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She endured murderous forests, rabid beast, blood thirsty vampires and the Belmont caravan. After the assassination of Dracula the four Alucard, Trevor and Sypha go their own ways. Trevor and Sypha head on their own adventure to slay the monsters Dracula released. Alucard stayed in his castle hoping to protect the science and knowledge inside. Fueled by anger and vengeance Hestia leaves a blooming romance but finds her way back to Alucard.

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

A lesson to be learned


Looking away, I can’t help but wrap my arm across my naked breasts but he tears it away from my body leaving me exposed.

“Look me in the eyes” he quietly snarls

I only move my eyes to look back at him.

He chuckles, turning my head and placing a soft kiss on my lips.

“This is a lesson you just don’t seem to grasp so we have to learn a different way” smirking he studies my expression

“Please don’t do it” I breathe out.

The silky sheets crease and fold under me as my body tenses. Ever so slightly I scoot back hoping he doesn’t notice. The bed dipping from his weight he prowls towards me like a beast stalking its prey. For the first time in a while I regret my fiery disposition.

I let out a nervous giggle. His piercing golden eyes unintentionally making me advert my gaze.

“I’ve been patient but you don’t seem to understand”

“It’s as if you enjoy putting yourself in danger” Alucard’s husky voice make my hands tighten around the sheets. Looking away from him again to the window where the soft glow of the sun peeks through the curtains.

“It wasn’t my intention, Alucard. I-I couldn’t just ignore those people knowing what what creatures would do to them. I knew-“ I yelp as his cool hand grasp my ankle and yanks me to him, my dress riding up to my hips.

“Alucard let’s talk about it” chuckling, I try to sit up but he’s stoic. My movements bring our faces so close we feel each other’s breathing, mine harsh while his is cool and collected.

“We’ve talked about it enough. But you don’t seem to grasp the *don’t run into danger* part of our discussions” Alucard’s breath dances on my neck as I try to shrink away.

His eyes glare into mine

“Do you remember the safe word?” Our lips so close a slight movement would make them touch.

“Yes” my eyes never leave his lips as a grin curls them showing his fangs

He moves his head, our eyes meet.


Pulling away he begins to leave streams of gentle kisses along my jaw, down my neck and nips at my collar bone. My heart beats eagerly in my chest making blood rush to my cheeks.

My traitorous body begins to tingle as Alucards hands leisurely move up my thighs, playing softly with my panties for a moment. Never ceasing his course up my body, his large hand squeezing my waist and his lips never leaving my chest. His teeth find my nipple through my top. Biting down I pull away with a whelp

“Take the dress off” he commands not meeting my eyes


His actions not matching his words make me nervous as. He always seems to have his ways to make me beg and in more situations then one.

“I said take off the dress” reluctantly I do as he asks

“You seem nervous” he states

Looking away, I can’t help but wrap my arm across my naked breasts but he tears it away from my body leaving me exposed.

“Look me in the eyes” he quietly snarls

I only move my eyes to look back at him.

He chuckles, turning my head and placing a soft kiss on my lips.

“This is a lesson you just don’t seem to grasp so we have to learn a different way” smirking he studies my expression

“Please don’t do it” I breathe out.

Staging my last resort I pout my lips and look up at him innocently, at which he maliciously grins at.

“That won’t work on me this time”

“Lay back and spread your legs” my heart hammers in my chest and a shaky breath leaves my lips. Warmth spreads from the pit of my stomach through my body in anticipation.

I feel the cool sheets press against my back. Hoping to minimize my embarrassment, I bury my face into the crease of my elbow, raising my bent legs.

“Spread them” Alucard’s rough voice demands

With a soft whimper I slowly open my legs.

“Good girl”

Biting my lip, I can feel his breath on my lower belly and my legs on his shoulders. He sensually caresses the side of my hips and behind, tracing soft circles as he kisses my skin. Determined hands find their way under the side strap of my panties and in a soft motion the fabric was cut and pulled from under me.

