§ 𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒓𝒚 𝒑𝒐𝒕𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝒊𝒎𝒂𝒈𝒊𝒏𝒆𝒔 §

ᴄᴇᴅʀɪᴄ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ


⌈𝒄𝒆𝒅𝒓𝒊𝒄 𝒅𝒊𝒈𝒈𝒐𝒓𝒚 𝒊𝒎𝒂𝒈𝒊𝒏𝒆 ⌋

⚭ 𝒊 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒇𝒖𝒏𝒏𝒚 𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅𝒔 𝒎𝒂𝒈𝒊𝒄 𝒎𝒂𝒏 ⚭


“y/n hello!”

“Merlin’s beard, Y/N! Are you listening!” you almost jumped out of your skin when you finally came to realize Cedric was calling your attention, your head laid in his lap and you almost fell off the couch altogether because his scream gave you quite the startle. He was talking about the tournaments and his nerves for the upcoming one even though it was far away while softly running his fingers through your hair, it was quite early in the morning and you still weren’t fully up.

Today was Saturday and Cedric had planned your entire day at Hogsmeade together, it was such a cute gesture you couldn’t complain even though you wish you were still in bed and didn’t have to be up combatting the early February breezes.

“Shoot Ced, I’m sorry what were you saying” you turned to face him, his lips curving up into a tiny smile.

“I was saying,” he put emphasis on ‘was’, “that we better get a move onto the Great Hall so we can then be released, I was also talking about how your hair smells like strawberries” you gave him a cheeky smile.

“Why thank you Sir Cedric, and you’re right, let’s get on with it” getting off his lap you gave him your hand to stand which he gladly took, you put on your black slightly heeled boots again and looked down inspecting your outfit. You had on light washed jeans with a knit white turtle neck sweater tucked loosely in, and a white puffer jacket draped over your arm just in case it got colder.

Cedric, who was your... well, I don’t think either of you really knew what you were all you know is that you’ve been best friends since 1st year, but something shifted in 3rd year when the rush of hormones made you realize that Cedric, well, he wasn’t the worst looking guy on this planet, it seemed like Cedric had the same realization because when you were together he still hardly kept his eyes off of you. It was 7th year and both of your grown 17-year-old selves still didn’t know what you were to each other.

Finally walking to the portrait he opened the door for you and you stepped out, him after you, softly closing the door. Slinging an arm around your shoulders you kept trying to guess what Cedric had planned for the day.

“Please don’t tell me we’re going to, ′Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop’” you said batting your eyelashes and elongating the words when saying the name of the shop, Cedric feigned offense and said,

“Y/n! You just ruined our perfect day, whatever will we do now” you both broke out into laughter and he continued,

“God no, I’d never take you to that dreadful place, it’s almost as stuffy and over perfumed as Trewlawny’s classroom” he chuckled as you climbed up the steps leaving the basement where the common room was located and going towards the Great Hall. People smiled at Cedric as he went down the halls even shaking hands with him sometimes and he would just laugh it off, he was one of the prospective champions of the Tri-Wizard Tournament so the attention didn’t phase him as much anymore.

He looked incredibly cozy in his jeans and black sweater, it gave you the feeling of hugging him and not letting go.

Upon entrance to the Great hall, the heads of houses were at each table jotting down the names of the students who were going, sitting down next to Hannah Abbott, Professor Sprout took down yours and Cedrics name, only after congratulating him for a job well done on the second task. Cedric had saved you from the depths of the Black Lake, and Sprout gave you a small knowing look as she passed on writing other student’s names.

“So you’re really not going to tell me what we’re doing?” you pouted and he smiled,

“Nope, but now that you ask about it so much I don’t want to it be a let down once you get there, so I might as well tell you-”

“No, no, no, don’t tell me! Whatever we do won’t be a let down I promise, I can wait” you hurried out and shook his head,

“My gosh make up your mind l/n” he said and you smiled,

“Ced, you’ve known me long enough to know how indecisive I am”

“Yeah, I think I’ve known you too long, your habits and mannerisms are starting to rub off on me, I remember last year when we were at a Quidditch practice I told Humberstone ′It’s the bad formation and flying for me′ when I was trying to give constructive criticism, let’s just say he wasn’t pleased and pretty confused” you started laughing,

"Please, tell me y-you did not s-say that"

“I truly wish I were lying” your laughter didn’t cease until people started standing up and making their way out of the hall to head into Hogsmeade.

Finally arriving at the village, Cedric took your hand in his interlocking your fingers and you smiled lightly.

