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"It doesn't matter put the phone away.


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Children / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Sam led the kids to a small clearing where a picnic basket, a big blanked, and a swing was at. He thought they should spend some time together, well that’s what the kids thought anyway.

In real words Sam wanted them to get away from all the stress everyone has put on them. They were just kids- after all.


“I don’t know Puffy, they’re just kids. They matured too quickly, especially since Dream had Tommy exiled! Don’t forget about Tubbo too, being forced to be a president. Everyone is crazy!”

Puffy looked down at her lap, it was true. She didn’t bother denying all these things. “What about that Ranboo kid? Wasn’t he part of Dream’s- oh god.”

Sam groaned looking at the wooden stairs, “He was, I’m pretty sure he still is but I don’t know Puffy.”

Puffy chuckled quietly, trying to lighten up the mood. “There’s also Purpled, yeah? Haven’t seen him in a long time. Wonder how he’s doing.”

Sam looked thoughtful for a few moments, “Puffy..what if I bring them to that clearing you made out of boredom? The one with the swing and stuff?”

“Oooo, that sounds lovely Sam! You should do it!”

He got up and started getting his things, “Alright see you later Puffy!!”

The said woman laughed as the man ran off. “Might as well be their father…”


Purpled groaned as another tree branch hit his legs, “SamMMmm, where are wE goinGg???” Tommy whined, he was already tired of walking, and Tubbos gasped every time they saw a bee.

“We’re almost there Tommy, just wait a few more minutes.” Sam laughed out, looking back at the kids.

Ranbbo was just quietly trailing behind Purpled, as this was his first time meeting the other boy. “So you’ve never had Dream manipulate you?!”

Purpled looked back at him, “No, we just talked and that’s about it. Although I do have some stuff to always work at, that’s why I’m never in Manburg.”

Tommy glared at the other blonde boy, “It’s L’MANBURG!”

Purpled looked at him- glaring and started talking to Ranboo out of boredom, phone safely tucked away in his hoodie.

“Anyway Sam! How has your day been?” Tubbo asked joyfully as he ignored the other males bickering.

“My day has been good Tubbo, yours?” Sam replied looking ahead, a small glint of joy in his black eyes.

“Mine’s been great Sam!” Tubbo chirped.

As they boys quieted down, they fell into a comfortable silence, calmly walking to the clearing.


Five more minutes pass


“Here we are boys! Just sit down anywhere you want, and there’s some food in the basket.” Sam said, looking back at the four boys who were looking around.

“SO like family bonding time?!” Ranboo looked around. “It looks awfully pretty, Sam! Thanks for inviting me!” Ranboo semi shouted looking back at the older male.

“It’s pretty...for sure..” Purpled mumbled, it would be embarrassing for him to say it out loud.

“Yeah Sam! How did you find this place?!” Tubbo shouted, looking at all the colorful flowers and the bees who swarmed around the flower he had put on his head.

Tommy hadn’t said anything as he was looking at something. “Tommy...are you okay?” Sam asked, trying to follow the boy’s eyes.

A few seconds passed and his eyes were still fixated on the object. “S-swing?” The words just stumbled out.

“Oh yeah! It’s a swing Tommy, isn’t it awesome?!” Ranboo said, looking at the brown swing. It was nothing much, just some brown rope and a dark oak slab, for the seating part.

Little fake moths covered the brown rope, looking like they have always been there.

“A- a s-swing..T-tubbo a swing!” Tommy shouted, tears falling down from his blue eyes, which were onced dimmed so bad the closest of people to him believed he was helpless.

Something that broke him more.


“Dad! Dad! Look at this swing! Isn’t it cool! We should get it for the birch tree we have in our yard!!” Tommy yelled, looking at the swing that caught his eye.

Philza looked at the tree, “What do you think Wilbur?”

Wilbur looked at the tree Tommy was looking at, recognizing the beauty Tommy saw in the swing. “Mhmm, it would look good with our spruce wood house Father, I’m sure Mother would’ve liked it!”

