§ 𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒓𝒚 𝒑𝒐𝒕𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝒊𝒎𝒂𝒈𝒊𝒏𝒆𝒔 §

ᴅʀᴀᴄᴏ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ ɪɪ


⌈𝒅𝒓𝒂𝒄𝒐 𝒎𝒂𝒍𝒇𝒐𝒚 𝒊𝒎𝒂𝒈𝒊𝒏𝒆 ⌋

⚭ 𝒑𝒖𝒃𝒍𝒊𝒄 𝒑𝒆𝒓𝒇𝒐𝒓𝒎𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒆 ⚭

It was 1 p.m. on a Saturday and you were in your dormitory. Pansy’s raven black hair lay strewn on your lap as she rested her head against it, you were braiding small sections of her hair thinking about the evening that was to come. While you were braiding it looking straightforward, Pansy was picking at her nails becoming entertained with a piece of her black nail polish that was almost about to chip off. She looked up at you,

“You know, I know you’re deep in thought because you’re pulling my hair harder than you usually do when you braid it, and you’re going to leave me bald" Pansy said and you were snapped out of your thoughts, she slapped your hands away from her hair.

"Ow, sorry, sorry” you said and she got up and sat with her legs crossed.

“What’s up, and don’t tell me it’s about Montague bothering you again because you may have slapped him but I will hex him y/n” she says with determination in her face and you laughed.

“Wha-, no, no, no. As entertaining as it would be to see you hit him with a good langlock jinx or a pus-squirting hex that’s not the problem” she rolled her eyes, a smile on her lips,

“Ok, well if that’s not the problem what is it, and don’t make me perform legilemency on you”

“As if you could!” she feigned being offended and clutched her heart,

“Y/l L/n, doubting me after all these years”

“Don’t bullshit me Pansy, I think you’d have used it on me before if you had the ability to do so” she rolled her eyes and shook her head,

“Fine, fine, now spill it oh so wise one” nudging her side you finally answered,

“It’s just that I’m nervous for tonight which is odd, we have parties in the common room all the time and they’re always fine, just for some reason I’m a bit more anxious than I was for the last ones”

“Hey it’s ok you’ll be with me, Theo, and Blaise the whole time, Malfoy will also probably be there as well” at the sound of Malfoy you rolled your eyes,

“Way to motivate me into feeling better Pansy” she laughed,

“Hey it’s not my fault you and Malfoy hate each other, the tension between the both of you, whew, I almost feel like I’m interrupting something when you guys glare at each other”

“Bugger off Pansy, tension yes, sexual tension, absolutely not, if there’s something sexual about wanting to rip that git’s head off then be my guest as interpreting it that way” she sighed,

“Both of you are blithering idiots aren’t you?” she said with a dignified look on her face.

“Maybe so” you responded,

“No, no, you are, you try to make the other jealous, and gosh it works for both of you, tell me is there any other reason that you kissed Adrian Pucey after they won the quidditch match, and Draco just happened to be in the line of view for that kiss” you were about to respond when she held her hand up,

“Then at the after-party, he kissed Astoria Greengrass when you were right next to them, they snogged for so long I thought they’d shag in the middle of the dance floor” you scoffed as she continued,

“Oh, and don’t get me started on the passive-aggressive flirting, that one’s a bit more entertaining actually...” she said thoughtfully looking up.

“Oh shut up Pansy, me and Adrain kissing was just a heat of the moment thing, I was just happy you know, that we won. Draco and Astoria almost giving us a public performance, on the other hand, that’s their own nasty thing nothing to do with me” you shivered as you remembered the way Draco softly caressed her neck and dug his hands in her hair, the soft groans that emitted from his lips-

What the fuck.

“Thinking about something, y/n?” Pansy said smirking, she could see how warm your cheeks had gotten and nothing gave Pansy more pleasure than seeing her point be the correct one.

“Oh be quiet will you, it’s not like you and Theo Nott don’t have your own weird twisted relationship” Pansy stiffened and hit your shoulder.

