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Death Eater | Harry Potter


MATURE THEMES 18+ CONTEXT Aries Zabini has been fooling around with Harry Potter since 5th year, but what happens when she's tasked by the dark lord to do the unthinkable and has to hide her darkest secret from her lover? Harry Potter X OC

Romance / Fantasy
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1. The Hogwarts Express






"Come on Aries, it's our fifth year we're going to be late."


Aries Zabini sat before platform 9 3/4 with a cigarette hanging from her mouth. Her eyes were trained on Harry Potter, whom had finally decided this year to have a growth spurt.

"Coming" she called back to twin her brother and dropped the cigarette to the floor and crunched it with her perfectly polished flats. "Jeez could you be any more annoying?" She asked him as she bounded over with her trunk. Her thoughts were still trained on Harry, who had caught her eye just as she looked back. She gave him a soft smile and turned back to her twin.

"I hear we have a new professor." Pansy said when the four Slytherins were sitting on the train. Aries rolled her eyes, of course they have a new DADA professor. Every year since first year, they are introduced to the same old boring professors to take the previous professors spot.

"At least it's not Luny Lupin, again. I heard he married a black." This caught Aries attention, whom was too busy picking at her nails to care about anything else. Her eyes trained back on Pansy, who was brushing her long bangs out of her eyes.

"A Black?" Aries questioned, "but Sirius was the last remaining-" Before she could finish, Draco cut her off with a scoff. Her eyes flicked over to him with a glare, "-as I was saying, there's no way whoever married him is a Black."

"Draco? What do you think?" Pansy asked, completely ignoring Aries' sentence. That's the way Pansy was, fucking rude.

"I think Lupin married my disowned Aunt Andromeda Tonks, sister of Bellatrix and my mother." This caught Aries attention, but she kept silence as they discussed their old professor. Aries wouldn't dare say it, but she loved professor Lupin. He was the only teacher they had that actually taught them anything.

Her eyes flicked over to the bathroom, it would be close to changing time and she needed a head start. "I'm going to change into my robes." She mumbled and stood from her seat. Bustling her way through the students she headed for the bathroom and have it a soft knock before opening the door.

"Jesus Christ!" A voice hollered, and much to Aries pleasure, her eyes landed on a half naked Harry Potter. A smirk fell onto her perfectly plump lips, her eyes dragging down to his toned chest.

"Well Hello Potter." She drawled out, closing the door and inching into the small bathroom with him. It was crowded, and Harry was suddenly pressed against the far wall. There chests were now touching, Aries pressing her breasts perfectly flat onto his. "Fancy seeing you here." She smiled flirtatiously.

Harry Potter turned a bright red and looked anywhere but at Aries. He cleared his throat, eyes flicking around the small closet space. A small bump on the train caused him to stumble a bit into Aries, his arms flying out and palms pressing flat against the door behind her.

"I like this angle." She purred, peering up into his green eyes. Her dainty finger came up and pulled on one of his wild brown curls, watching it bounce back into place. "Tell me Potter, what made you get so sexy this year? Hmm?" Her fingers danced down to his jaw, then his neck and finally his chest. She laid her hand flat against his and pressed down.

"Erm-puberty?" The daft boy replied. Aries couldn't help the small chuckle that passed her lips, her tongue darting out and wetting them. She watched as his eyes finally landed on her, and darkened two shades. "I was changing and uh-well-I know this isn't the Gryffindor bathroom but they were all full so I best be going-"

"Not so fast-" she caught his arm and shoved him back against the wall, placing her hips against his and hands against his cheeks. "I can't seem to take my eyes off of you, Potter. And it's rather annoying."

"And what do you want me to do about that?" He sassed back, turning his cheek from her but she pulled it back to look at her. "Can you let me go?" He asked.

"I think I like you in this position." She purred again, leaning forward and brushing her nose against his. "But I guess so." She dropped her arms, letting him scurry around and pulling his shirt over his head. She watched with amused eyes as he muttered a quick brilliant and stumbled out of the washroom.

Aries returned to her own robes and quickly changed, before making her way back to her carriage. Blaise gave her a curious look when she sat down, feeling a bit flustered. "I just saw Harry Potter scurry by, looking rather red. You have anything to do with that?" He asked his twin. Aries smirked.

"I may. I like playing with him." She bummed, returning to picking at her perfectly manicured hand. From across her, Pansy rolled her eyes and Draco let out another scoff. Aries eyes flicked to Draco, "something wrong?"

"Yes, you always have these play things. It's bloody Potter. He's disgusting." Aries was not shocked by Draco's words. Draco and Harry always had this little spat since they were eleven. It was rather quiet annoying. "Besides, aren't you finished with being a whore?"

"No" Aries shrugged at his words, but Blaise shouted a quick hey at the insult towards his twin sister. She was used to the slander Draco gave her. He was a disgusting git himself. She liked being a whore, it gave her something to do. "I simply just want his attention, not that you care but it's Harry Potter we're talking about. He's bloody hot this year."

"That's disgusting." Pansy sneered at her, eyebrows furrowing, "don't you have any house loyalty? We hate Gryffindors." Aries scoffed at her words, she didn't hate any houses nor did she think she was above anyone because of her blood status.

"You hate Gryffindors. I like to play with them." Aries shrugged again. It wasn't long before the bright lights of the castle came into view and they sauntered up from their seats. "Bloody school." She mumbled to herself as she grabbed her things from the shelf.

The four of them made their off the train towards the carriages where they seated themselves beside one another. The ride to the castle was short, the students could probably walk, but for some reason they provided carriages that pulled themselves. The group sat in silence the whole ride there, until they were seated in the great hall. Aries immediately noticed an unfamiliar professor wearing a hot pink suit and visibly recoiled at the sight of her.

"I think I'd rather pitch myself off the astronomy tower than have her as a teacher, my Merlin." She shook her shoulders as of to intimate shivering disgust and Pansy snorted,

"looks like we may be stuck with her. Look, she's seating with the Professors. She just be the new DADA teacher." Aries could feel her stomach twist in disgust as the ugly teachers eyes caught hers and sent her a nasty sneer. All the Slytherins were counting on Snape to be the new professor, since he was their head of house.

After the meal, Dumbledore rises to give the year's first announcements. After he welcomes back Grubbly-Plank and introduces Dolores Umbridge as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, she interrupts him and insists on giving her own speech,

"Thank you, Headmaster, for those kind words of welcome. And how lovely to see all your bright happy faces smiling up at me. I'm sure we're all going to be very good friends." Aries snorted in her seat and heard the echoes of the Weasley twins mutter a that's likely. She let out a soft giggle and focused back on the hot pink creature at the front,

"The Ministry of Magic has always considered the education of young witches and wizard of vital importance. Although each Headmaster has brought something new to this historic school..." she nodded to the headmaster, "progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged. Let us preserve what must be preserved, perfect what can be perfected and prune practices that ought to be prohibited."

"What the fuck?" Draco mumbled, "my father didn't tell me the ministry was interfering with our studies." Aries glanced over at him with furrowed brows as if to give him a questionable look to agree with him, then back to the stage where the headmaster bid the students goodnight.

"Well we best be going." Pansy says, standing from her seat and dusting off her robes. Blaise and Draco stand as well, followed by Aries who flicks her eyes over to Harry.

"Merlin he's fucking sexy." She mutters to herself and followed her group out of the great hall.
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