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Minecraft ultimate


Jeff is just a random boy living in a rich family. But all would change when he arrives in ancient egypt where he picks up a void item. The void item is extremely powerful, with a flick of a finger you can destroy entire planets. But would the void item become a curse? Or would it become a gift.

Action / Fantasy
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Intro part one

7 years ago…. Jeff we are here in ancient egypt. Dad said excitedly as the airplane we were riding landed in Egypt airport. Jeff’s dad is an archaeologist leading project explore pyramid(that’s what jeff likes to call it), his new project is to explore the egyptian pyramids completely along with his other colleagues. As they exited the airplane Jeff bounced around excitedly, ancient egypt the most creepy /mysterious country ever! He loved hearing scary stories about explorers disappearing in Egypt while they are trying to explore or steel the pyramid’s wealth. The pharaoh’s curse, the mummies and vultures, this is so cool! They exited the airport and went into their hotel, even though their hotel is ancient and mysterious. Day after Day Jeff’s Dad explored the pyramid, Day after Day Jeff got more bored and more bored, he explored everywhere he even swooped around the hotel trying to find something to do. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore, while he was supposed to sleep his evening sleep, he sneaked out the door, he opened the door without making a sound and tiptoed out first stop, where he hid his personal built sneaking kit.

His mom is making bacon, bacon interred his nostrils, he almost signed out loud, no time to think about bacon. He tiptoed and stopped at the wall, this is the only place in their hotel room that he is out in the open. He extra carefully extended his foot and placed it down, and his other foot, and his another, almost there! Creek, the floor creaked as he placed his foot into the safe spot but the rest of his body is in the open. “Hugh!” his mom said, “there might be a mouse.” Jeff’s mom looked back, nothing there, she looked into the empty hallway, searching for gray fur or holes. “Nothing” She said as she went back to cooking.

Few, Jeff thought as he wiped his hand on his forehead, at the last second he quickly opened the closet door and went in. He snuck past the halfway and into the guest room. (If you are wondering why there house is so big don’t be surp. He arrived at the safe, behind the safe is a hole, safe was supposed to go into the hole, but when they arrived Jeff pulled the safe out of the hole when they just arrived and when his parents arent looking to make his secret hiding spot of his sneaking kit. He snuck to the nearest exit, the balcony. Getting of the balcony won’t be very hard for him. He opened his sneaking kit, he grabbed his grappling gun. It is a gun that doesn’t shoot as far as war guns but still shoots far. Way farther than he can ever through. And his grapple hook, this grapple hook is special, it is sharp like an arrow, it is made with a soft metal so that it doesn’t make a sound. He also made a special addition to it, if he presses a specific button on his master control switch in his sneaking kit. At the tip of the arrow tip, sharp knives will jout out of the thing so that the grapple hook never slips. And with another click of a button, the knives will go back then he can easily pull his hook back. He has two of those so that he can make a nice nice getaway. Don’t ask me how he got the guns. (the guns are silent)

Without making a sound the arrow tip hit a tower’s wall, he clicked the button on his master control switch, locked in, he grabbed the rope tightly and zoomed away, the shot his other gun on another wall, when he started he put the control switch into his mouth, he just has to bite to release a grapple hook, he released the first one and swung forward again, He spidermanned access the streets, there were people doing everything, people eating, people playing, people gambling. His eyes focused on a shop, weapons and more. He smiled, that’s his kind of shop, he will check it out later.``Hey what’s up with that kid up there” Someone shouted, “Yeah” Soon the whole street whas shouting. He was way used to this, he did this way more than you can imagine like the time he snuck out of school. He shrugged, he has no point of paying attention to this people, he got something more important. THe pyramid his dad works at is right over there. He landed quietly behind a building and walked out.

Years after years of sneaking gave Jeff an legendary skill of sneaking. He easily dodged the guards by throwing a coin the opposite way he is going.

Walked pathed the security cameras by always walking in their blind spots. He never destroys security cameras even though he has a gun, a silent pistol. (He is good at guns) the guards will notice. Finally he arrived at the door that leads into the pyramid, two guards with guns raised and loaded standed next to the door guarding any intruders. He threw his grappling h vlvtfintook on to a step of the pyramid. He made this hook himself(With various spots glued with bubblegum and duct tape), very soft cotton coated the hooks so that it doesn’t make a sound. You can call him a prodigy or a genius at sneaking and making things if you want but his trip into the pyramid. He climbed up, his grapple hook creaked, the duck tape and bubble gum was not holding. Jeff successfully climbed up but the creak alerted the cards.

“What is that?″ said guard A “Dunno, let’s check it out” Said guard B. Using a ladder they climbed up. “Shoot” Jeff thought, if he let them get up he would be busted. He lifted two pipes, each with a needle coated with sleep poison. “Nighty Nighty” he said as he shot the guards with his pipes. They will be knocked out for a day at most. Using their ladder he climbed down, and opened the door. WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. He set off an alarm. Guards streamed out of the door, he ran. With all his might he managed to outrun them for a second, the guards are catching up. “Ah!” he said as he tripped, his master control switch flying out of his pockets and crashing on the wall turning into splinters. That eliminated an obvious escaping way, grappling outta here. Fighting won’t work either, there are too many of these guards.“Halt stop right now” The guard said, pulling out a gun. “Or else I am going to shoot you!”. He ignored the threat, they know he is their authority’s son, they don’t have the nerve to shoot him.A bead of sweat dropped off his head, he is getting tired, the temperature in the pyramid is not helping either. Bamb his head slammed into the sandstone wall, dead end. “No” Jeff thought” I’m doomed!”. He moved his back and his hand onto the wall and closed his eyes, relaxed his muscles and let his arms drop. “Might as well accept my fate” he thought. Click, he instantly opened his eyes, the sound of pistons boomed in his ear. Without hesitant he went in, the wall closed itself again. “Wait!” said a guard, “This is an unexplored area! It is dangerous” Jeff ignored his warning and remained on his footing. “No what have we done” muttered a guard.

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