“So beautiful mademoiselle, on this tour of the famous Hogsmeade, we shall be having lunch at, you guessed it, the Three Broomsticks, then heading along we will make a stop at Honeydukes where this special lady will be able to get anything of her choosing for no cost because this really nice guy named Cedric will be paying. Then if time permits we will be going to Zonko’s Joke Shop even though last time the lady was there she bought dung bombs and set them off in my dormitory. Lastly, we will be taking a stroll along the shops and probably be entering all of them” he finished, sounding like a TV announcer, pointing to the places he was talking about while describing what they are going to do at them.

He joined your laughter with a wide smile and asked,

“So what do you think?”

“I think it’s perfect,” you said and tiptoed to give him a small peck on the cheek.

His hand took yours and led you to the Three Broomsticks. The rustic, homey feel of the tavern made you reminisce about all the times you’ve been here and how nice it felt.

Ordering two butterbeers from Madam Rosmerta, they were brought to the table and you got on with ordering fish and chips, Cedric ordering the same, this was both of your favorite meals aside from the shepherd’s pie they made.

Cedric was holding your hands in his because they were freezing and his hands were always warm. When the server came back with the orders, she smiled at both of you and said,

“What a lovely couple” you and Cedric blushed looking at one another and you spoke up,

“No ma’am him and I-”

“-have been together for quite some time now” Cedric finished sending you a subtle wink.

“Oh, how precious! Well don’t tell the others about this... but,” she said looking around, “I’ll give you the 30% discount usually given to couples on Valentine’s day” she winked and Cedric and you thanked her.

“You sneaky cheat, how did you know she was going to offer us that discount” you said narrowing your eyes a smile on your lips.

“Well, quite honestly, I didn’t, I mean I hoped, but hey no matter if she didn’t give us a discount, she would think I’m dating the prettiest girl at Hogwarts” you felt yourself blush and Cedric laughed,

“Hey! It’s true” he reaffirms and you roll your eyes shaking your head.

Digging into your fish and chips you were only halfway through with your meal and Cedric was done and looked up at you expectantly.

“Yes?” you answered cautiously and he looked down at your plate,

“Can I have a chip?” you were saving a spot for the dessert at Honeydukes so you weren’t planning on eating your entire meal, but it was fun to play around with Cedric so, of course, that’s what you did.

“No” you took a chip, ate it, and he gaped.

“But-, but come on now-, just one-”

“Yes yes, then one turns to two, two somehow turns to three, and three suspiciously turns to four, and by 20 I have no chips left” you jeered and he got the hint you were joking and laughed.

“Ha ha, hilarious, now give me that chip,” he said outstretching his hand and your brow quirked.

“Demanding are we?” he came close to your face and smirked,

“You have no idea” he leaned back popping one of your chips into his mouth.

A sudden lurching feeling was felt in your stomach at the way he said that statement and how close he was to you. You suddenly didn’t want to finish that plate of food and instead watched as Cedric finished the chips but didn’t eat the battered filet that was left.

Cedric takes your hand and you straddle his waist,

“Take off your shirt love,” he said eying you up and down, the heartbeat between your legs erratic as your shaky fingers removed your shirt.

He kissed down your neck, sucking certain spots and maneuvered his hand behind your back, and effortlessly unhooked your bra.

“Fuck Ced-”

He finished and looked at you smirking,

“Enjoy the show then?” he said referencing to you watching him eat mindlessly as your thoughts wandered as to how demanding he could be in other places...

“Huh?- Oh Cedric shut up I was just daydreaming” you joked, your cheeks now a dark crimson and incredible tension between your legs, his eyes narrowed.

“Hm did that daydream happen to include me in it?” he asked.

“Ha, of course not, it consisted of me owning Honeydukes and being able to have as much candy as I want,” you said, oh boy how to relieve this tension, inside me...

“Well I won’t keep you waiting then y/n let’s pay and off we go to Honeydukes,” he said and got the check leaving a galleon and a couple of sickles as tip and thanks for the discount on our meal to the waiter.

Getting up you grabbed your sweater and Cedric slung an arm around your shoulder massaging it slightly as you walked and while it felt comforting, you had this air of awkwardness you created because of that fantasy in your head.

Gosh it was so stupid, Cedric could get any girl and you were his best friend and his first childish kiss, that’s all you were ever going to be.

“You alright y/n? You seem a bit tense...”

“Don’t worry I’m fine Ced, just a bit cold is all” while it was a bit chillier than when you first came that wasn’t why you were tense.