Holding on tightly to Alucard’s large hands as he grasps my thighs. Hands so large they almost wrapped fully around my thighs. His lips going from gentle kisses to nips to soft bites along the inside of my thighs.

He squeezes them the closer he gets to the groove between my legs.

A quiet whimper escapes me as I slowly reach for my lower stomach close to his face.

“You seem quite eager for someone who was begging for escape” His arms wrap under my thighs and yanks me towards him. Pushing my hands away he rests his massive ones on my navel. I release a shaky breath in anticipation of what is to come.

Planting delicate kisses at the top of my mound he slowly makes his way down. A kiss to my lips, one on the right and one to the left. A Faint caress here and there but not exactly where I need it. I latch onto his hair.

“Alucard” I sigh

His chuckle tickles and abruptly he plunges his tongue into me. A loud welp leaves my lips, my body shudders and my breaths grow short as I tug at the sheets under me. His lips move in a way one kisses a lover. Soothing waves of pleasure flow through me as he makes love to the beauty between my legs. Alucard's golden hair drapes around him spilling onto the bed, in between his fingers and softly onto my body. A beautifully painful sight knowing just what awaits me. Even so I can’t help but latch on to his hair for comfort as the surges of pleasure become intense. My breath becomes ragged

“Alucard” with one last deep kiss he pulls away kissing up my thighs. His golden eyes locking with mine a with mischievous smirk curling his lips

“Be patient” he mutters hoarsely

Moving ever so gracefully he glides up and our lips meet lightly but gradually we become heated and passionate. My chest feels hot and the knot in my stomach tightens. His large hand grip my jaw tightening as his lips move smoothly over mine. The control Alucard has over my body frightens me at times but is greatly overcome by the sense of security and his warmth.

I try to brace myself by gripping his bicep and hold back the moans that slip from my lips. Lazily I open my eyes, his already staring into mine.

“It’s going to be a long night,” his mouth twisted into a spiteful smile.

Hands above my head death gripping the pillows, toes curling, my back involuntary arching. Moans turning into what seems like whimpering. The wet sounds of Alucard devouring me fill the air around us. My hands wander down to touch his as they still rest on my stomach.

“Hands off” pushes me away

Alucard must have at some point felt pity as his fingers intertwined with mine comforting me. Nonetheless my cries fill the room. My body begins to shudder as the knot in my stomach tightens to the point it is painful.


My hips start to sway begging for climax. My mind is blank, air is trapped in my lungs, my legs begin to shake and shut around Alucard’s head trapping him there. Not that he moves away at all.

Forcing my thighs open he continues to ravage my convulsing body. Short yelps are escaping me as I gasp for air. His tongue never leaves my entrance. He continues to devour me. The pleasure is so overwhelming I desperately try to push his hands away which are the only thing keeping me in place.

“No more! Alucard” gasping my eyes start to water

“Alucard please!” I beg

My legs thrash trying to push him off. Heaving, I grab handfuls of his hair. As my body jolts and my cries get louder the closer I get to orgasm again. Alucard grabs both of my hands as his tongue is pressing deeper into me. Again Forcefully keeping my legs open he indulges my body in this painful bliss.

“No” I try to breathe out but it’s stuck in my throat.

He pulls away. I can see my fluids draping from my body to his mouth. His bright piercing eyes met mine as my breath came in gasps.

“One” He smirked

“No alucard” I throw my head back

He caresses the inside of my thigh with his cheek, eyes never leaving mine. Softly kissing and sucking leaving marks in his wake but only ever so closely to my throbbing pussy. I can feel his breath and unknowingly try to cover myself from anymore of his merciless caresses

“All you’ve been saying is no, please and begging me to stop but not one apology” he smirks.

I can’t seem to make out words but I manage to whisper

“Will you stop if I do”

He pretends to seem pensive

“Probably not” he looks up but his eyes never leave mine.

“You’ve brought this upon yourself love” fangs sink deep into my already marked thighs.

