Ever Since Kindergarten


"As the teacher continues to sing and dance with them, there is a sudden knock on the door. A mother with her two kids entered and apologized for being late. Harry's eyes glued to the twins that just arrived. Especially to the boy. That has golden brown eyes. He smiled and he knew, he has a crush."

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Day 1

Harry places his bag at the top of his table and patiently waits for their teacher to come.

It's his first time in school. Kindergarten.

He's very excited about it.

He's excited to meet new kids, and be friends with them. He has brought a lot of snacks with him to share with his new friends.

After minutes of waiting, the teacher has arrived, and greeted them cheerfully. He clapped his hands as he got excited for his first day of school.

Unlike every other kid, Harry didn't cry when his mother left him at school. In fact, he insisted that he is a big boy now and that his mother could go home and pick him up after school.

He's brave. Very brave.

As the teacher continues to sing and dance with them, there is a sudden knock on the door.

A mother with her two kids entered and apologized for being late.

Harry's eyes glued to the twins that just arrived. Especially to the boy. That has golden-brown eyes.

He smiled and he knew, he has a crush.

After an hour of singing alphabet songs and other different songs, the teacher happily exclaimed,

"Kids, it's snack time!"

They cheered and started to pull out their lunch boxes. Harry walked towards the twins who are eating silently in a corner of their classroom.

"Hi. Can we be friends?" he confidently asked, tucking his curls behind his ears. The twins looked up at him.

"Hi. I'm Veronica. Okay, let's be friends." They shake hands and smiled at each other.

"Hi, what's your name?" Harry asked the boy who's just watching them.

"Zen." He answered shortly. He smiled at the name and he laid his hands for a handshake.

The boy, Zayn, stared at it but his sister Veronica hissed at him to not be rude. So, he took it and they shake hands.

When their hands' touch, Harry felt something in his stomach. He feels funny so he just giggled.

"I brought a lot of snacks with me. Would you like me to share it with you?" he asks, opening his lunch box and showing his foods.

"Wow. It's so many. Can I have some cookies?" Veronica asked, and Harry nodded.

"A lot of foods? Can I have some, too?" They turned around to see a blonde kid with a biscuit on his hands.

"Of course, go have some." He smiles.

"Niall, it's embarrassing. Stop it." Another boy approached him and pulling his friends away.

"I am sorry. I'm Liam. This is Niall. He just loves foods very much." He explained shyly.

"It's okay. I have a lot of food. You can have it too if you want. Here." Harry laughs and offers them cookies.

"Mr. Tomlinson, can you please sit on your chair and not on the table?" They turned to their teacher that scolding a student who seemed older than them.

"I cannot fit on my chair, teacher. That's why I sat on the table." The kid reasoned out.

He jumped off the table and headed to Harry's group of new friends.

"Hello, babies." He greeted, pinching Niall's cheeks.

"I am not a baby." He spat. Chewing his cookies.

"Of course you are, I'm seven. I'm older so you are all babies to me."

"We're 5 already." Veronica pouted.

"I am four." Harry smiles and jumps off.

"Well, you are the baby." Liam chuckled.

"By the way, I'm Louis. Nice to meet you all. If there's some kid bullies any one of you, call Superman." He says, pointing at himself.

"You're superman?" Harry gasped, covering his mouth in shock.

"Yes, baby. But it's our secret, okay?" Louis answered whispering into them.

Zayn just frowned.

"Hey, bad boy. Smile sometimes." He pointed at him. Zayn just rolled his eyes.

"Don't be rude." Veronica hissed at him again.

"Okay okay," Zayn said, forcing a wide smile at all of them. Which causes them to laugh.

Harry smiles. His mission is accomplished. He had made a lot of friends.


Day 257

Harry runs as Niall chases him on the playground after their school. They were playing for about an hour now and they can't feel any tiredness in their body.

As Harry ran, he noticed Zayn who's sitting silently on a big rock and drawing something on his notebook.

He passes on the game and let his friends continue it. He walked towards Zayn and simply sat down beside him.

"What are you drawing, Zaynie?" he asked, cupping his face with his palms.

"Just cartoons. And my name is Zayn." He answered, sternly but playfully. Zayn is used to Harry calling him Zaynie.

Harry just pouted. Zayn chuckled.

"Can you draw me?" he asked.


"Why?" He whined.

"Because I don't want to." Zayn chuckled teasingly.

"I hate you," Harry said, pouting and rolling his eyes.

"I thought you like me?" Zayn teased.

Harry blushed and instantly covered his face. "No. You're not my crush anymore."

Zayn continued chuckling and teasing his. Raffling his curls.

"Harry, baby! Let's go home." They heard Anne called him.

"Bye, Zaynie." he waved his little hands.

"Bye, Harry." He waved a bit then got back on what he's doing.

He gasped when he suddenly felt lips on his cheek. He looked up and saw Harry running away already.

He smiled and shook his head.

"That kid." He mumbled.


Day 589

"Zaynie." Harry called him when he was talking with Louis and Liam outside the school premises.

"Hi, baby H." Louis and Liam greeted. He ignored it because he's mad at Zayn. He glared at him but Zayn just stared at him.

"Is it true?" he asked, crossing his arms on his chest.

"What?" Zayn frowns.

"Veronica told me that you have a crush. And that's not me." He whined, making Louis and Liam laugh.

"What did she say?" Zayn asked, crossing his one foot to another.

"She told me that you have a crush on Predhwi." he spat. Stomping his foot.

"Yes. I do have." Zayn admitted, sighing.

"Last time, it's Jenny. Now Predhwi. When is it going to be Harry?" he yelled, pissed.

"Harry, we've talked about this already. You're like a brother to me, baby H." He explained, raffling his curls.

"I hate you, Zaynie." He pouted and brushing off Zayn's hand on his head.

He ran away and cries nonstop.


A/N: hi :) I hope you liked it.

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