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Singto forgot about the promise that he made at six years old until one day. One day until Krist comes into his life. This is a story for Krist and Singto with supernatural elements. Very slow progressing. Original posting was Aug, 2019 on Wattpad. Currently, I only publish the last volume of chapters on Wattpad. And the rest of the chapters will post on Inkitt after edited.

Romance / Thriller
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Everything started one hot summer day when I was six years old. Mae took me to the exhibition of her work for the first time. I always stayed at home with Pho when she goes there because I don’t deserve to go with her, and I knew it.

But this year was different.

“I have no choice but to take you even thought you are not qualified fully.”

She smiled wryly.

As soon as I arrived at the exhibition hall with Mae, I was surprised by the hall’s size.

It was huge.

My mother has been running a family business that’s passed down for only daughters in generations. It’s an extraordinary ability that people can not mimic and comes from Mae’s bloodline.

Mae was also planning to pass down her business to her daughter but had to give up the dream because of me. After she delivered me, her doctor told her that she won’t have another child anymore.

She was devastated, but soon she accepted her fate and raised me with a lot of care even though he became the last one of her family business. Her family business is matchmaking people by using tarot cards with a sixth sense. Yes, she is a fortune-teller. It sounds a shady business, right? But the truth is Mae doesn’t use tarot cards. It’s a cover of her real ability for matchmaking. For example, when Someone decided to get married, someone comes to her and asks to find their partner. That’s one thing. Or a couple comes to her and wants her to check if their marriage will be successful. For the last, when people don’t have luck and want to cut lousy omen to a fresh start.

Every time she uses her tarot cards as a decoy, she already sees why someone comes first sight and knows what to do. I know her business is very unscientific, and many people have contradictory ideas, but sometimes people still need something extraordinary, and actually, it works. I think my mother is an extraordinarily talented lady. So people keep coming to my mother.

That’s her ability.

Mae is amazing.

“หนู (Nue)! Come with me! Don’t wandering around alone!”Mae yelled at me, so I run to her hurriedly.

There are so many people in the hall mixing with talented people and ordinary people.

I have to be careful not to get lost.

But when she met another old friend there, she started talking and got bored, so I started hanging out by myself again.

I looked around the convention hall found lots of people buying items. The ordinary people are crowded to the counters to buying charms and Buddhist rosaries, idols, scriptures, and books. I wonder where those people come from and how they found out this convention that doesn’t advertise publicly.

Then...I saw something different.

It was a girl with a half sleeve flower-printed one-piece dress at the corner of the hall. She sat on a chair alone, dangling her feet. I decided to walk toward her and stood in front of her.

She looks around the same age as me.-Where is her mother?

I got shy but gathered up the courage to start a conversation with her.

I say,


“.....”She lifted her head and looked at me with doe brown eyes.


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