I can’t seem to focus, my legs shake and my breathing is harsh. The sun has set, leaving only the soft glow of the lights in the room. Alucard gently places kisses on my skin as he moves up my body. Kissing the top of my slit I flinch away. Alucard grins as continues to kiss my bruised thighs, palm, wrist and one last kiss behind my ear. He brings my heavy arms to his shoulders. His satisfied smile makes me want to groan in annoyance. I gave him exactly what he wanted.

“We are done’’ his hoarse voice sends a chill down my spine

“Rest. I will draw a bath” he kisses my forehead softly before he leaves

My eyes are so heavy it’s exhausting to keep them open. I turn on my side watching as Alucard moves about in the bathroom. The sound of the running water makes my body tense just from imagining its warmth. The tingling of the hot water on my sore thighs and pussy.

“It’s finally over” I sigh with a whimper

Alucard holds me close to his chest, my head thrown back onto his shoulder. Reclined together in the tub the steam in the room feels slightly suffocating and the hot water stinged.

His arms around my drained body, tracing circles on my breast. Caressing my hand and placing soft kisses

“Tell me now, what did you take away from our time together?” his hoarse voice sends chills


“Five times, Alucard just once would have been enough” He places another kiss on my other hand.

“You don’t say but we’ve tried that before” His fangs graze my neck. Furiously I push myself away, the warm water sloshing around me.

“Don’t you dare. You always abuse that ability” accusing him i point at him

“What ability? I don’t know what you mean” as if confused he softly leans his head to the side attempting to look innocent.

“All these bites, you’re not feeding you- you’re making…” leaning in he smirks

“Making you aroused?” he kisses my palm but his eyes don’t leave mine

“You’re not wrong”

Ripping my hand from his face I turn away from him.

Leaning back, his arms rest on the sides of the tub.

“You didn’t have to go that far Alucard, I’m sore”

“Well at least you won’t be to running anywhere that is for certain”

“I begged you to stop” whimpering I remind him

“You did but I had warned you before didn’t I? And to that you responded with and I quote “I dare you”

“You gave me free reign woman and you never used the safe word” chuckling he throws his head back looking at me through his half open eyes.

I cross my arms and lay them on the side of the tub resting my head on them, noticeably away from him.

“Hmp. I didn’t think you’d…..” grumbling and pouting I look away from him

“Oh come on. I’m sorry” kisses my shoulder

“I’ll carry you to the library everyday and bring to you all the books you want” he caresses the the dip of my back

*He’s trying to win back my favor*

I remain silent.

“I’ll ask the town maids to bring you sweets and the wine you like”

There is silence.

I can hear the water dripping from the faucet.

One drop,

two drops,

three drops.

“How does that sound?” he tries to sneak a peek at my displeased face

“Hm?” he playfully nips my shoulder and squeezes my waist.

“And help me make a salve...I’ll to be sore for a few days”

He chuckles

“Anything you need. I’ll even help you apply it” kissing my shoulder I can feel his breath on my skin.

He chuckles at my glare.

“But remember this day next time you decide to be a hero in a situation that will most surely will get you killed”

I still don’t look at him

Resting his forehead on my shoulder he continues to caress the dip of my back.


“You didn’t have an issue with putting me in danger when we were fighting the monsters in Walachia” I whispered

“Things were different then. Now I understand….. and I am frighten”

“I can’t afford to lose you”

“I feel as if I understand my father more as the days go on. Everyday I spend with you, It hurts” Grabbing my waist he continues pulling me towards him.

“It hurts to think that one day you could just vanish and just like my father I‘d try to burn the world to the ground for its cruelty”

“You wouldn’t”

“You are not your father. You are too kind Alucard and even If I do go away one day. I will always find my way back to you” I kiss his forehead.

He buries his face in the dip of my neck and sighs.

“I love you” he whispers

“I know” I lay my head on his, which rested on my shoulder.

He pulls back with a quizzical brow.” I giggle

“You should already know I love you”

“Do I?”

Pulling me in he kisses me so passionately it feels like I could melt it away.

These chapters are mainly going to be sexual scenes but I want to work with these characters.

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