’ve been teaching Jungkook about marriage!” Jin says to himself silently. We all look at the floor, “Cool, no one has been teaching him,” he sighs. “Don’t ever teach him even after he reaches 18!” He tells us.

“Ah okay I’m sorry okay!” Beomhyun was apologising to Seohwa, Makiko, RaeAh, Jiyeon and Eunha when he gets them back in the dorm.

“CEO’s orders,” Jin tells them. “Can we go back and grab our things at least?” Makiko asks. “Yes,” He says before he, Suger and Beomhyun took the girls back to the dorms for a while to take their stuff.

Jungkook’s POV

KyeongMi woke up when I went into the ward, she was looking rather shocked to see me. “Am I alive still?” She asks me rubbing her eyes.

“Yes,′ i nodded. “Can I go home? The girls will be in chaos if I’m not around.” She tries getting up but I soon stopped her and got her lying back down.

“The guys are looking after them,” I reassure her. “How about Karen? They never left her right?” Kyeongmi continues asking me about the girls. “I’ve been here with you the whole night,” I tell her. “Have you had anything yet?” I asked her and she shook her head. “The last thing I remembered is having a red bean bun in the afternoon.” She tells me

“And thats it?” I ask. “Yes. It is kinda filling actually.” She chuckles nodding her head. “Do you want anofher one?” I ask smiling. “No its okay. I don’t think I’m really that hungry” She shakes her head saying to me.

“Alright,” I nodded and the nurse soon comes in with a bowl of congee. “Really?!” She facepalmed looking at the bowl of congee. “You have to eat Mam,” the nurse says walking out. “Mam? Mam who?” Kyeongmi looked at the nurse dumbest

“You,” I explain. “Alright” She sighs and nods her head as I helped her get up and let her eat the congee. “You know I’m not a baby yeah?” She looks at me saying.

“I know,” I say. “Then why are you holding me like I’m one?” She asked eyeing on how am I behind her. “Im just worried and helping,” I tell her. “And your not supposed to move around a lot for the entire month.” I said that got her looking at me not amused

“Its what ive been told,” I say. “Fine” She sighs nodding her head before finishing the congee like she hasn’t eat for days.

Once she finishes she lets out with a burp which gets us both giggling. “Sorry that’s so rude of me.” She covers her face apologising. “No dont be, it made us both laugh,” i tell her. “But it was really rude of me!” She pouts.

After she wipes her mouth and takes the medicines given, she was on the bed looking at me. “Sleeping is such a chore~” She sighs lying on her bed.

“But you need it,” I pout. “Mmmmmm” She whined. “Please,” i softly whine back. “Fine fine you win this time” She pouts turning away from me before she suddenly gasps in pain. “Dont sleep like that,” i tell her placing her slowly back on the position she was on earlier. “This is why I hate sleeping very much.” She says.

“Sleep on your back,” I explain. “I can try. No promises.” She said to me. It took me very long to get her to eventually sleep that I myself slept shortly after she did.
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