"He's my kid so shoo, Philza Minecraft."


Philza wants his youngest kid, TommyInnit back after realizing he's only being used for all the diamonds he has. Only if a certain creeper will allow it.

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Chapter 1

!!AU where the Sleepy Bois Inc are related in the Dream smp, Wilbur is Philza’s cannon son!!

Philza glared at the ground as he walked down the pathway to a bamboo forest, almost nobody was ever here other than the people who needed bamboo for pandas, but it was always pretty empty.

He often came here to make up his mind of what he should do. Philza knew he broke Tommy’s heart the moment he saw Philza placing soul sand in the formation that he hated so much.

The aging man didn’t know what to do honestly. He wanted his youngest son back, Philza missed Tommy’s laugh at every stupid thing. Always wanting to train his fighting skills, he would even leave L’Manburg just to train.

But lately Tommy hadn’t been visiting Philza or Techno at all, if he ever did the words he would say.

“Hey Philza! Can I borrow some diamonds? I need them to buy stuff and shit.”

“It’s like he’s only keeping in touch with you for your money Philza...are you sure this is healthy?” Ghostbur asked, sneaking up on Philza.

“OH SHIT!! HELLO GHOSTBUR!!” Philza yelled, eyes widening as he looked at his middle child. He didn’t expect anyone to follow him to the bamboo forest.

“Helloo Phil!! Are you meeting Tommy?” Ghostbur asked, eyes wandering around the thin forest. “Have I been here before Phil? I swear I recognize it..”

“Yeah, I took you and the others here a lot so you guys could play. You always took bamboo home to make fake swords to train and stuff.” Phil laughed out, “Also, Tommy is here too? I haven’t seen him yet.”

“Yeah! Tommys here!” Ghostbured smiled, picking at the bamboo. “He’s standing alone though..maybe waiting for somebody. I don’t know.”

‘Alone? That’s odd, I did warn him about going to places alone..’ Philza thought, smiling at Ghostbur, who was having the time of his life.

“Oooo! Let’s go see Tommy, Phil! I think it would be nice.”

“Sure, let’s go see him, Wil.”

They walked for a little while, seeing animals and other small flowers until they saw the bright red of Tommy’s classic shirt.

“TOMMY!! HELLOOO!!” The excited ghost shouted through the bamboo. The blonde boy swiveled around, shock present on his face. Face slowly lighting up when he saw Philza, a smirk getting on his face.

“PHILZAA!! MY MANNNNN!!! HELLLO GHOSTBURRR!!” Tommy yelled running towards them, excitement written on his face.

“Hello my son!” Philza said, pulling Tommy into a one armed hug, excited to see his soon after three weeks of Tommy not visiting. Tommy shrugged off his arm, a clear disappointed face on him.

“Hey, what are you guys doing here anyway? Also, Philza, can you place down an ender chest?” Tommy asked, looking around, clearly trying to avoid his eye.

Philza obeyed and opened his inventory, shifting through all the columns before landing eyes on the ender chest. Picking it and seeing it drop into his main bag, replacing a block of grass Ranboo had gifted him.

Tommy kept looking around the small clearing, clearly trying to look out for someone. “You keep looking around Tommy, are you doing well?” Ghostbur said, paying more attention to Tommy.

The youngest son looked surprised at the question. “HAHA! Yeah, I was planning to meet Sam here.” Tommy replied, looking at Phil pointedly, as if expecting something from the older man.

And he did have a reaction, it wasn’t too visible to many people who didn’t pay attention. But Ghostbur noticed clearly, however he kept his mouth shut. Tommy looked even more disappointed at the lack of reaction from his father.

Philza placed down the ender chest, looking at Tommy who asked for it, “Well there it is, son. What do you need it for anyway?”

“Well, I need it for mi emeralds Philza Minecraft. Me and Da-SAMMM are going shopping at a random village Sam Nook found a while ago-” Tommy spoke out, a clear tone to his voice.

“Thats cool Tommy! Were you about to call him ‘dad’? Well I don’t know why you would when you have Philza here!” Ghostbur chirped out.

Tommy froze, panic overcoming his blue eyes. Philza looked surprised as he hadn’t noticed Tommy’s slip up, a few moments of silent tension passed.

“Tommmyyy!! ARE YOU HERE SON?! We have to get going!” A new voice appeared from the south of the bamboo forest.

Philza felt his heart froze as he recognized the voice he oh so dreaded. “S-son?” Philza laughed out, tears overcoming his eyes.

And so the creeper hybrid appeared, looking at Philza through his mask. “Oh hello Phil, how has your day been so far?” Sam asked, without a care in the world. Tommy looked at both of his ‘fathers’, more panic settling his body.

“Do not, speak to me Awesamdude. WHo do you think YOU are to call MY SON!! YOURS?!” The aging man yelled angrily at the twenty four year old.

Sam stepped back in surprise. A smirk setting on his green and black face. “Ever since Sam Nook adopted him, we’re basically the same person. Are we not? So that means he’s my son too. Plus, you’ve never been there for him...have you?” Sam snapped back.

“He’s my kid now, so shoo Philza Minecraft.”

Tommy looked at Sam with tears in his eyes, running into his arms, they walked off. Leaving Ghostbur and Philza staring, watching them walk away with the family happiness.

“Philza...does that mean Tommy isn’t your son anymore..?” Ghostbur asked slowly, small tears ready to come out.

“He’s gone Wilbur, he’s no longer you’re brother nor my son...lets go home..son.

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