“We do not speak of Th-” Pansy stopped mid-sentence as someone knocked on the door.

“Shit that was close” she said her eyes widening and her cheeks now red too, ”come in" she answered to the person at the door.

Blaise Zabini glided in nonchalantly, examining the room until his eyes landed on the both of you,

“Interrupting something?” he said quirking an eyebrow.

“Shut up Zabini, what do you want,” you said playfully and he crossed his arms in amusement, leaning against the poster of the bed.

“Is me coming in to visit my two favorite girls such a weird thing to do without wanting something?” Pansy fake retched at ′favorite girls’, and you doubled over pretending to throw up, Blaise’s laughter boomed and he continued,

“Alright, alright you got me, I just want to ask you two something”

“Fine, get along with it” Pansy said,

“Well first off are you coming tonight because Theo wants to know how much fire whiskey we’re going to need-” he said and you and Pansy nodded, “ok good, well then y/n do you have your playlist like always?”

“Blaise you know I do”

“Ok well, can you add some more rap to it?”

“Blaise my playlist it literally primarily rap for the parties, but if you insist I’ll add even more rap, I’m going to have to teach you to expand your music taste a bit more” he gave you a stern look,

“No, rap is love, rap is life” you and Pansy couldn’t hold in your laughter, and Blaise although trying to keep his face straight joined in on the laughter too.

“Fine, fine I’ll ‘expand’ my music taste later, be ready my 8 because that’s when the party starts and we need your musical genius”

“Will do Mr. Rap is love, rap is life" you said and he shook his head leaving the room.

“It’s only 1:30, we should head to the great hall to grab a light lunch and then go by the library so we can read up on that transfiguration spell McGonagall wants us to know how to perform” Pansy suggested and that’s exactly what the two of you did.

⑅ ⑅ ⑅ ⑅ ⑅ ⑅ ⑅

Later that day, 7:00 p.m.

“That spell was a bitch to learn huh?” Pansy said.

“Totally I almost feel like my magical powers have been drained” you said and she nodded her head, getting to the dungeons and stepping through the portrait hole you could see the beginning of another Slytherin party.

Theo was setting up the bar, bottles upon bottles of fire whiskey could be seen, Zabini was enchanting candles to blink different colors and Malfoy was sitting comfortably in a green chair, hands resting on the arms of the chair his various rings glimmering in the firelight, he was looking around, seemingly deep in thought. A few stragglers were in the common room as well helping to set up.

“Where have you lot been, we’ve been setting up by ourselves” Nott asks you and Pansy.

“In the Gryffindor Common room, they’re pretty accepting of Slytherins you know” Pansy said rolling her eyes, “I had the most wonderful conversation with Potter, the Mudblood, and the Blood Traitor.” she finished off and it was taking all of you not to burst out into laughter.

“No need to be rude Parkinson” Zabini chuckled, Theo’s expression was still rigid, “we just needed a few extra hands that’s all, anyways we’re basically done now, aren’t we Theo" Nott gave a glare to both Blaise and Pansy and continued what he was doing.

Looking back to where Malfoy was sitting, he locked eyes with you and quirked a brow.

“I’m not a bloody statue l/n, your eyes can take their agonizing stare elsewhere” you scoffed,

“As if, quit trying to be a smart arse, when you’re just an arse” you retorted.

Theo snorted, his lips contorting a thin smile, and Blaise looked over at Pansy mouthing ′Oh no here we go again’.

“Seems like you like this arse since all you do is stare at it” he twisted his rings around his hands, driving your attention to his hands for a second, before looking back up at his face again,

“Please Malfoy I’d rather throw myself off of the astronomy tower” he gave a fake smile and said,

“Brilliant, just call me, I’ll help push you off”

“Sadistic arsehole,” you said, he had started walking toward you and was only a few inches away.

“Merlin, do you have an obsession with arses, although I don’t blame you, you have a pretty nice one yourself" he smirked as he said that.