“Oh here let me help you” he grabbed the sweater in your arms and helped you slip it on with an accomplished smile on his face, “aw you look like a puffy teddy bear,” he said and you chuckled, he wrapped his arm around your waist and you continued your walk to Honeydukes, holding you closer than before.

“Ah well if it isn’t the Hufflepuff king and queen,” said a familiar voice behind you and both you and Cedric turn around to see Ernie Macmillan.

Ernie was three years younger than you and Diggory, and while being kind, he was still a pompous prat. You related that to him being part of the Sacred 28 pureblood families and just tried to ignore him to the best of your ability. He was also always hitting on you which you would’ve found adorable since he was only 14 but grew quite annoying after the third bunch of roses that arrived in your dorm on Valentine’s day.

“Yes, yes it’s us Ern, now we’re in a bit of a hurry to go to Honeydukes so if you don’t mind,” you said starting to turn around, “I would really like to get my hands on some cauldron cakes” Cedric snorted and you grabbed his hand, a small tingling feeling as his enveloped yours and you left Ernie behind shouting at both of you.

“Fine leave! But when Diggory doesn’t get the guts to ask you out-” his voice was drowned out as you entered Honeydukes and both of you burst into laughter getting attention from some of the other students who were doing their shopping in there too.

You pressed your lips together trying to get the laughter to subside and Cedric followed your actions. You walked around admiring the colorful displays of pure sugar and started adding things to the small basket you picked up at the front of the store which Cedric was now holding following you around, the basket getting progressively heavier after you added five boxes of chocolate frogs, three of exploding bomb bombs, and two cauldron cakes. Of course, you had to grab some tooth flossing string mints you would use now just to feel clean after a meal.

“Merlin y/n, anything else to suck out the remainder of the Diggory family fortune?” he laughed and you rolled your eyes.

“Fat chance Ced, you already paid for lunch, although you said you were going to pay for dessert too, I’d feel bad so don’t worry I got this,” you said and he stopped you,

“Y/n, for the millionth time I’m taking you out, therefore I’m going to pay for the stuff”



“Cedric you cant-”

“Yes, I can” you groaned,

“Fine but I’m putting some stuff back” turning around and putting the acid pops back on the shelf and then about to retrieve two of the chocolate frogs’ boxes to put them back, but Cedric was nowhere to be seen. Spotting a black sweater and tall figure, Cedric was already halfway to the cash register, you pushed some people aside to get to him before he stood in line.

It was a feeble attempt as Honeydukes was so crowded and you bumped into a Gryffindor who lowly cursed you out in frustration since you made her drop her basket. Helping her put everything back in, and resuming your mission to get to Cedric, he was already paying and getting your stuff bagged.

He walked towards you with an extra-wide smile and you narrowed your eyes at him.

“You know, I would be very angry at you if it wasn’t for how badly I want those chocolate frogs” grabbing your hand as you exited to store he placed a kiss at the crown of your head, your heart fluttered and you gave him a sly smile.

“You know, you make it extra difficult to be mad at you”

“Aw come on how can you be mad at me y/n, you have a bag full of all the candy in Honeydukes you could ask for” he chuckled.

Making it into Zonkos, both of you played with some of the jokes in the shop, on one such instance he had grabbed a nose-biting teacup that he pretended to bring up to his face but he got too close and it actually did start biting his nose.

“Oh shit Cedric!” you went up to him and he was laughing.

“Well, at least we know it works” you rolled your eyes and laughed along too.

Grabbing his chin you muttered ′Episkey′ and whatever damage the teacup had caused was gone.

Your hand lingered on his chin as he stared into your eyes, his glance moved to your lips and you felt your cheeks heat up as you registered he was leaning in ever so slightly, his hand starting to reach for your waist.

A loud bang in some other corner of the shop took you out of your trance and you both jumped.

Your hand quickly removed from his chin and was now resting in the pocket inside your sweater.

“Oh-, um, thank you y-y/n” he said awkwardly the moment now gone.

“Of course, no problem Ced” you quipped and he quickly put down the teacup.

Seeming to have forgotten both of you were going to buy anything at all, you left Zonkos, and started making your way up to the castle, while you still had 2 hours left at Hogsmeade, the awkwardness of your fantasy in the Three Broomsticks, and your almost kiss in Zonkos... well, let’s just say you could cut the tension with a knife.

Walking up in silence, your hands brushed up against each other, and instead of either of you grabbing the others hand, you quickly retrieved them inside your sweater pockets.

It was so odd, you were so used to him being open and joking with you. His cheeks were flushed, but you weren’t sure it was because of the winter air.

