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Corruption (Illumi x Killua)


Everyone knows how cruel and cold Illumi Zoldyck is, but did anyone expect him to act this way even with his younger brother? No one can know what's truly going through an assassin's mentality.

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

Illumi loved watching his little brother shaking in fear.

It turned him on so much whenever he got the opportunity to sexually assault him when he was alone with him. He craved to see that defeated and wrecked look on Killua’s face.

He just wanted to break his mind and rape his little fragile body. The touch of his soft and pale skin was only making him want even more to ravish him.

Illumi doesn’t control his urges, he acts upon them. If he wants something, he gets it. If he wants to do something, he does it, and Killua was no exception.

He planned on doing unspeakable things to him, forcing his dark and twisted desires into his poor brother.

He doesn’t care how much it will ruin Killua’s future by stealing his purity at such a young age, he will take it anyway, he simply does not care enough.

He watches every move that Killua makes.

His sick urges are so uncontrollable that he may even accomplish to ravage and destroy Killua in the middle of the action of doing those sinful acts upon him.

Fear, love, hatred, corruption. They were all different words put in the same context. The perfect words to describe Illumi and Killua’s twisted connection.

Illumi is the definition of sick.

“You inhale air and exhale hatred...” Killua whimpered as his older brother trapped him in the corner of the bedroom.

Killua continued stepping back to keep the distance from himself and Illumi until his back finally hit the wall. He felt so devastated, his heart shaking and beating abnormally.

“Kil, don’t you love it when you spend time with your big brother?” He asks while maintaining the same expressionless face and monotonous voice accent.

Countless tears of pain started pouring and dripping down Killua’s face as soon as he realized what was going to happen to him. He finally learned to accept his bitter destiny. There was no escape from this.

Illumi bowed down to Killua’s level and forcefully kissed his lips. He took advantage of Killua’s hesitation of fighting back and pulled him closer to his body.

“Don’t touch me!” Killua spat at him, panic rushing through his veins. He gave Illumi a death glare in order not to look completely defenseless in front of him.

All of this sinister atmosphere Illumi emitted felt worse than anything. That horrible sensation awoke danger and alert in anyone that had the misfortune to be around the raven-haired man.

Killua tried to resist the aura coming from Illumi but to no success, it was too strong for him. He was on the edge of giving up.

“Don’t touch me...” He muttered and kept repeating the same thing over and over, hoping that it will prevail Illumi to go further than just kissing him.

Illumi deliberately grabbed his shirt and slowly took it off him, revealing his pale skin. As soon as he was done with the shirt, he quickly moved to the next piece of clothing, his pants.

After he removed all of his clothes, he smiled at the gaze of his little brother’s exposed body. He looked so helpless, so powerless, he adored that.

With one of his hands, he caressed the boy’s delicate skin while he admired his abs.

The white-haired youth glared at him and slapped his hand away from his torso. His face was glowing bright red. He was unable to speak or to move, he felt frozen under the gaze of his brother.

“Don’t be afraid of your own body. Your big brother is here with you.” He whispered in his ear lustfully. Killua just looked at him in silence, refusing to react or cooperate with him in this crazy catastrophe in any way.

Eventually, Killua gained enough courage to kick him but get dodged. He grabbed both of Illumi’s arms and screamed at him, with dry tears still on his puffy cheeks.

“I don’t understand... Why are you doing this to me? What have ever I done to you!” Killus exclaimed as tears started flowing on his cheeks again.

“Don’t worry about that, Kil. I am only doing this because I love you.” The older brother grinned devilishly as he grabbed Killua’s dick.

Killua squealed at Illumi’s sudden move. It felt so wrong, but yet so good. This was a satisfaction he never received the opportunity to have.

“Remember the old times when we did this? You used to love being railed by me.” Illumi softly questioned him. Killua got furious at how bluntly and obvious that lie was. They never did it before, this was nothing more than a lie Illumi used to manipulate him.

As much as how badly Killua wanted to punch him in the face, all he did was to nod obediently and agree with whatever Illumi says.

Illumi began to slowly jerk off Killua’s dick while he was letting out multiple moans of pleasure.

“I’m begging you, stop! Help!” Killua’s desperate cries of help were like music to his ears. He loved listening to his cries while having him squirming beneath him.

“I will make you feel good.” He continued jerking off his dick. The cute small noises Killua made during the action were turning on Illumi even more.

“You’re only mine, my cute little brother.” He whispers.

He rapidly changed the position in the doggy style position. Illumi was the top, while Killua was the bottom.

His dick sprung from his pants as he pushed his pants lower. Killua peeked at his older brother and gasped at the massive size of his intimate part.

“W-What are you-” Killua lost the possibility of finishing his sentence as he got interrupted by an unexpected thing being inserted inside his asshole.

He was ashamed of himself, he shouldn’t be enjoying himself in a moment like this, but he did anyway.

Even after this crazy incident ends, he would have no idea of what he should do next. He couldn’t tell dad, he wouldn’t believe him. He couldn’t tell anyone. No one would believe him.

Life felt like it was being taken away from him the moment he got into Illumi’s twisted attraction. He didn’t want to live anymore after this hell.

Illumi forced his dick faster inside Killua, going deeper and deeper. Both of them were panting and huffing like dogs.

After a couple of minutes that felt like an eternity, both of them reached their orgasm, climaxing at nearly the same time.

“Y-You ruined my life and took my innocence away from me. What else do you want from me...?” Killua mumbled before he closed his eyes and relaxed his muscles for a moment.

Illumi placed a kiss on his forehead and yanked him harshly by his hair.

This was only the start of a nightmare, of Killua’s nightmare. What was going to happen next will be way worse than anyone would expect. Only someone as sadistic as Illumi Zoldyck could enjoy and get amused at such gruesome events.

“I want you.”
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