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Ianthe ; Bill Weasley

Chapter 2

Chatter surrounded us, filled our ears.

To my right, I could hear Pembroke laughing, and to my left I could hear the sound of Brighton drinking out of a straw.

Jo’s brother William was working here at the leaky cauldron so whenever any of us were nearby, we’d stop by and say hi.

He’s a nice guy. He’s Jo’s only brother β€” her only sibling. He’s twenty-three years old so it’s been a while since he graduated from Hogwarts.

William lives in Godric’s hallow with his fiancΓ© Beatrice Corks. I’ve only met her once but she seem nice. Jo likes her β€” they’re pretty great friends which is good, seeing as they’ll be sister-in-laws.

β€œHow about you, Ian?” William asked and looked at me while drying off a glass.

I raised my eyebrows in question.


β€œDid you make head girl?” He asked. I let out a breath and shook my head.

β€œI did not.” I said, folding my arms on the bar. β€œBut that’s fine. It means I won’t be having more responsibilities than I can handle.”

I then smiled.

β€œBlanch on the other hand....”

β€œOh, she made head girl?” William asked. β€œWell, tell her I said congratulations when you see her. It might be tough at times but it’s fun to have that kind of control over the other students.”

Pembroke let out a laugh and elbowed me in the side. I looked at him and we exchanged a glance before both chuckling.

β€œMaybe she can try and get Jo to stop smoking.” William said before putting away the glass, grabbing a new one to dry.

β€œSmoβ€” huh?” Brighton pressed his lips together and Pembroke and I both looked down, trying to hide the awkward situation.

Pembroke ran a hand to his neck, rubbing his skin and I simply looked at my trousers.

β€œYou don’t have to act so clueless.” William spoke. β€œNot only can I see that you’re lying, but I can also tell from these two obvious birds over there that I am in fact right.”

β€œObvious?” I looked up. β€œWe’re not being obvious.”

β€œWe’re kinda being obvious.” Pembroke nodded before leaning over the bar, lowering his voice. β€œBut in Jo’s defence, we all smoke.”

β€œHow is that in Jo’s defence?” Brighton asked. β€œYou just outed us all.”

William chuckled.

β€œAs if I didn’t already know. Remember when you all spend Christmas with our family last year and you were high as a kite? Yeah, you weren’t exactly being subtle. I don’t think my parents noticed, but I sure did.”

Is this where we run?

β€œIn that case...” Brighton breathed. β€œI have some shopping to do.”

He got out of his chair, grabbed his backpack and hugged me, patted Pembroke’s back and flipped off William before leaving.

β€œThat was fun.” I breathed. β€œNow... what’s the strongest drink you have?”

β€œExcuse me?” William laughed. β€œYou may be of age but the drinking age in all of England, also the Wizarding world, is still eighteen.”

β€œOh c’mon!” I groaned. β€œI turn eighteen in whatβ€” ten months?”

He simply hummed and shook his head while smiling, putting away the last glass after drying it.

β€œOi! Bartender!” A middle aged man snapped his fingers at William, making me sigh.

β€œNow excuse me while I go take care of a very rude costumer.” William threw the towel over his shoulder and rubbed his hands together before pointing at me. β€œI’m not selling you any booze until your ID says eighteen.”

I don’t even have an ID.

William walled over to take an order from the costumer that had snapped his fingers at him and I then turned in the chair to face Pembroke.

β€œI still need to buy The Standard Book of Spells Grade Seven.” I said. β€œDo you want to join me or—”

β€œYep.” He cut me off and got up, picking up his bag. I chuckled at his quick reaction, then followed his actions and followed him out after we both said goodbye to William.

β€œDo you think Blanch and Sky have had sex yet?” I asked as we walked down Diagon Alley, surrounded by loads and loads of people. β€œI mean... they’ve both constantly been talking about it to us individually last year and they’ve spent the summer together so...”

β€œI don’t know.” Pembroke laughed. β€œIs it that important for you?”

β€œWell, duh.” I nodded. β€œThey’re our best friends and they’ve only been together for six months. They’re both ready, they’ve just been scared of admitting that to each other.”

Pembroke sighed into the open air and threw an arm around my neck, pulling me closer to him.

β€œHow about you and Brighton?” He questioned. β€œAre you two still getting down and dirty? No string attached...”

I nodded.

β€œIt’s sex... and sex is my favourite hobby.”

β€œTrust me, I know.” He laughed. β€œYou have talked about nothing but sex since we were fourteen and learned the magic of masturbation and then when you lost your virginity to Brighton and you agreed to tell everyone else, you jumped around like a child Christmas morning.”

True story.

I chuckled at the memory and patted Pembroke’s chest.

β€œYou should find yourself a boyfriend, Pemmy boy.” I said, making him scrunch up his nose at the nickname. β€œOr just a fuck-buddy. Then you can have all the sex you’d like.”