Philza smiled at the middle aged child, knowing he wasn’t lying. “Techno? Does it look good to you?”

The said boy glared at the swing, “No. Moths are ugly, plus the swing seat is so very dark, and plus, the brown ropes go horribly with it.”

Tommy looked heartbroken, he had thought Techno would have agreed with him and WIilbur. “Well, that’s it kids. Techno doesn’t like it, let’s go pay our items now.” Philza spoke up, not noticing the other two boys’ sad faces. “Maybe another day. But Techno doesn’t like it, sooo.”

He let out his laugh of his which always made Tommy laugh along. But he didn’t, he just glared at Philza and Techno. Wishing to cry so very bad.


Tubbo looked at the swing, not noticing anything. “Yeah, it’s a swing Tommy. Nothing special really..”

Tommy looked offended, and glared at Tubbo. “It was the swing I wanted as a kid Tubs! BuT nOOoO Philza just has to have favorites doesn’t he…”

Clear tears slipped off his face and fell onto the bright green blades of grass, the water droplets sticking to them. “Oh don’t cry Tommy! You can swing on it as long as you want! Okay? Here let’s go to it now..”

Sam led the crying boy to the swing, Purpled watching them walk away. “He’s like a father figure…haha.”

Ranboo laughed along with him, not really getting it but that’s how he is. Tubbo watched the two walk away, sad that Tommy was always pushed to the side, just because of Technoblade.

‘Could I get the butcher army to kill Techno, isn’t this a bit selfish though Tubbo? No, no, it’s for a friend.’ Tubbo thought glaring at the ground.


Few hours later


“Purpled, off your phone, it’s family bonding.” Sam said, glaring at the black cased apple phone which Purpled was holding.

“No, you never know what could happen..so I’ll just keep it with me...Sam.” Purpled said, phone in hand as he scrolled through Twitter.

Tubbo laughed, Rambo picked flowers, they were purple and they reminded him of his enderman friends.

“Why are you gathering so many flowers Ranboo?” Tubbo asked looking at the basket full of mixed flowers.

“The place I’m living in currently just has a lot of snow...not that much flowers so I’m planning to bring some home.”

“Oh yeah, when I went to get those potions Ranboo, why were you so near Techno’s house?” Tommy asked, sharpening his sword.

“Uhm..I live near Techno..I guess. I didn’t really know he was there, the snowy biome is very nice.” Rambo said, looking off to the side, visible sweat going down his forehead.

“You live near Techno?! Are you okay there? He can be a bit extreme Ranboo, are you okay?!” Sam yelled, clearly worried.

His breath sped up as his face turned blue from the lack of oxygen. “Sam?! ARe you okAy?!” Tommy yelled, worried for the man who treated him so nice.

“OF COuRSE HE’S NOT! HE’S LITERALLY RUNNING OUT OF OXYGEN TOMMY!!” Tubbo yelled at the blonde boy.


Sam is casually having a heart attack


“PURPLED CALL SOMEBODY PLEASE! SAM IS DYING!!” Ranboo yelled, anxiety going through the roof.

Purpled fumbled with the phone clicking Captain Puffy’s ID caller, “NO PHONES DURING FAMILY TIME PURPLED!”

The boys looked down at Sam who was grabbing at his body trying to get oxygen, although it was paused as Sam was yelling.

“WHAT?! YOU’RE HAVING A LITERAL HEART ATTACK SAM! YOU CRAZY BASTARD!” Tommy yelled, he often used yelling as a way to cope with strong feelings of worriedness.

Purpled glared at Sam and started to do his password again, as he had accidentally turned off his phone.

“IT DOESN’T MATTER!” Sam yelled glaring at the phone, which was ‘ruining’ the family bond time.

“No! We’re going to get help!”


THE PHONNEEEE AWAY!!” Sam yelled on the top of his lungs. Frightened Purpled dropped his apple phone into a small stream which carried the phone away.

“OH GOD!” Ranboo yelled trying to get the phone back.

“IT’S USELESS IT’S PROBABLY ALREADY BROKEN!” Tubbo shouted at the half enderman boy.

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