“Awe too bad you’ll never actually get to see it huh? And shouldn’t be paying attention to Greengrasses’, not mine?” you gave him a sickly sweet smile staring straight into his eyes scanning his features, he got his index finger and lifted your chin so your eyes met his.

“Jealous are we?” your right hand circled around his wrist, applying pressure and pulling it away from your face.

“Simply observant” you responded and walked away heading to your dormitory, Pansy following close behind.

After entering the green and silver dorm Pansy started laughing,

“This is exactly what I mean!” you scoffed shaking your head and started to take off your shirt.

“Oh don’t play innocent with me y/n, was this not the arguing/jealousy/flirting I was talking about?” you kept going through your closet looking for an outfit when your eyes landed on a shimmering emerald dress, it was a body con dress that ended a little bit higher than your knee.

“Are you seriously ignoring me?” Pansy said, looking for an outfit too and pulling out a black faux leather skirt with a backless top.

“No, no Pansy, I just have selective hearing”

“You’re so annoying” she said and you shrugged,

“Malfoy was being annoying Pans, we just argued, it’s what we do” she was pulling her new shirt over her head as you turned around and placed your outfit on the bed, she motioned for you to come over and zip her skirt on the back, you did that and started putting your dress on.

“Yes I understand but there’s always so much tension, you should have seen the look Blaise and Theo’s face”

“Pansy just understand there’s nothing going on between be and Malfoy, if unforgivables weren’t so frowned upon I would have possibly used one already”

“Now who’s the sadistic one?” she said in a singsong tone,

“Bugger off” she walked into the adjacent bathroom in your dorm and started on her makeup, you stayed in your slides as you joined her in the bathroom in front of the mirror curling your eyelashes and applying some eyeliner. Finishing up the rest of your makeup you added a red lip and looked at Pansy,

“Does it look too much like I’m going to a Christmas party?” you asked and she studied your face,

“A bit, I love the dress it hugs you in all the right places, but maybe go with a nude lip” she said wiping off the red and handing you a nude lipstick. It looked much better than the red, and with that, you both stood up and headed to finish your hair.

Leaving it loose and curling the ends quickly, you slipped on your stiletto lace-up black heels and pansy did the same with her shoes and you got ready to leave grabbing your music player. As you were heading towards the door there was a knock and Theo, Blaise, and Malfoy were on the other end already dressed up for the party.

Your eyes couldn’t help but pause on Malfoy, he was wearing an all-black outfit that was a stark contrast with his pale skin. He was fiddling with the snake ring that was on his left ring finger.

“Well, would you look at them what honor do we have of taking you two fine maidens to the dance” Blaise said causing you to snap back to reality, he was eyeing you and Pansy, Draco gave a scoff rolling his eyes.

“Oh be quiet Blaise” you said hooking your arm with his and he started laughing, “let’s go” you started walking and Pansy and Theo were talking in hushed conversation. Blaise unhooked your arms and move his hand to the small of your back guiding you to the common room. He leaned in and whispered,

“It feels like Malfoy is trying to Avada me simply with his gaze” you chuckled and then also felt his burning gaze at your back,

“I can’t seem to imagine why” flicking a piece of your hair behind your shoulder momentarily letting your fingers rest against your skin before you looked back and saw Malfoy glaring at you, you smiled at him and then looked forward.

“You are such a tease l/n” Blaise said.

Finally reaching the common room, you saw that it wasn’t only Slytherin house, there were a couple of Ravenclaws and a few stray Hufflepuffs that were lounging on the green couches. Zabini led you to the speakers and Malfoy followed both of you there, standing a bit behind you two. A few moments later ′Highest in the Room′ by Travis Scott started playing everyone cheered as the music bounced off the walls and Blaise started jumping his way into the dance floor, that man was obsessed with Travis Scott.

You laughed as the scene unfolded in front of you and stood back observing the way people would grab each other’s hands and begin to dance.

A strong scent of cologne suddenly filled your lungs and you already know who was near and ready to pick an argument.

“Hm, nice dress, I’m surprised you’re wearing something that reaches even the middle of your thigh,” Malfoy said standing behind you, his presence was warm, you could feel your entire body heat up at the sound of his deep voice.

