Fallin' All In You


When life gave Arthit lemons, I gave him billionaire Kongpob. But who's really saving who? It's a whirlwind love story. I'll throw in some tequila for extra measures.

Romance / Drama
Notmyday999 (Lana)
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Chapter 1

Arthit walks into the cafe with hurried steps. He finds who he is looking for, and quickly makes his way to take a seat. Arthit sits down, "did you order for me? I need to get back soon."

"This won't take long. We're through. Here's all your stuff."

"What do you mean? What's going on? What did I do?" Arthit asks in confusion.

"I told you. I wanted some space. Now, I'm making some."

"Five years, and all of a sudden you want space?"

"I just want some changes. I'm still young. I don't want this domestic shit anymore."

"Really Chet? You had to do this during my lunch break? Where the hell am I supposed to take my stuff? By the way, there's no way this is all of it."

"The rest I can drop off later. You have too much crap."

"Don't do this Chet. Do our five years not mean anything to you?"

"Hey, I brought you your stuff. What else do you want? See, this is why it's getting boring. You're becoming so needy and pathetic."

Arthit refuses to cry, but his vision is a blur now.

"Where am I supposed to go? I've already paid a year in rent. You should be the one to leave then."

"The lease is under my name. You have no right to stay. I've already changed the lock. Don't make this uglier than it needs to be."

"What about Popeye?"

"I'm keeping Popeye."

"You don't even like Popeye."

"Why don't you figure out where you are going to stay for the night before you worry about the damn dog. See, like I said, you've become so pathetic."

Chet gets up straightens his jacket and turns to leave.

Arthit gets up grabbing Chet's arm, trying to stop him from leaving. Chet pushes Arthit causing him to lose his balance.

Someone from behind catches Arthit and steadies him. Arthit looks behind him to find a stranger looking back at him.

"Hey, there's no reason to get physical here." The stranger says directing his gaze now at Chet.

Chet: Who are you?

"I'm the owner of this cafe. I do not want any disruptions in my business."

Chet gives the stranger and Arthit a nasty look before turning his heels to leave.

The stranger gives Arthit a friendly nod and goes back to his seat which happens to be the next table over.

Arthit feels a little embarrassed as he realizes that the stranger must have heard everything. But he doesn't have time to dwell on that. Arthit looks at the three suitcases and a duffle bag in front of him. He takes out his phone to call his friend Knot.

Knot picks up by the second ring.

Knot: Hey Arthit, what's up?

Arthit: Hey, can I crash at your place tonight.

Knot: Well, my mother-in-law is visiting. I can ask Neem to sleep with her, and you can sleep with me if you don't mind. Are you okay? Did you have a fight with Chet again?

Arthit: No, don't worry. I'll call you later.

Knot: Oh, okay. Well, I'm here if you need to talk.

Arthit didn't want to impose on Knot when Knot has enough of his own problems. So Arthit calls Prem.

Prem: Yo, what's up?

Arthit: Hey, can I crash at your place tonight?

Prem: Wish I could help you pal, but I'm on location in Phuket.

Arthit: That's all right then.

Prem: Are you okay? Try Knot.

Arthit: Yeah, okay.

Arthit doesn't know what to do. He has other friends, but he didn't want to bother them. He sighs.

"I have to go back to work in 20 mins. What am I going to do with all this? I can't take it to the office." Arthit mumbles to himself.

The waitress walks over to Arthit.

"Hello mister, you work in one of the offices upstairs right?"

Arthit nods, "yes, I do. I know my things are in the way. I will take them with me right away if you just give me a few minutes to make some calls."

Arthit picks his phone back up, but not sure who to call.

"Actually, why don't you just leave them here with us until you get off. My boss says we can keep it safe in the storage."

Arthit turns to look for the stranger, but he was no longer sitting there. Checking his watch, and given his situation, he reluctantly accepted the offer.

He helped the waitress take his belongings to the storage room where she ensured him that it would be safe. He thanked the waitress and promised to come to pick his stuff up after work. The waitress told him not to worry, and they close at 9 pm, so he had plenty of time.

Arthit didn't have time to deal with his breakup right now. He has a presentation to give today, so tears and all will just have to take a back seat for now. Arthit spent his next two hours double-checking and triple-checking to make sure everything is perfect for the meeting. His year-end bonus depends on this project. His whole company depends on this project.

However, the heavens must be out to get him Arthit thinks to himself. He has been trying to get the damn projector to work for the last 10 minutes. Their clients have been just sitting there patiently waiting for him to start his presentation. While he has called for technical support, he is desperately trying to fix it himself.

The projector still refused to cooperate and kept blinking like it was a nightclub. His annoying colleague John even made a joke about playing some music in front of the clients. He knows John is just being a prick because Arthit's proposal was chosen over his. Luckily, after the technicians swapped out the broken projector with a new one everything else went smoothly. The clients were very happy with Arthit's design of the structural layout for Bangkok's latest upcoming high-end property development.

Everyone in the industry wants to get a piece of the pie and make a name for themselves. Suth Enterprise has hired some of the best architects, engineers, and builders for the project. The development will boast a five-star hotel, four residential high-rises, a high-end mega mall, and a conservatory garden in the center of it all. The whole development is the first of its kind as its theme is sustainability and going green. Everybody in the industry has eyes on it, so Arthit's company can't afford to fail. It was a miracle for their company to even land a project on this scale. Arthit has his work cut out for him.

So his heartbreak can wait.

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