β€œAnd who says I need sex?” He asked. β€œI’m good being single, just like you. I don’t need friends-with-benefits either. It’s just me and my lonely fist.”

I hummed.

β€œFair enough.”

Pembroke and I entered β€˜Flourish and Blotts’ and we were greeted by the owner.

β€œWhat can I for you two young souls?” She asked with a smile.

β€œHi.” I greeted, repaying the smile. β€œI’m just in need of The Standard Book of Spells Grade Seven.”

β€œAhh, starting your last year, I see.” Villanelle smiled and turned towards the big shelf of books. β€œHow about your friend over there—”

She looked towards Pembroke who was waiting his turn.

β€œOh, right... yeah.” Pembroke nodded. β€œThat along with a few more things.”

Villanelle grabbed two books from the shelf, put one aside and handed the other to me.

β€œThat’ll be one galleon.”

I held the book under my arm while digging into my bag for my small money bag made out of velvet.

I found a gold coin and placed it in her hand. She thanked me and put the coin in the register before turning to Pembroke to take his order.

β€œOne book of Advanced Creature Care and one book of Muggle Space Exploration.” Pembroke said. β€œAnd then of course the spell book.”

Villanelle got the books for Pembroke and after he paid for them, he pushed them into his bag as we left the store.

β€œDo you need anything else?” I asked. β€œBefore we go find Blanch.”

β€œWell I do need one of those pointed hats for the feast, y’know?” He looked at me. β€œI threw mine out by accident.”

β€œHow do you throw out a hat by accident?”

Pembroke scoffed at me.

β€œHow was I supposed to know it was in the pile of clothes that had gotten too small?”

I chuckled, intertwining my arm with his as we walked down the busy streets of Diagon Alley.

β€œRight.” I breathed. β€œWait... I actually need to get some new ties. My sisters found mine and threw them in the fire.”

β€œThey didβ€” what?!” He shrieked and looked at me, laughing. β€œThey’re five. Your five-year-old sisters threw your ties into the fire?”

I shrugged.

β€œThey’re a bunch of violent little shits.” I said. β€œAnyway, that means we need to stop by β€˜Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions’, before we meet with Blanch.”

Pembroke groaned.

β€œCan’t we do this shit tomorrow. I’m—”

β€œWe’re going to Hogwarts tomorrow, idiot.” I said. β€œWe won’t have time to come do the school shopping.”


After he got his hat and I got my two set of ties, we set off towards the daily prophet’s main office.

Blanch was standing out front, looking at the newest newspaper through the boutique window.

β€œHi bestie.” I grinned playfully as I threw an arm around her neck. She jumped a little but relaxed with a chuckle leaving her mouth when she looked at me.

β€œWhat’re you doing, Ian? You high again?”

β€œNope.” I shook my head. β€œI wish I was butβ€” anyway... where’s Sky?”

I looked around to see if he was near and I let go of Blanch so that her and Pembroke could say hello with a hug.

β€œHe’s shopping for a new wand.” Blanch said. β€œHe fell over his own feet and landed right on the one he has. He’s an idiot. Cute... but an idiot.”

I chuckled and wrapped my arm around hers.

β€œSo... did you do that?”

She cocked an eyebrow at me and laughed at how I looked at her.

β€œHave sex?” She asked and nodded. β€œYeah. It happened.”

I shrieked and threw my arms around her, hugging her tighter than ever.

β€œI love that so much!” I told her. β€œYou’re such an adorable couple!”

β€œBet you wish that was you and Mr Weasley.” Pembroke snickered and not even a second later, I hit him in the chest, hard enough for him to stumble back and land on his arse. β€œOh shit...”

β€œOw!” He exclaimed. β€œIanthe what the fuck was that for?!”

Blanch was laughing loudly while I smiled awkwardly at Pembroke as he got back on his feet.

β€œThat was an accident.” I told him. β€œBut I’m not going to apologise because you deserved that.”

β€œWhy? For calling you out?”

β€œYou did not!”

β€œHe’s kinda right, Ian.” Blanch told me. β€œWe all see the way you look at the guy.”

I folded my arms over my chest while raising my eyebrow at her.

β€œOoh, did you hear that Weasley made head boy?” She asked. β€œI heard it from Sky who heard it from Ben who heard it from Charlie who would obviously know because it’s his brother we’re talking about.”

I nodded.

β€œYeah thanks... that, I know.” I rolled my eyes. β€œI don’t have a crush on Weasley.”

β€œNo one mentioned a crush.” Pembroke commented. β€œWe simply suggested you’d like to bone him. You brought up the crush.”


I turned to Blanch.

β€œWe should go help Sky.”

β€œHelp Sky?” She frowned. β€œHelp him buy a wand? I’m sure he knows how to do that by himself.”

I sighed.

I’m just trying to get out of this situation.

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