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"Clay, what are you doing?" he let out a breath he didn't know he was holding in. "How straightforward would I be if I told you I want you, that I want you to be mine?" his voice getting low. "I don't know." the shorter boy broke eye contact, feeling a bit flustered. This story is also available on ao3!

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1| Stone cold

My feet were wet and exhausted, running through this woodland was an absolute nightmare, as much as I craved to stop running I couldn't, if I chose to stop he'd take hold of me and he'd torment me.

I kept running as quickly as I could, avoiding the trunks that would trip me and let him catch up to me, as long as I'm out of the deep tree thickets I'm fine, this was an uncommon route, I didn't have any expectation of making it out, it felt like I was going in circles.

In the distance you could see mountains that were illuminated by the full moon and the tops coated by the clouds, as I ran I noticed it had started storming, the storm started to pick up, the rain was falling quicker by the second, the moon got wrapped in by the gloomy clouds, making everything hardly noticeable, I kept on running, the sound of footsteps behind me.

In the near distance an old, abandoned castle was apparent, I decided to run there to hide, he wouldn't fetch me there, I was safe for now. As I entered the castle, it was frigid, there was not a single soul that lived there, but weirdly enough the candles on the candelabrums were lit, radiating a bit of light, the odor of this place was putrid and unpleasant, I dragged my tired feet, further into the castle, resting my head on the stone-cold walls of the castle. I didn't know where I was or how I got here, why was I being chased. This is pure hell, how the fuck am I supposed to escape this?

I dragged my feet across the cold tile floors, I ended up in a kitchen I concluded. Every piece of furniture was either very filthy or damaged. I continued to walk around the place to see if there wasn't someone inside who could attack me. I ran upstairs to search the rest of the place for danger.

The moon dimly lit up the rooms. I stumbled upon a room with double doors, most likely it being a master bedroom, I approached it and reached for the handle, pushing down on it I walked forward. The doors opening and revealing a bedroom. It wasn't in bad shape so it was a potential shelter for the night. Carefully walking further into the room trying not to trip on anything and cause noise.

I set my bag down by the bed, trying to clean the dust off so I have a clean place to spend the night hopefully ending up alive in the morning. There was a fireplace in the room, there should be some wood laying around to keep me warm. Walking over to the fireplace there stood a small pile of wood, that should be enough. I set up the wood lighting it with the lighter that was in my bag.

Watching the small bits of sticks catch fire made me feel better, at least I won't be cold tonight. grabbing the bellow and slowly blowing it towards the fire. The rain was pouring down hard. You could hear thunder in the distance.

Standing up I walked to my backpack grabbing the last bottle of water I had. I had been running for so long I hadn't realized how dry my throat was. Taking a few sips I put the bottle away, going back to the fireplace and waiting for it to get warm so my clothes start drying. I took off the mask that was on my face setting it aside so I can properly see. The fire slowly got bigger and I started to warm up.

So many things were running through my mind. It was overwhelming. I took off my gloves and stretched my arms forward so I could warm them up. The rain didn't seem to stop anytime soon. Sitting by the fire all night would be useless if I'm going to get chased again. But if I don't keep watch who knows what trouble is gonna appear.

Deciding to have a nap wouldn't be awful. I was fatigued. I got in bed and tried to fall asleep hoping I didn't make the wrong decision. Soon enough I close my eyes and drifted into a light slumber, rain was still pouring, the wind was howling not leaving me in complete silence.

A few hours had passed, the sound of footsteps and something falling made dream jolt awake in fear. The steps walked back and forth, nowhere else. Dream sat up and got out of bed, grabbing his mask and putting it on, he quietly rummaged through his bag for the flashlight he had, once he found it he walked over to the fireplace grabbing the stoker as a weapon.

Dream slowly made his way towards the door, quietly opening it to not draw attention to whoever was inside with him. He made his way downstairs noticing the footsteps were walking from the kitchen to the bathroom, back and forth, like they were waiting for something or someone. Walking through the corridor dream had reached the entry to the kitchen, getting a better grip on his weapon he walked forward. The shadow of a person appeared in the moonlight, deciding not to waste time he ran into the kitchen, where he saw the person.

Freaked out he yelled "stay away" pointing the stoker at the person in fear he'd attack. Dream couldn't recognize the person in the darkness.

"I'm not looking for trouble," the other explained, "I came inside cause it looked to be safer than staying outside."

Dream was shocked to hear his voice in this nightmare. it felt like they hadn't talked in a while, his throat feels dry, a lump sitting there.
"George? what are you doing here? you're not supposed to be here, it's too dangerous!" the dirty blonde rambled lowering the weapon.

George walked towards Dream. "Where am I?" a questioning look on his face

Dream felt like he was choking on his words, he walked towards George embracing him "You're in my head, I suppose? I'm happy to see you."

George's embrace felt so calming yet so cold and emotionless.

"Are you okay, dream?"

"I'm fine." Dream sighed "Let's go upstairs."

George nodded following Dream's steps, looking around the castle. Dream had led him to the bedroom, the fireplace was still crackling and made the room quite warmer.

"Dream?" George called out, sitting on the old, dusty bed.

"Yeah?" he put the rest of the logs that were laying on the ground in the fire.

"Why am I here?" George asked, fidgeting with the hem of his blue shirt.

Dream sighed, "I don't have an answer for that, I wish I did."

Standing up he walked over to George, sitting next to him.

Dream has caught feelings for George, he just didn't admit it, denying it every way he could. And now George showing up in his dreams made it more difficult to deny them.

They both sat on the bed, the silence was comforting in a way, maybe cause he wasn't alone, maybe cause George was there.

Dream let out a nervous breath, rubbing his sweaty hands on his legs, trying to calm down a bit. He stood up, thinking if he should go through with this or just keep it to himself. He paced around, stopping at a window. Watching the stellar blue jays on the window sill. He took off his mask, placing it down on the dark oak writers table.

George got up and walked over to dream, resting his hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Are you okay?" he worried.

"I'm fine, just thinking about something." that something is you.

"What are you thinking about?"

"About a promise, a promise I made to myself," he scoffed turning around to face George "a promise I'm gonna break."

George had a confused look on his face, but he stayed silent.

"Fuck it" Dream mumbled.

He walked closer to George, their bodies almost touching. Dream wandered his hand up to George's cheek, his thumb lightly caressing it. He moved his face closer to George's. George didn't move away from him. He did the same, their noses almost touching.

"Clay, what are you doing?" he let out a breath he didn't know he was holding in.

"How straightforward would I be if I told you I want you, that I want you to be mine?" his voice getting low.

"I don't know." the shorter boy broke eye contact, feeling a bit flustered.

"Then let me prove it." He whispered.

He pulled Georges's face closer, their lips colliding. George didn't hesitate to kiss back. The kiss was soft and sweet. He craved more wanting the kiss to linger a little bit longer but he pulled away.

"Did that prove it?" Dream asked. His hand still on George's cheek.

Dream didn't get a response, he let his hand slip from his cheek. The last thing he heard was a loud bang.

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