Corruption (Illumi x Killua)

Chapter 2

“No one will believe you,” Illumi spoke softly while having his naked little brother sitting on his lap staring at the floor with blank eyes.

There was no longer happiness or joy in his eyes, only emptiness.

“So don’t even try to tell anyone if you know what’s good for you.” His sadistic smirks made their presence piercing deeply into Killua’s mind, leaving everlasting echoes of sorrow.

The raven-haired man grinned when he remembered how pathetic and hopeless his little brother looked while he was forcing his sick desires upon him.

He silently watched Killua as he slowly closed his traumatized, but beautiful eyes full of tears. He never seemed so pretty and pure until now. His exposed skin made him look like something sent from heaven.

Killua looked stunning, like a sacred figure, waiting to get ravished and smashed by him.

Illumi sighed and tried to take Killua’s image off his mind. He despised the way his brother made him feel. It made him feel like he could explode and destroy everything around him at any moment.

Killua looked so innocent sitting on his lap.

He admired him, but also want to break him at the same time. He wasn’t going to break him fastly, he will wait months or even years maybe. He wouldn’t like to break his favorite toy so soon. He wanted to savor his cries of pain.

Despite all that happened, Illumi felt no guilt overall. It was something normal in his opinion. Killua was made for him, for his pleasure.

No remorse, no guilt, no anything. Just pure selfishness. Using his brother as his tiny sex toy. That’s what Killua is to him and all it will ever be.

The door suddenly opened with a loud bang.

Kalluto stared at the horrible scene and widened his eyes. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He didn’t understand what was happening.

“Ah, hello.” Illumi greeted him, still holding his naked brother tightly to his chest and lap.

He knew that if he’d be the first one to read, then the chances of him looking skeptical will decrease.

Kalluto didn’t respond, he just looked at them, silently. It all seemed something strange to him. Nobody ever taught him what the scene in front of him meant, so he doesn’t know what reaction to give.

The atmosphere between them was getting tensed and tensed every second that passed. None of them said a thing, nor made a sound.

“Hi.” A small and quick response was enough to not raise any attention or suspicion towards him and to stop the pressure to evolve any worse.

Kalluto exited the area mechanically and closed the door behind him, still confused and intrigued to find out why his brother was sitting on Illumi’s lap without wearing any piece of clothing.

Though, there was this odd feeling he got when he peeked at his brother’s exposed private part. His intimate region felt weird as if he wanted to touch it.

That feeling was foreign to him. It felt good, but at the same time, it gave him off a bizarre sentiment.

Without any second thoughts, Kalluto made his way straight forward to the place where his parents would spend their time mostly, to ask for their advice.

Illumi wouldn’t only be in big trouble, but he would be also dead if their parents would find out that he brutally raped their child.

After all, he was not an idiot. He had a strong feeling in his stomach that they would find out one way or another. In that case, he would have to get rid of any possibility or chance that could help them find out.

He had to get rid of Kalluto.

Illumi gently moved Killua aside. He gave his little brother one more kiss on his cheek and got up.

He sprinted around the Zoldyck’s property searching for Kalluto, but there was no indication of where he could be currently at that moment.

His steps were silent, just like his slow and relaxing heartbeats.

The only emotion he ever felt was the sentiment of being in danger, of being afraid. Empathy or compassion was unknown to him, like a foreign language.

As much as he tried to find him, he realized that running around the estate without any clue would be pointless, he had to make another plan to escape the dilemma.

Before he knew it, he heard footsteps behind him. He didn’t have enough time to react as he heard insults and yelling being thrown at him.

“How could you do this to your own brother?”

“Are you crazy? We raised you as an assassin, not as a rapist!”

“I am such a terrible mother, I should have never given birth to you.”

“Such a disgusting creature, we no longer claim you as our son.”

Luckily, that’s not what they truly said. Those were just nonsense Illumi created in his mind.

“Oh, Illumi, you won’t believe what our dear Kalluto said! He told us that he caught you violating your brother, but we all know that you would never do something like that!” His mother announced as she laughed.

Silva nodded as he put his hand on Kikyo’s shoulder.

“I agree, we know that you would never do something like this, especially to your own brother. Kalluto must have dreamed or imagined. He’s a kid, after all, of course, he will invent things, but that doesn’t mean we will believe them if he doesn’t have any valid reason or explanation.” The man smiled at him while rubbing his son’s jet-black hair in amusement.

“We will go now, take care.” They turned around and slowly faded away within the fog.

Illumi sighed in relief, sweating and tensed up everywhere. His legs were shaking along with other parts of his body.

He was lucky this time, but he felt like his mind was slowly deteriorating without any reason. He felt like he could snap any moment.

He bit his lip hard enough to draw blood. His bloodlust began to grow even more. He wanted to murder someone with his own hands.

Maybe he should make Kalluto his plaything as well, just like he did with Killua. It’s not like he had a thing for Kalluto, but he wouldn’t mind another toy to abuse and break.

Kalluto had already angered him enough by putting him at risk, so he will pay with his body, with his mind, with his life.

Though, deep inside Illumi’s heart, Killua will always be his favorite toy, to always use him however he likes.

Illumi will never be a passionate person. He does not know what true love is. Love for him is something based on possession and obsession, but he doesn’t feel like that either. He just wants to destroy.

He is a broken man, a man that cannot be saved nor fixed. His mind is already shattered enough to the point of not being able to go back.

Illumi got excited at the thought of both of his brothers being tied up on the bed, naked and vulnerable at his mercy.

So obscure, so cruel.

People will always point out and judge the vile, but they will never wonder how did it end up at that point. They will never search for a solution, they will only give wrath and hatred.

Illumi is a monster with greed and lust in his eyes. He wants this pathetic world at his feet, at his disposal.

Illumi is venom, so are people.

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