Turning around you met his gaze and he looked intently into your eyes,

“And I’m surprised you’re not halfway down someone’s throat already, I guess it’s been an interesting day for both of us”

“Is someone wishing that was them?” he said brushing his fingers across your collarbone, unwanted goosebumps rose on your skin, and smirked at the feeling of them.

“Over my-” you were about to finish when someone pulled at your hand, turning around you saw Pansy with two shots of fire whiskey in her hand.

“Let’s go dance!” she cheered and you laughed, turning around you gave Malfoy a small sarcastic wave, grabbing one of the shots of fire whiskey, you downed and grabbed Pansy’s hand going to the dance floor.

Paradise′ by Big Sean started playing and you and Pansy entered the floor as the beat dropped, Blaise and Theo made a space between them so you could dance with them.

“....I always want a Paradise, I always want a Paradise”

You guys sang together dancing. As the alcohol of that shot coursed through your veins you felt your body loosen and were soon dancing with everyone.

A couple of songs later as ′Lights Down Low′ started to play you and Pansy found yourselves in the middle of the dance circle dancing and everyone cheering you both on.

“Go y/n, go Pans!!!” Theo shouted dancing and Blaise looked at you both in disbelief clapping.

“...take it slow, put down on me, baby jump on it...”

You then felt another presence that wasn’t Pansy, and looked up and saw Adrian dancing with you, moving along with the rhythm of his body you saw that Theo went to dance with Pansy.

"You look so good tonight" he said into your ear.

Adrain had his hands on your waist as he pulled you closer and you looked over his shoulder and saw Draco shooting daggers at both of you.

If looks could kill, let’s just say there wouldn’t be much left of you and Adrain.

Shifting your body so that your and Adrian’s side profile was visible to Draco, you ran your fingers through Adrian’s hair while looking at Draco. His arms were crossed over his chest and his expression was unreadable, someone walked by with a shot and he grabbed them from their hands and downed it.

When the song ended you left the dance floor for a quick break but before you could make it to a couch your hand was pulled and you were abruptly led into the secluded staircase that led to the boy’s dormitory, the figure pressed you against the wall. The smell of mahogany and mint filled your nostrils.

“Looking for something, Malfoy?" you said, in the moonlight, his eyes were illuminated and the lust ridden in his features was indescribable.

His hand trailed up your neck and swiped across your bottom lip, something sparked in your chest and you gasped,

“Yea and she was with Pucey on the dance floor while looking directly at me” his hand rested at the bottom of your neck, you felt out of breath, your cheeks flushed, and your heart racing.

How could your hatred turn into... sexual tension?

“Jealous are we” your voice came out lower than you wanted it to, almost in a gasp as he traced your shoulder.

He gave a hollow laugh,

“You have no idea,” the song changed to ′Often′ by The Weekend, “if you knew how good your body looked in this dress dancing...” his voice trailed off and his hand ran across the inside of your thigh, stopping to play with the seam of your dress. You pressed your lips together to not give away any sound that dared to escape them as he softly pressed on your neck as well.

After all the years of tension, flirting, and jealousy, you were finally giving into Malfoy and did not care one bit about the repercussions it might have in the group.

“...then again, Pucey is probably waiting for you on the dance floor...” he removed his hands and began backing away, he turned around with his hand in his pocket and was starting to walk out.

“Fuck this,” you said and grabbed his free hand and pressed him against the wall kissing him for the first time, he tasted fire whiskey and mint. He was quick to react running his hands to the back of your thighs stopping at your ass and lifted you up pressing your back up to the wall instead. It was electrifying and unlike anything you’ve ever felt with any other person before.

He kissed down your neck, hot kisses that felt like fire on your skin leaving you gasping for air. Your fingers entangled in his hair and you tugged at it,

"Shit" he hissed when you pulled a little too hard.

He carried you up the stairs, it could’ve been two minutes or 2 hours until you reached his dorm, time felt so irrelevant at that moment.