“Hey, I’m sorr-”

“Listen I-”

Both of you said at the same time and then smiled,

“You go first” Cedric said and you continued.

“I just wanted to say that I apologize if I made things awkward,” you said and he shook his head,

“No, no, that’s my fault, I was caught up and never should’ve leaned in to kiss you especially since I didn’t know how you felt”

“I would’ve let you,” you said in a small voice that didn’t quite sound like your own. Cedric’s eyes widened,

“Hm?” he said now looking at you.

“Oh-. Well I, I-I said I would’ve let you”

Cedric stops in his tracks and you’re almost too afraid to look back and face him.

Turning around you see him starting to walk up to you and your heartbeat picks up. He grabs your waist softly and tilts your chin so you can look up at him.

“You know, I’ve been trying to find excuses for the past 4 years to kiss you, and what you said sounds as best as an excuse as I can currently think of,” he says while flicking his eyes from your eyes to your lips.

The cold winter air disappeared and all that was left was the warm fuzzy feeling you felt in your chest. Butterflies were stampeding in your stomach as Cedric brushed his thumb across your bottom lip.

“Well now that you’ve found y-your excuse, what’s stopping you?” he smirked as he leaned in, and in the quickest moment, his lips met your own and you gasped lowly. They were soft, warm, and inviting.

You both were in the middle of the road that led you to the castle, it was deserted, but even if there were hundreds watching, you couldn’t help the feeling that you wouldn’t care. You were so enthralled in the moment as was Cedric, who pushed your body closer to his and was holding your chin with his hand deepening the kiss with ease.

He nipped at your bottom lip for entrance and your lips parted finally meeting his tongue which swirled with your own sending an electric feeling throughout your body. Your hand reached into his hair and as you ran your hands through it he sighed.

It was crazy to think he had been there all along and he had just admitted he wanted this as much as you had, and you quickly wondered how many fantasies he’s had of you, because let’s just say if someone asked you, the one in the Three Broomsticks was nowhere near the first.

The air seemed to have run out of both your lungs and you pulled away rosy-cheeked and lips swollen.

“Well, that was nice” he smiled, his nose resting on yours.

“Indeed, what do you say we head up to the castle” you questioned boldly.

“I like your funny words, magic man” laughing he took your hand in his and you both were now running towards the castle. The adrenaline from just moments ago was pumping through your veins and you couldn’t feel happier.

Slowing down only when you reached the gates, you calmly passed by Filch who gave both of you disapproving looks as he marked your names off the list of kids who went out. Speed walking past the entrance hall, you climbed the stairs two steps at a time when you reached the 5th floor of Hogwarts which was deserted and Cedric pinned you to the wall.

“Is it strange to say I miss your lips even though I kissed them only seconds ago?”

“Nope not at all” you responded and he laid his lips on yours once again. Cedric had magicked the bag from Honeydukes to become almost minuscule and shove it into your sweater pocket on the way to the castle.

You pushed off the wall and Cedric was kissing your neck as you fumbled for the door handle to what you hoped was an empty classroom. The door was open and Cedric stopped kissing you catching his breath and raising his eyebrows as he saw what you were getting at with the empty classroom.

“Hm... And what would we need this empty classroom for y/n?” he questioned innocently.

“Oh shut up Diggory” and with that you pulled him in shutting and locking the door, pushing his back up against it.

The light came from the windows in the back of the room and you realized this was one of the abandoned classrooms no one taught in anymore.

Pulling off Cedric’s sweater he made quick work with your own and you were now standing in front of him in a bra.

He had the most defined chest you had ever seen, his abs clearly defined and he looked almost angelic in the soft light that was filtering through the windows.

He looked at you like he actually registered this was real and not some figment of his imagination, and then without hesitation started leaving open-mouthed kisses down your neck.

You sighed as he reached a sweet spot. Suddenly his hands reached under your thighs and he hoisted you up onto his waist, moving his hands a bit further up, they laid comfortably under your ass.

You kissed his collarbones and ran your lips by the side of his neck as he leaned his head back in pleasure.

"Holy fuck" he grunted softly.

Walking towards what seemed the be the professor’s desk at the front of the class he sat you down on its edge, situating himself between your legs. Even through his jeans, there was a noticeable bulge, and your breath caught in your throat.

While you yourself were completely wet, the prospect of you having that effect on him was incredibly satisfying.

“I would say, you don’t know the things you do to me,” he starts, “but it seems like you already noticed”

“And it seems like you’ll have to find out” you said referring to yourself and he smirked and went down kissing your stomach. He was on his knees before you and you couldn’t name a better sight.

