Corruption (Illumi x Killua)

Chapter 4

Killua opened his eyes, trying to control his heartbeat. He was sure how someone could hear it how it hammered against his ribcage.

He looked around the room and found himself lying on the bed. He refused to cooperate with his muscles as if he knew that he was being watched.

His furious pants of fear were getting heavier and noisier with each second. Regardless of how hard he tried to keep it silent, he couldn’t control it. At this point, he felt like being trapped in a foreign body.

‘How did I end up here?’ He questioned himself, unable to give a logical reason or at least a reasonable response to satisfy his thirsty curiosity.

There were no audible noises as if there wasn’t anything in his room at the beginning, but his killer instinct was kicking in nonetheless, sensing some kind of strange presence.

It was with no doubt that he was being watched restlessly, but the real question is who was watching him, and for what reason.

‘What is happening?’ Sweat started dripping off his body. He was shivering and panicking beneath his white sheet. He closed his eyes and pretended to be still napping.

He felt the presence getting closer and closer to his core. The atmosphere was getting heavier like it had weight.

Suddenly, he felt something being thrown on his lap. As much as he wanted to peek, he knew that his life was in the game. He gulped soundlessly and continued paying attention to the unknown entity.

A hand gently grabbed his chin and lifted it. He felt a quick, soft kiss being placed on his lips. His eyes instantly involuntarily opened at the unexpected move.

He screamed when his eyes met a mutilated and decapitated head sitting on the top of his lap.

Killua almost puked just by looking at it.

The blood was covering all of it, but the gouged eyes and the drenched meat that roughly hanged on the scalp and cheeks were enough to say that it wasn’t a fast death.

He jumped off the bed and directly went into the bathroom to sink his head in cold water.

He splashed all of the water on his face and looked at himself in the mirror.

His ruined reflection said more than words could. He raised his hand and touched the mirror that possessed the same aspect as him.

‘How did it end up here? Is it my fault? Is it my fault that so many people have to endure such traumatizing pain? I wish I could just vanish from the whole existence sometimes...’ He mentally declared to himself in front of the mirror.

The door abruptly cracked open, as a slender, tall man stepped in. The man threw the bloody head back at Killua and laughed maniacally.

Of course, the author of this chaotic mess was no one other but Illumi himself.

“Do you like my gift for you? Did you not realize who it belongs to? Or rather, who it belonged to?” He asks.

Killua carefully caught the head in both of his hands and gave it one more last glance.

‘No, it can’t be...’

He stared speechlessly at the unrecognizable thing in his hands that once breathed, laughed, had a name, had a life. All of these life aspects were destroyed by his older and corrupted brother.

“Oh, you love it so much that you don’t even know how to react, am I right, Kil?” The assassin asked in an enthusiastic tone.

Illumi walked towards the quiet boy and warped his arms around him, imitating something that looked like the fail of a hug.

“This kid was only getting in our way. I had to do something to remind you that you’re only mine to use and torment.” He whispered in his ear.

“You don’t understand it yet, but anyone would love to rape and abuse such a pretty little boy like you... I couldn’t just let it slide between my fingers.” He informed him, but no response back from Killua. He just stood there, not moving, almost like a statue.

“How could you...” He fell to his knees and punched the floor with a monstrous strength multiple times. His hands were full of blood and slashes, it stung so badly, but he kept going.

“It’s true, you are such a defenseless and helpless creature.” Illumi established, not showing any guilt or shame for what he did, not even feeling bad for his little brother that he tortures endlessly.

“Get up and stop acting like a brat. He never loved you anyway.” Illumi ordered.

Even after giving his command, the grieving boy didn’t flinch. He couldn’t hear Illumi anymore, he was lost in his own macabre thoughts.

He stood up and clenched his fists firmly, and with all of his last power, he looked into Illumi’s blank eyes.

“You are not my brother anymore.”

Killua’s bold statement only made the older brother laugh.

“You’re so adorable when you think you are the boss, even though deep inside your heart, you know that you’re nothing more than my toy and my entertainment,” Illumi replied.

