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Percy Jackson & The Avengers: Convergence


"The day was going great. That is, until Percy was assaulted by a clownfish." Or: The one in which the Seven meet the Avengers and they fight some bad guys together.

Action / Scifi
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percy is assaulted by a clownfish

Hello hello hello! For any newcomers, welcome! To my usual readers, welcome back to my writing! I promised a good story, and I brought you one! This is, obviously, a PJO/Avengers crossover fanfic. The first 10 chapters are prewritten, so those should come out fast, but the rest is still in progress. So I can tell you honestly this will be more than 10 chapters.

This is set a year after the Giant War and kinda a month or so after the first Avengers movie. I’m kinda pushing back Winter Soldier until after this story, so just know that. Other than that adjustment, the timeline will mainly stay the same. Nico and Thalia might make an appearance but idk for sure. I am going with all canon pairings and Jason is still alive.

I plan on this being a series, so stick with me this’ll take awhile. This story is kinda just an origin story of how the Avengers and PJO characters met and became a team, so this is NOT BASED ON ANY MOVIE.

I do have an amazing beta reader, nightskywithrainbows on Ao3, who has helped me get this story ready for you guys, so major kudos her them. Couldn’t have done it without you!

This is also on FF, Ao3, Wattpad, Webnovel, and Tumblr. Now on with the story!

- your author

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Avengers or PJO!

The day was going great. That is, until Percy was assaulted by a clownfish.

He was just trying to have a relaxing evening with his girlfriend, but the Fates were never that nice, were they? Him and Annabeth were in Montauk, celebrating the second anniversary of the end of the Titan War and Percy’s birthday. They decided to spend some time alone together in the water, just like they had done on multiple occasions. Percy created an air bubble, and Annabeth got the blue cupcakes. It was meant to be peaceful, but of course, some disaster had to happen that pulled Percy away.

Just as Percy had blown out the candle, he heard an extremely annoying voice screaming in his head. Of course, after living with his sometimes-odd abilities for so long, Percy had grown accustomed to hearing voices that nobody else could, and he didn’t think much of it when he found he could hear the anxious yelling of a clownfish (whose name was Marlin, by the way).

“My lord! My lord! We need your help! Please!” the clownfish screamed, swimming as close as he could get to the air bubble without breaching it.

Percy sighed, closing his eyes and counting to ten, hoping that the fish would just go away so that he could enjoy his birthday with his girlfriend in peace.

Unfortunately, the sea animal was determined.

“My lord! Can you hear me? Hello! There’s been a bombing! Please!”

Percy cracked one eye open, seeing a soft smile on Annabeth’s face. She had noticed what was going on, or at least, she had guessed. This happened more than Percy would like to admit.

With one last deep breath, Percy responded, “What?”

He didn’t mean it to come out so snappy, but it did. There was nothing he could do to change that, so he just continued on without apologizing. Honestly, couldn’t he just get some vacation time for once?!

“We need your help, my lord! There’s been a bombing on the Brooklyn Bridge! It’s going to collapse! I have friends who live in the East River!” the fish hurriedly rushed out.

That peaked his attention. No matter how annoying it could be, Percy was still the son of Poseidon, and that meant he had a natural instinct to protect the ocean. Or any bodies of water, really. So there was really no other option for him other than to leave his beautiful girlfriend so that he could help the inhabitants of the East River.

“Perce?” Annabeth inquired, already clearly knowing what was about to be said to her.

Percy sighed, “Annabeth...”

Annabeth tried to give him a reassuring smile, but Percy could see through it, “It’s okay. I understand. Go help. I’ll still be here when you get back.”

Percy gave her an apologetic smile before giving her a quick peck on the lips, “I love you so much! I’ll be quick! I promise!”

“If only I could believe that,” she muttered. Annabeth thought he hadn’t heard, but he did.

Even so, he brought Annabeth to the beach and popped the bubble before jetting off with Marlin pulled alongside him. He knew that eventually he would have to part ways with the small fish, but for now, Percy needed the whole story.

“Ok, what happened? I need to know what I’m walking into,” he said.

If it was possible, Marlin took a deep, calming breath before saying, “There was a psycho on the bridge with a bomb strapped to his chest. He stopped traffic, and kept ranting about how he was going to bring the truth to the surface and that, and I quote, ‘You mortals are blind to the truth.’ Then, there was an explosion and the bridge became unstable. That was ten minutes ago.”

Wow, Percy thought, That’s a lot of description coming from a clownfish.

“Thanks. Was it a mortal with the bomb?” he asked.

“Yes. At least, that’s what the pigeon said. Word travels fast in the ocean, and not a lot of it is true. I just told you what I heard,” Marlin answered.

That’s when Percy realized that it was time to let Marlin go. They were already far from the fish’s probable home, and soon enough, it would become nearly-impossible for the animal to find his way home again.

“That’s good, but you should head back now. I can take it from here. I’ll propel you a little ways so you have a head start. Thanks again for the warning,” Percy told Marlin before using his powers to shoot the fish away.

Percy sped up to his maximum speed for the rest of the way, so it only took about five minutes.

When he got there, the place was a fiasco. Between animals crying out to him in distress or relief and the screams from the humans on the bridge, Percy could barely hear himself breathe. There was so much panic!

But he had been in situations like this before. He knew how to handle this. Heck, he had been in the middle of two wars! He could handle a little bombed bridge! Yeah...

“Ok, guys. I suggest you all move towards the floor. I’m about to do something really big, probably stupid, and most definitely dangerous for you if you don’t move,” Percy yelled to all of the sea creatures around him.

