The Child of the Moon and Stars


Ember Lily Lupin-Black is the daughter of Remus Lupin and Sirius Black she has never met her second dad seeing as he has been in Azkaban most of her life. Her 3rd year at Hogwarts is about to begin and she will meet her dad.

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On October 31, 1981, Remus John Lupin-Black sat on his bed with his one year old daughter Cordelia. He was crying when suddenly a man appeared in the room, a very old, very tall man.
"Dumbledore, is it true, are Lily and James gone, what happened to Harry and where is Sirius?" He asked this all very fast, as though he was scared if he didn't ask it all now he never would.
"I'm very sorry to come to you with this news Remus, very sorry indeed but it is true. James and Lily have been killed by Voldemort. Harry has been sent to live with Petunia until he is old enough to go to Hogwarts." Dumbledore saw the Remus was about to interrupt him and continued very fast. "I knew that it would be your wish to take him in, but seeing as Sirius was appointed godfather and not you, that can not be. As for your husband he has been charged with three counts of murder and sent to Azkaban. I am deeply sorry."
Remus stared at his old headmaster in shock. Sirius a murder, how ridiculous. He would rather have died than betray Lily and James.
"Dumbledore he wouldn't, he would never. James and Lily were his best friends. He's innocent I know it."
Dumbledore looked at the young man and his young daughter who was now asleep in her father's arms. "Sometimes it isn't wether you are innocent or guilty it is what people believe. There is nothing we can do for Sirius, it is too late, don't pursue this it will only lead to nothing. Once again I am deeply sorry."
And the man Aparrated, leaving Remus alone with his one year old daughter and no husband.
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