Corruption (Illumi x Killua)

Chapter 3

Walking on his bare feet on the cold floor, with his numb arms and legs, he tries to resist the temptation of not directly jumping into the hot water of the bathtub.

Killua started to slowly undress, letting the clothes fall on the ground like feathers. The water was emanating warm fog, spreading unhurriedly through the room like a disease.

He looked down at the reflection in the water with a horrified look on his face. There were bruises on his face. Bags under his eyes. Bite marks on his sensitive, pale neck.

This was something common in this household, something that became normal and on a regular daily basis. He shouldn’t be so shocked by now.

Killua was no longer the young, cheerful kid he once was. His purity was stolen by the monster he admired and looked up to ever since he was a little child with pure curiosity and divine taste of life.

As he got in the water, he felt instant relaxation in all of his muscles. For the first time in months, he felt free of any sins. Free of the trauma.

The warm water embraced his naked body, making him slowly close his eyes. His mind went blank, couldn’t think any more of anything else. He was senseless.

His older brother carefully opened the door, without making any sudden moves, and silently walked up to him.

He looked down at his younger brother, with few hair strands falling onto his face and blocking his view upon the sleepy boy.

He was truly impressed by how far he managed to reach, considering how hard he made his life be. A regular person would’ve gone insane at this high point of abuse and mind-breaking he suffered.

‘Hmm, maybe I should get rid of his little friend as well. In that case, he will have no one else to go to but me, so there will be a high chance that he will end his own life,’ Illumi thought.

“Kil, wake up,” Illumi exclaimed.

Killua opened his eyes wide open and covered his exposed self instantly.

“What the hell are you doing here! Can’t you leave me alone for once?” Killua shouted back.

“Where is your friend?” The raven-haired man asked.

“What the hell are you talking about...? Just leave me alone.” Killua narrowed his eyebrows and squinted at him.

“You know exactly what I am talking about.” His husky voice felt like it was penetrating his younger brother’s skull, making him realize that this was serious.

Killua got on his knees, still in the bathtub, and reached for his brother’s expressionless face.

An awkward moment of silence passed, yet nothing happened. All they did was stare into each other’s eyes.

“How can you be so calm, yet so cruel? You are such a corrupted monster. I don’t understand. You are my brother, you are supposed to help me, to take care of me, but you did exactly the opposite-” Killua paused to take a deep breath.

“Are you happy now?” He asked monotonously.

Illumi chuckled and gently caressed his brother’s soft cheeks with his hand.

“I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. You will love it.” Illumi said as he patted his brother’s head.

Killua turned his head away from him and sank himself in the warm water up to his chest, avoiding eye contact with the man.

“Oh, aren’t you cute when you’re upset? I know exactly what I have to do to finally make you give up on life.” He murmured while trying to hide his sadistic plan to not raise any suspicion.

“See you, Kil.” Before he reached the door, Killua stopped him by grabbing him by the clothes.

Killua was standing right there behind Illumi, naked and wet, with multiple trails of water behind him.

The cuts and bruises covered all of his body, but they still made him look as adorable as before. The shiny driblets of water slowly dripping down off his little and fragile body.

The older brother turned around and looked at him, confused by his sudden action. He raised his hand and yanked his brother by his hair.

“Don’t think you can stop me, Kil. Your position will always be beneath me. You can’t stop me. Your only role is to obey me.” He spoke sinisterly at him, tightening his grip on his hair, which made Killua gasp in irritation.

“Don’t you dare lay a finger on him!” He screamed at him.

Killua’s bold reaction of talking back had its consequences, as it angered Illumi and made him kick him right between his legs.

The naked boy fell on the floor with his hands gripping tightly his agonizing zone while he was tearing up from the pain.

“Disturb me again and you will regret it.” Those were the last sentences Killua heard before Illumi slammed the door and left to search for his friend, or more like his weakness.

Killua stood in front of the door with his eyes wide open, tears falling off his cheeks like a wild waterfall. His eyes were full of despair, he could never let anything happen to Gon.

If anything would happen to Gon, he would never forgive himself. He firmly believed that it was his fault for all the sorrow his family and friends go through. He believed he was a burden.

The pain in Killua’s chest didn’t leave him alone. It felt like it was beating right out off his chest. So many thoughts were battling through his mind, yet he just remained there on the floor, completely exposed and vulnerable.

Any decision taken carelessly could be fatal for both him and the people around him, he should do something to protect his dear ones and keep them safe away from the monster with the face of a human, also called Illumi.

However, deep in his heart, he knew that he was far away from strong and that he would never be able to win against Illumi, but he was still willing to give it a try, he has to try.

He’s risking both his and other people’s lives, he has to do something before his crazy brother traps other innocent souls into his tangled web of desperation.

With the last drops of his strength, he managed to stand up, dry himself off the water and analyze the bruises left on his skin.

He wiped the blood off his lips and punched the door in frustration. He destroyed it into little pieces shattered on the ground, as he left through the hole where the door was supposed to be before having vanished.

Killua made his way to his room and searched for clothes to wear. As he was digging through his clothing, he found something that looked like an odd video cassette.

He yawned and wondered what it might contain. Out of pure curiosity, he searched for a device he found not far away inside his room and then played the video.

At first, the screen was pitch-black with no sound. Nothing interesting about that. Killua started to grow tired over watching the same black screen for over five minutes, but just as he was about to close the video, the screen suddenly changed into a horribly, grotesque scene that no one should ever watch.

The terrible things that he was just about to watch were just going to boost his hatred, disgust, and fear towards his older brother.

On the screen, it was shown Kalluto being tied up in a chair inside a sort of basement with his clothes completely shredded off. There were sweat and tears all over his body. He looked like he was about to pass out until a hand coming from the dark grabbed his shoulder and shook him repeatedly.

The shadow made a step forward into the weak and unstable light of the lantern, letting its identity be discovered

It was hard to believe it, but not unbelievable. The only one who would be sick enough to do this would be, of course, Illumi Zoldyck.

Illumi knew for a fact that Kalluto may not be as satisfying as Killua is, but he was doing this only to traumatize both of their already broken sanities.

Killua watched in silence how his older brother was brutally taking advantage of his other brother by ravaging his little body.

As much as he wanted to stop, he felt like he couldn’t. His hands refused to cooperate with him. He just stared at the screen with emptiness in his eyes.

By the time Illumi was done with his sick sexual intercourse with him, he pulled a whip out of a bag sitting in the corner and began wildly whipping his poor victim.

He kept whipping and kicking Kalluto until blood was gushing out of him.

The horrible screams were ringing in Killua’s ears, making him bit his lower lip in disgust at the scene in front of him.

He clenched his fists and buried his face in his lap. He was still hearing those screams, those screams of pure horror and disaster. He couldn’t stop the video. Something inside him refused to let him stop it as if he wanted to see more.

The screams and the whipping sounds persisted. Illumi didn’t take any break from abusing the boy, he just kept hitting him with the whip mechanically.

He slapped him before pushing the chair down on the ground and stepped on his skull. He kept pushing his foot while having a remarkable bulge in his pants.

“Big brother...” Kalluto managed to whisper before closing his eyes and stopped moving.

Before anything else could happen, Killua slapped himself across the face and instantly stopped the video.

Killua threw everything around him across the room overwhelmed and dropped himself on his knees.

‘Something is wrong with me.’

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