They instantly followed his instructions. Normally, that would bother Percy, them just doing whatever he tells them to, but he was a little busy with the rapidly-deteriorating bridge above him.

Once all of the animals were safe, Percy shot up to the shore. What he was about to do was best done without him in the water, even if that’s where he’s the most powerful.

Sending a little prayer to the East River Spirit and his father, Percy raised his hands until they were out directly in front of him. Feeling the all too familiar tug in his gut, Percy willed thousands of gallons of water to rise with his arms until it was hanging right below the bridge. Beads of sweat were already dripping off of Percy’s forehead, but he refused to let anyone get hurt further, so he fought on. It’s not like this was the most strenuous thing he’s ever done with his powers before.

He could hear screams as increasingly larger pieces of the bridge continued to fall. Percy let the water catch all of the pieces, leaving the rest of the water free of any more pollution.

Taking one, huge breath, Percy directed the water to rise until it was completely covering the entire bottom of the bridge. Maybe some people noticed the giant body of water hovering below the Brooklyn Bridge, but they were all too focused on GETTING OFF of the bridge, rather than what was giving them more time.

Percy allowed the water to seep into every crack in the bridge, and then another possibly-stupid idea came to him, so he went with it. Percy made his hands into fists and focused hard on changing the water’s viscosity, until it was a glue or gel-like substance. It took a lot out of him, but he managed to get it done.

Once it was over, he slowly, very slowly, lowered his hold over the liquid, praying to all the gods that he could think of that it worked. If it didn’t, lots of people would die, and it would be on his hands.

Anyway, it worked! Percy let out a giant sigh of relief when he saw the structure was holding form. Suddenly imagining Annabeth’s face if he was late made him rush back into the water with only a small glance around to check that nobody saw him do anything. Tyche seemed to be on his side that night because it seemed that nobody had even noticed that a shirtless, barefoot eighteen year old was standing on the edge of the East River. Then again, it was New York, so this wouldn’t exactly be the weirdest thing around.

Unbeknownst to Percy, there were cameras on the bridge, and not all of them had been damaged. Not all of them were facing away from the East River, either.

Nicholas Fury was not a man used to waiting, and that is exactly what he was doing. For the past three hours!

There had been a bombing on the Brooklyn Bridge, and normally, this would be below SHIELD’s paygrade, but something else happened at the event for someone to feel the need to call them in. Apparently, the East River up and lifted in the air, turned into goo, and held the bridge together until everyone could be safely evacuated. The thing is, nobody could figure out how it happened. Nobody!

All of SHIELD’s resources at their hands, and none of his agents knew what to say. Hell, even he was having trouble figuring it out. Not that he would tell anyone that though.

However, Fury was on his way to the scene of the incident, and therefore he was confident the issue would be resolved soon.

When he got there, he was surprised to find that they had actually been able to drive all the way onto the bridge. He had assumed that it was too unstable to hold any more weight. Whatever the substance was that was holding it together was really strong. Inhumanly strong...

Fury went straight to the head agent on the case, Agent Greenaway, “What’s the status?”

“Director, sir, the substance seems to be some sort of glue. Witnesses recalled seeing a huge mass of water rising under the bridge before it stopped shaking. We can assume that the missing water from the East River was turned into the goo. It is an unknown substance and so far, all we know is that it has extreme adhesive qualities,” Greenaway answered.

Fury thought about that. There was no way that the water just did that on its own. Something, or someone, caused it to happen. Someone extremely powerful, and that meant extremely dangerous, too.

Without another word, Fury started to examine the scene. It was obvious where the blast originated from, and he could see where the glue seeped into the cracking asphalt. He knelt down and gently touched the gel. When he pulled his hand back, nothing was stuck to it. The gel could be squished, but it was not sticking to him. Odd, he thought.

As he stood back up, a flash of metal caught his eye. When he turned to investigate, he found that it was a security camera, and where there’s one, there’s more. That was perfect. Now they had video footage of what happened there.

“Greenaway!” he shouted, “Bring me all of the footage of the event from the cameras. Top priority!”

With a simple ‘Yes, sir!’, Greenaway was off completing his orders.

Deciding that he had seen enough, Fury headed back to his car, telling the driver to take him back to headquarters. He could bet that there would be an email with the camera footage in his inbox by the time he got back. That’s just how SHIELD does things.

Sure enough, when he sat down in his office, it was there, waiting for him to watch. Quickly, he discarded the unimportant ones that clearly were not showing what he needed. All he was seeing was traffic, the bombing, and people rushing to get off the bridge. No suspicious activity whatsoever! That is, until he came upon the footage facing the edge of the river. It was grainy and hard to make out, but he could vaguely see a figure coming out of the water. That alone would raise suspicion.

As he kept watching, Fury found that his eyes were going in and out of focus, like something was blocking his vision. Every so often, the figure would just disappear, but then it would reappear seconds later, blurry as ever.

More confusion.

He watched as the figure, now most certainly a young man, raised his arms and the water followed. Obviously, this man could manipulate water, and lots of it.

Great. Another enhanced who thought he could save the world! Like Fury didn’t already have enough on his plate to deal with before.

“Hill!” he called, and when the agent in question entered he said, “Find out who this is. I want everything on him. Even what his favourite food is, got it? This is a Level 10 operation. We have an 0-8-4 on our hands...”

Hill looked taken aback for a second, but she quickly recovered, “Got it, sir. I’ll get it done.”

“Good. You’re dismissed,” Fury ordered.

As she left, Fury’s thoughts filled with the endless possibilities of this unknown man’s origin. Was he an alien? An experiment? Or worse...was he something else?

How was it? Let me know in the comments! Also, please review, follow, and like. Happy reading and stay safe!

- your author

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