Do not read if you are not over 18 〰 short one shots with nowhere else to go.

Erotica / Romance
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“Yoongi! Stop!”

“Not my name, baby.” You winced as the crack of his palm slapping against your skin came again. You let out a cry. You could still hear the laughter of everyone else in the other room.

“Daddy!” You were begging him, tears streaming down your face. Ass red from his slaps, light bruises beginning to form.

He immediately thrusted 2 fingers back into your soaked cunt, cream surrounding his fingers and leaking out of you. He had had you in this position for the last 30 minutes and had no sign of letting up anytime soon.

“You think you can talk back to me in front of my friends like that?” His words were darkened with anger. His fingers constantly pumped out of you and back into you as his other hand pulled your cunt apart so he could get a better view of himself finger fucking you. Your wrists were bound tight behind your back with his belt, the leather threatening to cut off your circulation.

“Daddy! Stop! I’m sorry! Please!” You shook your legs as he started rolling you into yet another orgasm. Your eyes rolled back as you went silent, that was his cue that you were cumming again.

“Such a fucking bad little girl. Daddy’s been letting you get away with talking back for far too long.” He didn’t stop even after your orgasm had washed over you. This was the cause of your tears streaming down your face: the overstimulation.

“Stop fucking crying. You and I both know you were acting up because you wanted this, so be a good fucking girl and take it.”

“Stop. Please!”

“Keep crying and I’ll have them come in here and watch how fucking pathetic you are.”
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