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Y/n Malfoy has just joined Hogwarts after being expelled from Beaxbatons and for a Malfoy she is perfectly nice. Follow her story as she slowly falls in love with someone who her family wont take. Story line main ideas go to @m.f.g._weaselbeans on tik tok go follow them ♡︎

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New girl

Y/n= your name.


“We have a new student joining the fifth year.” said Dumbledore, “Please welcome Y/n Malfoy.”

You walk up towards the sorting hat and notice that everyone is watching, a pair of red headed identical twins wink at you, you smile. You reach the stage where the sorting hat is sat and you sit down on the stool.

“There are four houses, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff.” Said the wise headmaster. “Now let the sorting begin.”

You wink at your brother before the hat is dropped low over your eyes.

“You have a brave soul but are smart.” said a small voice in your head. “But are cunning and compassionate to like a Hufflepuff. But where to put you?”

“Actually can I not be a Slytherin please? I don’t want to be in the same house as my brother.” you think.

“You could be a great Slytherin you know, you and your brother could rise to great power, but if not then it better be...”

“Gryffindor!” said the hat out loud. Everyone clapped loudly, the Headmaster with particular enthusiasm. You go sit down next to the red head twins, everyone still staring at you. You wave at Draco. He smiles at you. You whisper to the twins sitting next to to you, “Why is everyone staring at me?”

“I don’t know...” one of them says.

“Mabey because you are pretty?” says the other.

“You said that out load George.” A girl next to you says to the boy, turning to you she says, “I’m Hermione, Hermione Granger, that is George Weasley,” pointing to the twin nearest to you, “that is Fred Weasley,” pointing to the other twin next to George, “That is Ron and Ginny Weasley.” pointing to another red head boy and girl. “And that is Harry potter.” she said nodding her head to a jet-black haired boy with emerald green eyes. “Oh, that’s Oliver Wood our Quidditch captain.”

“Hey, y/n.” said Fred, “why did you get kicked out of your last school?”

“You can’t just ask someone that Fred.” exclaimed Hermione shaking her head.

“It’s ok. I got expelled for pulling a prank on my Headmistress for embarrassing her in front of the whole school. Oh well, it was Beuxbatons I hated it there.” you say.

“Anyway what do you think of the school Y/n.” said Ginny speaking for the time.

“I think it’s a little boring, like it needs a couple of pranks to liven it up.” you say as you help your self to Yorkshire pudding.

“Look who’s staring at you y/n.” said Hermione quietly. You turn round and see a rather handsome Hufflepuff staring at you.

“Who’s that?” you ask everyone.

“Cedric Diggory.” they reply.

You hear Ron whispering to Harry. “Well George wasn’t wrong about y/n being pretty.”

“I agree.” whispered Harry back.

“You do know I can hear you, right? I’m literally less then a foot away from you.” you say, everyone laughs exept Harry and Ron who just blush. “Well, it’s nice to meet you guys, my brother was wrong about you, your all pretty cool.”

“Anyway y/n do you play Quidditch at all?” asked Oliver Wood eagerly. You are soon engaged in a talk about Quidditch.

After what seems like five minutes the feast is over and everyone starts to leave. “Hey y/n.” says Fred. “Your sleeping in our dorm Professor. McGonagall just told me.”

“Come on, lets go.” said George. You start to run ahead and dont realise the boys have stopped. “Guys?” you see the first year boy crying. “Hey why are you crying? It’s ok come with us up to the common room, you will be fine.” The boy stops crying and smiles up at you. “Come on!” You hold his hand and run up to the common room with the Twins not far behind, and heard them say, “I didn’t expect that from a Malfoy.”

“Me Neither.” the other replies. “That was so sweet of her.”

Now in the common room you go over to the first year’s friends. “Hey do you guys know this little dude? He got lost can he stay with you?” you ask, he starts talking to his friend and you wave goodbye and go over to the courtyard looking for your brother.

You see Cedric come up to you. “You must be the new girl y/n, it’s nice to meet you.

“It’s Cedric right? Nice to meet you too!” you say.

“Want to go to Hogsmeade with me tomorrow?” asked Cedric. You feel a tap on your shoulder and turn round to see your brother.

“Got yourself a boyfriend already?” asked Draco jeering.

“Shove off Draco.” you roll your eyes.

“No Diggory, she doesn’t want to go to Hogsmeade with you!”

“Draco, thats that’s not true. I would love to go to Hogsmeade with you Cedric.” you reply glaring daggers at Draco.

“I’m going to tell father then.” Draco replied simply.

“To be honest Draco, I really don’t care you can tell Dad if you really want to.” you snap crossly.

“But.... You could pick out of all the boys and you choose Diggory.” He says.

“Draco. Just stop, Ok?”

“Don’t talk to him like that you filthy mudblood.” Screeched a girl with a pug face standing next to your brother.

“Draco, tell your dog to watch out who she is talking to.” you reply scathingly.

“Ignore Pansy Y/n, she is like this to everyone.” says Cedric rolling his eyes.

“Oh ok, thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow Draco.” You say and start to walk off.

“Hey, y/n.” Cedric calls and runs across the courtyard after you. “Do you want me to show you around?”

“Yes please!”

“Great lets go.”

You start to follow Cedric who is pointing out different classrooms and secret passages. “Cya sis!” you hear Draco call as you walk away.


An hour later you are comming down a corridor. “And this is the last classroom your charms class, ran by Professor Flitwick.”

“Thank you for showing me round Cedric, I’ll see you tommorow, the twins are looking for me. Bye!” you say as you start to skip down the charms corridor.

“Any time y/n, Bye!” Cedric calls after you as you go round the corner.

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