“May I,” he asked and you nodded as he took off your jeans, your butt lifting off the surface so he would be able to slip them off, once-off he kissed the inside of your thighs.

"Fuck Cedric you’re such a tease" you moaned and you felt him smile at the inside of your thighs. With his right hand, he trailed his index and middle finger from your calf to right where the seam of your underwear lay.

Your chest was moving up and down with anticipation as he dipped those two fingers in and you felt him gather up wetness.

He looked up with a satisfied glance.

“It’s not even been 3 minutes l/n”

“You’re o-one to talk, seems like something is a-about to burst fr-from your own pants” you said with great difficulty as he once again pushed your underwear aside.

“You were saying?” he completely slipped your underwear off and pushed your body more to the edge. His face was now level with your center and you suddenly felt severely exposed, Cedric didn’t seem to mind as he kissed your lower stomach traveling lower and lower until his lips were directly on your clit and your hands gripped the back of the desk, bucking your hips forward at the sudden jolt of pleasure that surged through your body.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck" profanities escaped you and this only seemed to motivate Cedric more as he moved his tongue in a circular motion around your clitoris softly sucking as well. One of your hands left the back of the desk and slid into his hair with no shame guiding him to where it felt best. His two hands were gripping your thighs.

There was so much tension in your core as Cedric continued eating you out.

This was unlike nothing you ever felt before or could even do with your own hands.

“C-cedric, please, I’m going to-” you said and he immediately stopped.

“I don’t recall saying you could finish yet” he said with a small smile on his face running his thumb across his bottom lip which was still wet and sucking it. You felt your arms give out at that action and he raised himself up his lips ghosting your own and before kissing you said,

“By the way, you taste exceptionally good” before you could respond his lips crashed into yours and while your hands were still shaky, you unbuckled his belt undoing the button on his pants and they pooled at his ankles as he stepped out of them kicking them behind him.

Running your hands along his chest, you slipped your index finger into the seam of his boxers. Removing it, you began to palm him through the thin material and he gave small grunts of satisfaction as you did so.

He was now fully hard and your hands had slipped into his underwear and you were now slowly jerking him off with one hand and his kisses on your chest became sloppier and were now paused with moans and profanities.

"Fucking hell y/n just go faster, I-I can’t j-just-" wordlessly you increased your speed and his twitching grew.

He was pressed even closer to you now the tip of his erection almost reaching your stomach and you pumped him faster and faster.

"Y-you really should s-stop now before I cu-"

He had left you on at the peak of your arousal and if he was asking the same for himself now, you would of course do the same. At this point you just wanted to feel him inside you, all these years had built up the tension that was now being released and you almost begged him to just fuck you. He had to have been a mind reader because his tip was now rubbing against your entrance as he looked at you with lust.

"Just fuck me Cedric" you gasped out and he didn’t waste a second before he slipped into you and you felt the entirety of his dick.

Being seated on the edge of a desk as he just went in and out of you kissing your neck was indescribably hot as well as felt way too good to be real.

"Bloody hell y/n you feel so good" he moaned as you gripped the desk for support. The desk skidded back as he continued going at it, holding your waist as you went forward.

It wasn’t long before you were about to orgasm, and from the way Cedrics movements were getting sloppier and he kept twitching you could tell it was the same case for him.

"Shit Cedric I’m going to cum"

He was only able to nod in acknowledgment before you came, jolts of electricity shooting through your limbs.

Only a couple of seconds later he came himself, holding onto your waist for support and he finished.

Panting, sweaty, and exhausted, Cedric joined sitting next to you on the desk and you leaned completely into his chest.

“Well, I didn’t expect for us to end our free day sitting butt naked on a professor’s desk, but hey, here we are and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said and you laughed.

“I don’t think either of us expected it, but I’m glad it’s out in the open”

“What’s out in the open?” he asked jokingly since he knew you were referring to your feelings towards one another.

“Ced you’re such a dick,” you said laughing and he shook his head.

“No, my dick is what you-” he began but you quickly covered his mouth shushing him and you both chuckled.

Cedric helped you off the desk and cleaned things up as you painfully but on your underwear and pants, holding onto his arm for support.

Exiting the classroom, they both ventured off to the Hufflepuff common room, Cedric had performed a spell to help y/n with the shaky legs. Everyone seemed to have just returned from Hogsmeade and when asked where they were at Hogsmeade because they hadn’t seen them since about an hour and a half ago, Cedric simply responded, “What do you mean, we were at Madam Puttifoot’s Tea Shop up until a couple of minutes ago”

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