Opening the door he immediately laid you on his bed, as he slipped off your shoes he placed himself between your legs kissing down your sternum, when the dress got in the way he easily pulled it off and seemed mesmerized by what was underneath it. Going back down and kissing on your sensitive spots the stimulation became too much.

“Holy fuck Draco" at the sound of his name coming out of your mouth he groaned. Your hands went to his shirt and began unbuttoning it, you felt his muscles ease and contract at your touch. Sitting up a bit, you pushed him back to one of the posts on his bed and straddled his waist.

Kissing down his chest his hands reached to your back and unfastened your bra throwing it across the room in a swift movement. You nipped at the skin of his neck and his hands moved to your thighs slowly running them across your skin.

His breathing became heavy and ragged as you started to unbutton his pants and slip them off. Everything was fast and hurried, and it was definitely not because of the alcohol because of the one-shot you both took because you felt as sober as ever.

Feeling him directly under you was something different and unexpected, you slowly rocked yourself forward on his hips to relieve the tension that had started to gather below your navel.

You arched your back as he grabbed your waist and pressed you down controlling the speed at which you were rubbing against him,

"Oh fuck, that’s it y/n" he said your name, and you don’t think even he noticed himself moaning it out but that only made the tension you were feeling under your navel expand.

Draco then proceeded to push you back onto the bed your head resting against his pillows, he looked into your eyes as he slipped your underwear off looking for confirmation this was all okay, giving a subtle nod, he finished pulling them off and dipped his fingers inside, in a slow pumping motion.

“You’re so damn wet already,” he said into your neck,

"Dra-" was all you were able to manage out as your senses exploded.

Your nails found his back and you dragged them across it. He stopped the pumping and took off his own underwear, you could feel him flush against your center as he lined himself up. His arms were on either side of your head, your hands reached up to his jaw as you pulled down his face to kiss you. He thrust in and his whole length was in you, you moaned into his mouth arching your back to accommodate to him.

"Are you okay?" he said out of breath-stopping a bit, he turned inexplicably sweet and you wondered how long it was going to last.

"Yes, I- fuck, just keep going" you said and you hooked your legs on his lower back. He kept going accumulating speed, his chest was heaving and your legs were beginning to shake.

"Fucking hell you feel so good, I-I’m going to lift your leg up over my shoulder" he said, and even in the pleasure you were still able to be snarky,

"I’m not a bloody contortionist Draco-" you said as he placed your leg over his shoulder, feeling him from another angle was unlike anything, ”shit, I guess I am now" he continued, hissing when you squeezed around him.

His movements were becoming increasingly sloppy, and your hands were squeezing his biceps, which was sure to leave a mark that was going to last.

"I can’t Draco I’m-, go-going to-" you said and he started kissing down your neck again.

"So am I-" he said and you finished, your body was shaking, only a couple of seconds later he released onto your stomach. He collapsed beside you on the bed and didn’t seem to notice the mess he left on your abdomen,

“Shit I’m sorry” he grabbed his wand and quickly muttered ′Tergeo′ and soon there was nothing there.

You chuckled and he laughed as well, this was the first time Draco Malfoy has laughed in your presence, then again this is the first time Draco Malfoy has done many things in your presence.

You traced his arm up and down and he twisted to look at you, his cold rings touched the side of your face,

“We should get going, or someone’s going to notice we’ve been gone for a while”

“You’re right and I wouldn’t hear the end of it from Pansy” you got up, your mind in a flurry, you could feel his gaze follow you as you bent down to get your underwear and pick up your dress. You heard him get up and shuffle with his own clothes.

“Hey can-, can you um, zip up my dress?” he walked over to you, but you didn’t feel him zipping it up, instead his finger slipped under one of the green straps.

“I don’t think they’ll notice if we’re gone for one more round?” he said into your neck, you smiled and turned around looking up at him, he was shirtless only his trousers on.

“No, I suppose they won’t” was all you said before pushing him back into his bed and resuming the activities.

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