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Ninjago oneshots

Repairs | Techno | 🧸

Dominant: Zane

Submissive: Jay


Zane was fighting with one of the gangs at a bank robbery but had gotten hit in the chest extremely hard with a heavy suitcase that was full of money. He managed to get the gang members tied up and handed them off to the police. He felt fine then, but now it was a week later, he was glitching out really bad. So he went and knocked on Jay’s door, smiling a little as the short redhead opened it. Jay smiled at the tall male in front of him before speaking, “Is there something you need Zane?” He asked a bit curious. Zane caught himself blushing a little at Jay, “Oh well, I’ve been glitching out a lot lately could you see if there’s something wrong?” He asked, rubbing the back of his neck a little. Jay smiled more at him. “Of course I can. Come and sit on the bed I need to get a few things.” Zane nodded softly and did as the redhead had asked of him, sitting on the bed and looking around the room, chuckling a little to himself seeing all the game posters on the walls and game consoles on the floor. Jay soon walked over to him and hummed softly, “could you take your shirt off please?” He asked looking at him. The tall blonde nodded, blushing a bit and taking his pastel blue button-up shirt off. Jay blushed seeing his abs and just staring for a moment, before shaking his head a bit to snap out of it and getting a few tools out. Zane was blushing quite a lot and looked away. Jay took a quiet deep breath and pressed down lightly on a few parts on Zane’s chest asking him if it hurt, once he got a small wince and a nod from Zane when he pressed down lightly on a spot, he started to try to figure out what was wrong. After around an hour later, Jay was finishing up the repairs on Zane when a bit suddenly, Zane took his hand and placed it over where his heart was. “Hey um, Jay?” The blonde asked a bright blush spread across his cheeks. Jay blushed more looking at him, “Y-Yeah Zane?” He mumbled looking into Zane’s eyes, which looked so soft like he could get lost in them forever. “W-Would you, Um, Would you like to go on a date?” He mumbled, both of them being blushing messes. Jay blushed more and smiled brightly, “Of course I’ll go on a date with you Zane.” He said softly, yet excitedly. Zane smiled more at him. “Does 6 pm work?” The blonde asked as it was only noon. Jay hummed happily and nodded, gently taking his hand away and starting to put his tools back. Zane smiled more and put his shirt back on, buttoning it back up before he walked out of the room. At 5 pm the two had gotten really nervous and asked for help on what to wear. Zane getting Cole for help, And Jay getting Kai for help. “Frosty I swear since when were you nervous about something?” The raven-haired male said looking around in Zane’s closet. Zane sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’ve never felt like this for someone before, and I’m taking him to a fancy restaurant so I have to wear something a bit fancy.” He mumbled. “Oh calm down frosty if I know Jay he’s having the same problem” Cole hummed, picking out a nice light baby blue suit jacket and the same color dress pants, laying them on the bed next to Zane. “Here this will look good on you but give me a second it needs something else.” He mumbled going back to the closet and grabbing a black tie and a white short sleeved button-up shirt. Cole handed the clothes to Zane humming softly. “Now go change into this frosty.” Zane took the clothes and nodded, he hugged Cole. “Thanks for your help, Cole.” Cole smiled and pat his back. “no problem frosty now go get ready for your date.”

~Meanwhile with Jay and Kai~

Jay was pacing around the room biting his nails, looking at Kai. “I don’t even know where he’s taking me, what if I overdress? What if I underdress?” He was really anxious. Kai just chuckled a little. “Dude calm down. Cole texted me where he’s taking you so I can pick the right clothes.” Jay let out a small sigh and sat on the bed, still biting his nails. “Thanks for the help, Kai.” He mumbled. Kai smiled at him “No problem motormouth.” He replied, picking out a nice royal blue vest with matching dress pants. He hummed, looking at them before getting out a white long sleeve button-up shirt and a black bow tie. Kai smiled and handed Jay the clothes. “There you go, now go get changed motormouth and have fun on your date.” Jay smiled softly at him, hugging him before going to the bathroom to change.

~At 5:50~

Jay was sitting on the couch, nervously waiting for the blonde to come get him as he was biting his nails, jumping as he felt a hand on his shoulder. The tall blonde gave him a soft smile, “Sorry if I scared you, um you look amazing by the way.” Zane said, blushing a bit. Jay smiled at him and got up. “It’s okay Zane and thanks, ready to go?” He asked softly. Zane smiled at the short redhead and nodded, holding Jay’s hand, before starting to walk out. Jay hummed softly and followed him. Once they were at the restaurant, Zane pulled out a seat for Jay, in turn making Jay blush and smile, thanking him before sitting down. Zane pushed his seat in before sitting down as well. The two talked for a bit and looked at the menus before a waiter walked over to take their orders. “Hello, I’m your waiter Ethan. What would you two like to drink?” Zane hummed, looking at the drinks on the menu for a moment, “I would like a sweet tea please.” He smiled, before looking at Jay. The redhead smiled. “I um, I would like a Dr. Pepper.” The waiter nodded, taking their orders for their drinks, and left. Zane smiled and reached over, grabbing Jay’s hand. Jay blushed and held his hand. They kept talking for a bit before they got their drinks. “Are you two ready to order or do you need more time?” The waiter asked. Zane smiled and looked at Jay. “I think we’re ready to order.” The redhead nodded in agreement, smiling still. Jay ordered first. “I would like to try the slow-roasted salmon with harissa please.” The waiter nodded, writing his order down before turning to Zane. “And what would you like sir?” Zane hummed. “I think I would like fattoush salad with mint dressing.” He smiled. The waiter nodded and left after writing down Zane’s order. Zane took a sip of his drink and smiled at the redhead. Jay smiled, blushing. “This is nice, thank you for taking me here, Zane.” The blonde hummed, smiling. “You’re welcome bluejay.” Jay blushed at the nickname, smiling a bit more. Soon they both were digging into their food and as a treat, Zane got them a small chocolate fudge cake for them both to split. Jay giggled as they fed each other some of the cake. Zane just smiled at the redhead, loving his little giggles. They finished the cake and Zane took a napkin, chuckling as he wiped some of the cake off Jay’s face. The redhead blushed at Zane’s actions and smiled at him, giggling a little. Zane hummed, and paid for their meal before getting up, holding out his hand to help Jay up. He smiled at the tall blonde and took his hand, getting up. They walked back to the monastery together, holding hands as they walked. It was now 8 pm and the two were a bit tired, so after they changed into pajamas they decided to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. Zane laid down on the couch and Jay laid on top of him. He chuckled at the redhead, turning on a movie before starting to play with the others hair. Jay purred softly and soon slowly fell asleep, his head resting on the taller males chest. Zane smiled and turned off the tv, kissing Jay’s forehead softly. “I love you so much bluejay.” He whispered before pulling a blanket over them and falling asleep, holding him close. The moonlight glistening in from the window, as the two slept peacefully, holding each other close.


There! Hope you guys like it! Make sure to leave your requests on the request page ^^

Word count: 1513

Hope you enjoyed! And just for old times sake


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