This only angered Killua. He was on the verge of storming, ready to strike. His blood was burning hot. It was so difficult to control.

Suddenly, he relaxed all of his tensed muscles and ditched the idea. It didn’t matter anymore.

Instead, he walked up to his older brother and kisses his lips. It was such a long, passionate kiss. They were devouring each other’s mouths with their lustful kisses full of hatred and desire.

Illumi’s hand slipped into Killua’s pants and jerked off his dick slowly. His attention was being focused all on him, forgetting all about the surroundings.

At this point, Killua, even after being completely wrecked, was being taken advantage of cruelly again.

Illumi tore off all of the boy’s clothes in a blink, as he started pinching his nipples while many moans of pain and pleasure escaped Killua’s mouth.

It felt wrong, like the first time he raped him, with the exception that this time Killua was also enjoying himself in a weird, sick way.

This was only a matter of time until Killua would grow even more attached to his rapist, and eventually get addicted to him like a drug.

It’s truly heartbreaking how this abused little boy managed to survive such hell. Turning pain into pleasure was his only option to not suffer anymore.

No friends left, no one’s shoulder left to cry on. His life was being trapped into an agonizing web of disastrous cravings.

Shame on Illumi Zoldyck. Taking advantage of his own siblings, taking their purity away, their pride, their innocence, with no tint of guilt or embarrassment.

As his hand advanced, precum was leaking from the young assassin’s dick. He was panting like a dog in heat. His hands tightly gripped Illumi’s clothes as he was continuing.

His teeth were grinding against each other from the abnormal painful pleasure he was getting.

Illumi carefully watched the horny expressions Killua was making while being pleasured.

Just as he was about to reach his climax, Illumi quickly took his hand away from his pants and spit on his blushing face.

“You’re such a pathetic and disgusting degenerate.” He insulted him, followed by a harsh slap on Killua’s dick.

Killua whined at the unexpected smack. His hand reached his face and wiped off the saliva from his pinkish cheeks.

This was such a humiliating gesture to be seen receiving. He felt so vulnerable because there was nothing he could do about it, he was too weak to even defend himself.

“Sorry, Kil, but the only one getting pleasure here is me.” Illumi established as he cruelly kicked Killua in the guts, making him fell to his knees.

Killua lifted his head and stared into Illumi’s cold eyes, with a defeated look on his face. He bit his lower lip and pushed down Illumi’s pants as his erected dick sprung free.

He gently took it in his hands, kissed it, worshipped it as like his life counted on it. He seductively licked all of the parts of it, not leaving any spot unexplored or unlicked.

Sometimes Killua wished that he couldn’t feel anything else but the night. It utterly disgusted him to know that he had to live a life being his brother’s doll, but there wasn’t anything else to do other than to give up and go along with the horrific incestuous play.

As much as he hated it, he loved it. It was twisted and sick, and he knew it, but there was no sign to show that he cared.

Even if he’d wake up to reality and understand how tragic his life truly is, he would have no return point. He is already numb, used to all the pain he suffered through his life.

Enduring such brain torture is not only exhausting but traumatizing as well.

A young boy that feels trapped in the body of an elder. Life felt as if it flashed before his eyes. He is tired from battling through life and death all the time, he just wants peace.

No one else is there for him. A lonely, little boy, left to survive in such a cruel world, in such a cruel life.

Bringing an innocent child into a hopeless world was the most fatal mistake their parents did.

“Remember, this is what you deserve. This is your purpose in life. No one loves you.” Illumi sadistically stated.

Killua just nodded silently, as he continued satisfying his older brother’s inhuman desires.

The gaze of his little brother struggling and choking in discomfort by trying to take his large dick inside his mouth only excited Illumi more. His little puppet suffering and struggling with taking something too big for him is such a pleasant surprise.

Through this atrocious journey of torture and sadism, Illumi left remarkable scars on him, both physically and psychologically. Deep wounds filled with terror and agony imprinted forever in this young victim. Wounds that will never be forgotten, wounds that time won’t heal.

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