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"I care, please don't leave me." Bakugou x reader


So I realized while remaking this that the story I was writing did NOT work with the summary XD so I'm not putting one :) reading it if you wanna know.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

(you are about 11 as for the boys)

"Katsu~kun Izuku~kun!" I say happily "what is it Y/n~chan?" Izuku says out of curiosity "Yeah what is it!? is it about my quirk!" Katsuki says "Katsu~kun i already know about your quirk but.." I say giggling "I GOT MY QUIRK!!" "THAT'S AWESOME Y/N~CHAN!!!" Izuku says with glee "OOOoooO WHAT IS IT WHAT IS IT!?!" Katsuki says with curiosity "..."I don't respond cuz im thinking what the word was "you don't know the name do you Y/n?" Katsuki says chuckling

"N-NO I DO...I just have to think of the name cuz its REALLY rare to get the doctor says" I says "Um i think its e-e-elemmmmmm...elements...? ELEMENT THAT'S WHAT IT IS" i says laughing "can you show us" Izuku says "um sure i can see but stand back just in case OH let's go to the lake then i can show you". We ran to the lake which isn't to far from our houses. "Okay ready?" I say as I take my shoes off standing in the water "YEAH!" they say. I giggle "okay" I closed my eyes and breath water starts to flow around me i open my eyes and look at the boys "Take off your shoes!" I says smiling "OKAY" they both reply after they take their shoes off and the water starts to move towards them "Y/n~chan is it s-safe" "For sure Izuku~kun i would never hurt you guys" I say with a big smile on my face "o-okay" Izuku says the water pick them up and move around then I put them down "Do ya got anymore Y/n?" Katsuki asks with a grin "YEP" I smile with happiness "I promise that this may look really REALLY scary but it doesn't hurt me ok?" they nod their heads I close my eyes again and open them to see the boys in shock "Y-your hair it-it's on fire WOW!" Izuku says "Can we touch it?" they ask "No that's not the best idea it might hurt you guys, ok next." I stop the fire and look at the ground and out of nowhere there is sand people coming out of the ground "hehe you like? they won't hurt you unless I tell them too '' ''WOW Y/N THAT'S AMAZING!!" Izuku says "I wish I had a quirk.." "don't worry Izuku~kun you're just a late bloomer" I smile the sand people claps to the ground. I start to move my hands and the wind follows my movements at if I was dancing in the wind, I stop and so does the wind "I have a couple more but I can't control them yet but this one is my favorite you ready?" I say. I put my hand behind my back and counted in my head 1..2..3 and out of nowhere once again an ice sword appears "i have more weapons but i like the sword more" I hold it out so they can take a closer look "wow cool Y/n" we played for a little bit more than it was 5:00 and we all left to go home.

At home

"MOMMY IM BACK" No reply "oh well she's probably getting some food" so I ran up stairs into my room and I saw a bag that was packed with some of my clothes "oh i guess we are going somewhere exciting" I grabbed my dolls and sat on the floor playing heroes vs villains after some time I looked at my clock and was worried it was 7:59 Almost 8 "I guess mommy's stocking up?" after 5 minutes I got bored so I look around the house and then i see mommy and daddys door open a little "what but whenever mommy's gone she closes the door huh? let's go in and see what mommy has" I giggle I open the door and it was the worst mistake of my life I just looked for a minute then ran to her "MOMMY! MOMMY CAN YOU HEAR ME?" she was laying in a pool of blood and I was crying I look around me to see what happens then I see a white paper in one with blood stains on it and a knife in the other "mommy....h-how could you...HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME" I screamed the pain of her leaving me I don't know what to do! I then pull the paper from her cold hands and read it

Dear Y/n

I want you to know this isn't your fault but you see your father isn't coming home either he passed away yesterday I'm so sorry I didn't tell you before but i couldn't take it. I want you after your done reading this letter to burn it grab the bag I packed you and run to Mitsuki house Okay? people who found out that your father died think i'm still here taking care of you but when they see I'm not....there going to send you away to your uncle's house my brother but i know you well to know that you want to stay here with Katsuki and Izuku so please just grab the backpack and run to her house and stay safe okay don't go outside without Katsuki, his mommy or daddy okay I love you my sweet baby girl now you see the ring on my bed that was going to be your birthday gift but this happened so keep it with you so you have me and your father with you forever i love you my little snow flack now run.

Love mommy xxx

I grab the ring and my bag and look back at my moms room "bye bye mommy" I sniffed and ran to the door put my purple sparkly shiny shoes on and put the ring on my middle finger and ran out the door to Katsuki ́s house *Ding dong* "COMING JUST 1 MINUTE" the lady runs to the door "oh hello my/- Oh my what happened dear?" she says to me "come in and tell me ok?" she sees the bag on my back and looked scared like she knows what happened "M-mommy s-shes SHES GONE I SAW HER IN HER ROOM LAYING THERE IN A POOL OF BLOOD WITH A KNIFE IN HER RIGHT HAND" I started to cry and scream Katsuki hears what's happening and comes out of his room and sees me in tears he just stands there and listened to what I'd say next "SHE SAID TO COME HERE 'CAUSE ILL BE SAFE HERE....Because when people find out my mommy died their going to come after me to put me with her brother I DON'T WANNA LEAVE KATSU~KUN" I says in full blown tears "its ok Y/n its ok" she says she sees a paper in my hand "can I see that Y/n?" she asks "oh I was support to burn it but I forgot um sure but i need it back after so i can burn it." I say trying to stay calm "ok dear" Katsuki comes down and runs over and hugs me "don't leave Y/n."he said in a sad voice "I won't ever leave you" I say with a brave face on because I didn't want him to see me cry "here you go Y/n" she gives the paper back. "how are you going to burn it you don't have a quirk yet" she looks at me "I do I just got it today its called...." I stopped to think again "you forgot again didn't you?" "what n-no OH its called elements I can control water ice fire air earth life death light darkness lightning and some more I can't control life, death, lightning, light or darkness yet" I put the paper on my hair because I think its more fun to burn it on my head then my hands and I lit on fire and she stands there in shock the paper is gone and I put the fire out. "wow Y/n that's amazing" Mitsuki says "thanks but Katsu~kun's is WAY cooler than mine" I said giggling and I look to katsuki and he's blushing a little I smile and look back at Mitsuki "ok well since you're staying you can sleep in Bakugou's room how does that sound?" "YAY KATSU~KUN" I giggle and he grabs my hand and runs upstairs "BAKUGOU BE NICE TO WINTER OKAY?" she yelled making sure he was going to be nice "ALRIGHT OLD HAG" he growls "hey Katsu~kun?" I ask "hmm?" he hums in response "can I go have a shower?" "sure down the hall to the right" he smiles "Thanks!" I run down the hall to the right and hop in the shower, I wash my hair and body and start to sing. I get out of the shower and get dressed and head to bed with Katsuki I cuddle up to him as he does to me.

*Knock knock knock*

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