Shake It Up; Wonder Boys

Chapter 5

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Daehyun’s POV

“1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8!”

The dance teacher was being hardcore on us all that we are doing our usual routine all over again. “I can’t believe I am spending 1 hour again?! CAN’T YOU ALL JUST DO IT PROPER!!” He frustratedly shouts at us to get our dance routine right.

“DID YOUR PARENTS GIVE BIRTH TO Y’ALL WITHOUT A BRAIN?!” He angrily begin his rant that after a few more tries. We managed to get our dance routine right. “THAT’S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!” He happily yet in relief exclaiming.

As we were soon given a break, everybody minus the teacher have a meeting amongst ourselves in the pantry. “We have to prank the teacher back!” Jungkook suggests to us pouting. “But how? Do you have an idea how?” We all asked that kid back. “I mean remember the balloons brought by the CEOs?” He asks and we all nodded.

“I remember seeing some balloons in the storage room? You mean those?” Jimin asks us and we looked at him in shock. “How did you know?” Ryan Hyung asks him. “I mean didn’t they tell the secretaries that the remaining balloon pieces are for us to do whatever we want with it?” Jimin says and we suddenly remember that the CEOs said about the balloons.

“So don’t get me if I am wrong about this.” Ryan Hyung says to Jungkook. “But you want us all putting confetti in the balloons, put around the practice room and create some domino effects scare on the teacher when he arrives for the next practice?” He then puts his question which Jungkook happily nods his head. “That’s what I mean!” He claps his hands winking at Ryan Hyung.

“Leave me out! I’m going to nap!” Seokgi Hyung tells us and just as he was about to head for the couch. Beomhyun Hyung pulls him back to our circle of conversation. “No no you are still in whether you like it or not!” Jin Hyung tells him.

“Why?!” He whines. “We’re a team remember~” He pinches Seokgi Hyung’s nose in a singing tone. “Ah ah okay! Just don’t give me so much work to do. I will just help you guys with putting the confetti in the balloons after practice and that’s that.” Seokgi Hyung finally gives in saying.

“Good. I’ll be on cake?” I ask. “No you, Jimin and Jungkook are tying the balloons tomorrow morning.” Ryan Hyung says to me.

“Oh okay,” I say. “And the rest will help me get the cake!” Ryan Hyung cheers saying. “I CAN COOK REMEMBER!” Jin Hyung whines. “Too much time. We can buy one.” Beomhyun Hyung reassures him.

“Fine!” Jin Hyung says before we knew it, our break is over and we are back to practicing.

After the dance practice and during our lunch break, Seokgi Hyung was busy putting confetti into the balloons.

“Put it in all ballooons,” Jin Hyung tells him. “I know I know” Seokgi Hyung says back to him. “Need any food?” I asked. “Just my usual meat sandwiches from the vending machine will do.” He answers in a nonchalant manner.

I leave the room, find the machine and press the numbers its at, it falls to the bottom and I take it back to the room. “Seokgi Hyung.” I put it on the table. “Thanks.” He thanked me as his eyes are still on what he is doing as I leave to join the others for lunch.

“So what’s your Seokgi Hyung getting?” Jin Hyung asks me as I sat down with my lunch. “Meat sandwiches,” i tell him. “As always!” Ryan Hyung sighs saying. “And by the way our vocal practice is cancelled so any ideas of what cake we can get?” Jungkook informed and asked us all.

“Miss Han sick again?” Jin Hyung asks Jungkook and he nods his head. “I was thinking chocolate since the teacher is allergic to chocolate.” I giggled suggesting.

“I like chocolate,” Jungkook says. “Hey hey hey! No sending people to the hospital!” Ryan Hyung stops us that gets us pouting.

“He mentions about liking peaches. How about getting him peaches?” Jimin suggests. “Then a cake with peaches. Or a strawberry one with peaches?,” Ryan Hyung suggests. “A cake with peaches will be better.” Beomhyun Hyung says.

Soon after we finished our lunch, the other Hyungs are finishing with their part on the prank while I am instructed to take Jimin and Jungkook back.

“This Hyung is so short!” Jungkook says to me ruffling Jimin’s hair. “I will grow!” Jimin tells him. “I will! I will! I WILL!” He whines. We all laugh, “we believe you,” I reassure him.

It’s not long before we stopped by a candy shop and found my sisters there. “DAEHEE! DAEHA!” I shouted to my sisters who are looking at their favourite sweets.

“Oh hey,” They giggles as I hug them. “The teacher is sick again so might as well hang out with Daeha for a while.” Daehee says to me. “And got you some pineapple pudding.” Daeha gives me a paper bag.

“Aww, thank you!” I say grabbing it from her. “How’s things in culinary school?” I asked Daeha. “Alright. Just people being skeptical about me looking young.” She chuckles telling me.

“Do you need me to come in and stop them?” I ask her. “It’s alright. I can deal with them.” She reassures me. “And is he the new trainee?” Daehee asks me pointing her finger at Jimin.

“Yes he is,” I say. “Jimin. Come say hi to my sister.” I turned to Jimin who is shying away. “Its alright,” I reassure him. He soon came over saying hi to Daehee. “Your cute!” She giggled at him saying.

“Thanks,” He shyly says. After a while of chatting, we continue back to our dorms. “What do you guys want for dinner? Imma have the pineapple pudding.” I said to Jimin and Jungkook.

“Pinneapple pudding is a thing?” Jin Hyung says shocked as they soon came back with the cake. “Got it from Daeha when we bumped into them in the candy shop.” I said to Jin Hyung.

“Your a lucky person,” He tells me. “I’m lucky!” I rolled my tongue at him. “Can I cook?” Jungkook then went to asked Jin Hyung. “Nope!” He tells him. “Wha-why?” He asks shocked. “Nope I’m cooking!” Jin Hyung says closing and locking the kitchen doors before Jungkook can even go in. “Ayyyyyyyy!” Jungkook starts whining.

“Why cant I?” He whines knocking the door. “You will get hurt! I will cook!” Jin Hyung says from the kitchen that got Jungkook running to me sad. “He wont let me cook,” He pouts. “At least we get to hug right? Want some pineapple pudding?” I offered him some of my pineapple pudding but he shook his head refusing.

“Not even one?” I say grabbing one from the bag. He just nods his head and have it anyways. “Hahahahahaha!” Ryan Hyung soon laughs at him.

“He can never say no to foods,” Ryan Hyung says. “Yup and is the balloons done?” I soon asked Seokgi Hyung who is back with a carton. “Yes! They are here!” He says huffing and puffing from carrying the carton.

“Why dont we have a air pump?” He asks putting one side the carton. “We three can do that tomorrow.” Jimin tells him. “A little hard work will do us some good,” I say. “And looks like our baby is angry~” He went to Jungkook ruffling his hair

“I am not,” he pouts. “Oh yes you are~” Seokgi Hyung ruffles his hair cooing. He pouts and crosses his arms. “Alright alright” Seokgi Hyung pats his head before excusing himself for the shower.

“What’s wrong?” I asked Jungkook eating my pineapple pudding. “Im not angry,” He says. “I really am not!” He whines. “I believe you,” i reassure him. After a short while, we finished and I opened my arms to Jungkook. “Mhm?” He looks at me scratching his head.

“Hug,” I tell him. He soon hugs me and I hugged him back. “You are so cute!” I giggled hugging him. “Nooooo, you are,” He tells me. “So will the prank work?” I changed the topic asking me. “Trust me. It will work.” He tells me puffing his cheeks. “Alright,” I say patting his back. It didn’t take very long for him and I to fall asleep in that position.

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