Is It Five? (BOOK 2)


Book two of Is it Five? Which is a fun script for you to act

Action / Romance
Cassandra Carboni
Age Rating:

Script 1 Part 1

After all that you've been through you couldn't be more unprepared for what was about to happen. You only did it twice, and with Five! You stood in front of the academy doors thinking of what to say, you couldn't just walk in as nothing happened. You knocked at Luther opened the door.

You- H... Hey

Luther- What are you doing here

You- I have... News, for Five

Luther- You shot his arm, he nearly died

You- Please it's important

Luther got out of the doorway you stepped inside and saw the whole family staring at you, even Five was there. He wore a simple white bandage around his shoulder, Allison crossed her arms as she saw you come in.

Diego- I'm surprised to see you here

You- Trust me I'm surprised too

Five- Why are you here?

You- I quit working with the Handler

Five- Well done, do you want an award?

You- Can I speak to Five, privately?

Luther- No

Klaus- I know I'm probably not sober but give her another chance

Allison- You're high? Like in this very important moment

Klaus- Yeah!

Diego- God Klaus try being sober for once

Five- Can we talk about Klaus being sober later?!

You look down and walk into the kitchen with only Five following you. As soon as you two were out of range, you smile.

You- I'm glad you're not dead

Five- I can't say the same thing

You- Listen, I've got news

Five- Good it bad?

You- Depends

Five- On?

You- Do you like children?

Five- Don't change the subject... Wait, what?!

You- I think its bad news

Five- You're not...? I mean you couldn't...

You- You're the only one that I actually... You know

Five- Have you spoken to a doctor?

You roll your eyes sarcastically

You- No, Five I'm an idiot

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