Shake It Up; Wonder Boys

Chapter 7

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It was another morning for me waking up, “HAAAAAAAAA~” I yawned loudly before I got myself washing up and walking out to hear my members’ “unusual gossip”.

Wait till you see what I mean guys!

“Ah yeah! Kyeongyeo and Seojin those two are TRIPLE THREATS?!” Beomhyun looks at Jin in shock. “Yes.” Jin nods his head terrified about what Beomhyun has done next.


He screams so loud that got us covering our ears in shock. “Woah woah woah! Slow down!” Suger was kicking on the couch and covering his ears thanks to Beomhyun’s scream and this is not without somebody in the dorms shouting.


Jungkook just shook his head at Beomhyun before walking into his room whilst rubbing his ears annoyed. “I wonder when you will practice some self-control Beomhyun Hyung?” Jimin also rubs his ears sighing at Beomhyun.

After the commotion, we all are eating the breakfast made by Jin. “I can’t believe we be keeping these girls for 3 months!” Daehyun says eating his food. “Better than they still living in the dorms with the gangsters visiting without us all knowing.” I said to Daehyun. “I seriously don’t know what on earth people are doing nowadays playing the big bad wolves.” I commented.

“For authority maybe who knows?” Suger responds. “Moreover, the company themselves are very sensitive in regards to the issues of the “big bad wolves” so really can’t blame them for things like this.” He adds on. “And today’s recording right?” Jungkook asks me still rubbing his ears. “Yes it is.” I nodded ruffling his soft hair.

“Hyped for it?” I ask him. “As long as I don’t get chewed.” He pouts saying to me. “Nah! You won’t!” I said ruffling his hair again for a while before getting the guys ready.

“Promise?” He asks. I nodded, “You have my promise.” I tell him that. As we headed out at the door, we were stopped by Beomhyun screaming again.


He screams. I take off my shoe and hit it. “Yah! Beomhyun!” Suger rubs his ears out of irritation. “Go back to become a vocalist since you like to scream so much!” He sarcastically adds on.

“Sorry and thanks Ryan.” He shyly says. We were at the recording studio shortly after. “This should work.” I said to our vocal director Hongseok Hyung after much discussion before clapping my hands at these KIDS.

“Who first?” I ask them as thwy all point at Jungkook. “Mmmmm whyyyyy” He whines. “Age before beauty.” Jin says giggling. “You’re the beauty? Blehhhhh!!” Suger sarcastically responded.

I can’t help myself giggling at Suger’s sarcasm as Jin gives him a pout. “Then do you want to go first?” Jin asks him with a smirk. “Fine I’ll go first!” Jungkook says running into the recording booth.

“You all are seriously shameless!” Hongseok Hyung facepalms laughing at the rest of them. “Alright Jungkook. You have the highlighted lines in green.” Hongseok Hyung explains. “I have more rap than the rest of the vocal line! Why?” Jungkook asks after looking at his lines.

“Cause you’re our GOLDEN BOY!!!” I happily cheered. “Huh? So?” He asked me in a way that got my leg shaking. “Ready?” Hongseok Hyung asks as he brings a seat over for me to sit down. “I don’t need the chair.” I offered him the chair back. “It’s okay. Have a seat.” He says to me.

I sit down and he plays the sound track over. As Jungkook records, everybody was so happy that even their bodies weirdly rolling along with the track.

Once he walks out we all clap. He looks at us confused, “Weird people.” He says. “How about you pick which weird Hyung goes next?” I covered my mouth giggling at me.

“Jimin Hyung!” He points to Jimin and Jimin soon points to DaeHyun. “Jimin Hyung your next!” Jungkook says still pointing laughing. “You are next after me Vin DaeHyun!” Jimin pouts to DaeHyun as he walks his way into the recording room.

Once he’s in he puts on the headphones and looks for the pink highlighted parts. “We don’t get picking our own colours?” Jimin asks me.

“Nope until the first year anniversary of our debut.” I said to him. “Why?” He asked. “Weird company rules.” I explained briefly.

“These are just randomly picked.” Hongseok Hyung explained. “Alright!” Jimin nods his head before Hongseok Hyung does his thing and let’s him record.

Halfway, Hongseok Hyung stopped. “Your high note is sounding too powerful! Have some control.” He tells Jimin.

He looks at me both confused and shocked. “Is too strong bad?” He asks Hongseok Hyung. “Yes. You are using a lot of stomach strength. Use your throat to control the high note a little.” Hongseok Hyung tells him.

“Oh okay.” He says as he does what he is told when he records again. “Amazing!” Our dear vocal director tells Jimin. “How long have you been trained for here?” Hongseok Hyung then asks Jimin. “About 6 months coming to 7.” Jimin shyly tells him

“Thats amazing!” He says before turning to me. “Bruh! I be so happy if this young chap’s progress is as good as half of our vocalists.” He says to me happily.

“How old are you young chap?” The vocal director asked Jimin as he opens the button for the recording booth door to open. “17 turning 18.” Jimin responds scratching his head shyly.

“Every single one of you are so young.” He says shocked. “How old are you Jungkook?” He then asked Jungkook while Jimin comes out cheekily pushing DaeHyun in. “15 turning 16.” Jungkook answers with a smile.

“And he is the group’s Center and Main Vocal?” Hongseok Hyung then turns to me. “Yes. Our Triple Threat!” I nodded my head with a smile answering his question.

“Very good! Daehyun your turn!” He then says. “Yes I am ALREADY IN!!!!!” DaeHyun says but ends up gasping when Jimin pushes him in and locks the recording booth door cheekily.

“YA JIMIN!” He says trying to open the door. “Neh! Neh!” Jimin cheekily shakes his butt at him.

“Alright. Lets record.” Hongseok Hyung laughs. Like Jimin, DaeHyun hits a few bumps midway that Hongseok Hyung has to stop the recording. “Put more power into your vocals!” Hongseok Hyung tells DaeHyun with much enthusiasm

He nods and re-records the lines. It was much better that even though Hongseok Hyung wants him recording again but I stopped him. “This is the voice I want for the song!” I said to Hongseok Hyung.

“Then you can move onto the next line!” Hongseok tells him. After DaeHyun records the lines I wanted him to record, he came out but it took us a while to realise that cause Jimin have manually locked him in, we have to manually unlocked DaeHyun out.

Once he is out he looks at Jimin. “No fighting or death today.” I say. So DaeHyun just jumps on Jimin and tickles him. “HAHAHAH. DOES THIS COUNT!?” Jimin asks laughing. “HELP MEH!!” Jimin laughs loudly as DaeHyun continues tickling him.

After five minutes, Jin and myself pulled Daehyun off Jimin. “OI!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!” Jin was the next to laugh as DaeHyun jumps on and tickles him too.

“Want to go in next?” Hongseok Hyung asks me. “I think we best continue tomorrow.” I shyly said as DaeHyun is getting way too out of control. “HELP MEHHHHHH!!!” Jin laughs loudly until the points he drops to the floor.

After a while I pull Daehyun back and hold his arm this time as Hongseok Hyung takes his leave as he also soon realise he has family matters to attend to himself.

“What’s wrong with you? Want to go back to eating medication?” I asked DaeHyun trying to get a tight grip on his arm. “No.” He pouts. “Then?!” I tell him.

“Sorry” He apologised to everybody. “Jin your turn.” Hongseok Hyung says coming back. “You sure?” Jin asked him after calming down much more. “I’m sure.” He nods and that’s how everything went for the rest of the recording.

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