Shake It Up; Wonder Boys

Chapter 6

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Beomhyun’s POV


I whine loudly waking up to the sound of my own alarm. “Can it don’t ring?” I asked myself turning off the alarm clock. “Says the one who got the alarm~” I turned to Seokgi Hyung and Jin Hyung giggling at my door.

“What~” I whine again asking them both. “Rise and shine~” Both of them said in a singing tone. “Shut! Up!” I throw my pillows at them as they dodge as quick as lightning.

I soon woke up and washed myself before having breakfast with the rest of them. “Chicken noodle soup as always! You’re boring!” I whined eating the food.

“Don’t forget we have to prank back the teacher today!” Youngsoo reminds us. “We know!” We all said back to him. After breakfast, V and Jungkook as always are hyping themselves really hard that not even our next door neighbour can stopped them both.


Our next door neighbour shouted. “SORRY!!” We all apologised. “Seriously calm down you two!! Keep your energy for later!!” I told the two off but as always, the two will never listen to me.

While we are on our way to the practice room, our walk way has a fortune teller. “Come boys. Only $5!” The old man tells us. “It’s okay.” We said and pulled Jungkook away cause he was almost glued to that fortune telling.

“Why?” He asks as we pulled him away with us. “Don’t fall for such things! It maybe a scam and you don’t know!” I silently warned him that got him pouting a little as we continue our way to the practice room.

We got everything arranged before the teacher comes and agree on executing Jungkook’s plan during the break. “This is so cool! I can’t wait!” I excitedly said to everybody. “Same here. It will be fun to watch.” V agrees to saying.

After the prank has been set up, “Are we going to get hit after this?” I ask them. “I doubt we will.” Youngsoo says to me in a reassuring tone.

“Lets get the rest set up!” Jungkook tells us. After getting ready everything, the dance teacher finally comes. “So my good guess is somebody’s birthday is coming up?” He asks and we all nodded our heads with a wide smile.

“Whos is it?” He asks walking around the room. Seokgi Hyung soon realises the balloons as they begin popping, Jungkook takes the cake with Jimin and smashes it on the dance teacher’s face.

He brushes the cake off his face. “Prank?” He asks. “Yes!” We all soon laughing to the point some of us fall to the ground.

The teacher brushes more cake off his face. We all laugh harder, to the point we are wheezing. “This company is full of weirdos!” He says.

We calm down and help him clean up the mess. “Being weird is the best!” I tell him. “I swear you all better do well for your dance routine when I’m all clean and fresh.” He says to us.

“Oh! And the cake is nice by the way!” He adds on. We laugh again. “Good to know!” I laugh. After the dance teacher is all cleaned up, we unexpectedly did well for the dance routine that gave him a huge shock.

“Very good!” He says amazed. “In one month, you have learnt everything!” He claps his hands before rubbing them a little.

“Time for a new one! This one will be harder!” He explains. “We are in for the challenge!” Jimin and Jungkook starts cheering and jumping.

He shows us the moves. We soon start learning them on our own until my eyes saw the CEOs at the door. “Hello.” I stopped and bowed. “Good morning boys” Mrs CEO says that got everybody stopping including the dance instructor.

They also bowed. “how was your morning?” Jimin asks her. “Great! Just meaning to ask if you guys did something with the balloons?” Mrs CEO says before asking

We point to the bin. “We used them for a prank” Jungkook explains. “Oh my goodness!” The CEOs laughed at the dance teacher before shyly excusing themselves

“You guys as well!” The dance teacher whines. “We cleaned up for you didn’t we?” Jin Hyung whines back. “You did.” He says.

We soon continue learning the routine and it took half a day for us to get everything right. “Oh yeah before I forget, you guys will be with me until next week.” The dance teacher suddenly announces when we finished learning the hard routine.

“Can I ask why?” I ask him. “Firstly you guys be recording your debut song soon and secondly, there will be a new teacher taking over me cause I’m welcoming a new baby in my family soon.” He says.

“Congrats!” We all tell him. “Thanks though.” He accepted our thanks.

After we headed back to the dorms, we are wondering what are going to play when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and to my shock and everybody’s, it was KyeongMi, Seohwa and two new trainees that look pretty identical to them.

“Hi, whats up?” I ask her. “Meet new people of course!” Seohwa says

“Hi, my name is Beomhyun.” I greet them. “I’m SeoJin and this Kyeongyeo.” One girl with the yellow hairband soon introduced herself back.

“First time here?” I ask them. “Yes. And I believed you are one of the guys my uncle will debut in his project soon isn’t it?” SeoJin soon asks me in a cheeky manner.

“So they are your cousins?!” Youngsoo soon asks Seohwa and Kyeongmi in shock. “Of course!” They tell him. “Bruh! They pretty like roses!” Youngsoo says as my eyes keep looking at SeoJin. “And violets!” Jimin adds on.

We soon invited them in after a while to watch some shows with us. “Want some food?” I asked them all.

“Only if its okay.” Kyeongyeo tells me. I soon got them some snacks. “When did you all join the company?” Seokgi Hyung asked them. “Around the same time as KyeongMi and Seohwa, just we are given more stuff to do.” Kyeongyeo answers.

“Welcome to the company. We are happy to have you!” I tell her. “Thanks” she shyly thanked me. I get some food ready and place it on some plates. I hand the plates out, not without giving SeoJin first.

“Thanks.” She thanked me shyly. “No worries.” I shyly say back. “Ooooooooooo!” V then looks at me. “What?” I ask him. “Catching girls?” He asked me teasingly.

I try my hardest not to blush “Am not!” I tell him. “Oh yes you are~” Jin Hyung says that got the party in the dorms going.

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