Crazy in Love [Taekook]


"H-Hyung where is appa?" He asked trembling "Don't worry Taehyungie, Hyung won't let anyone who hurt you live comfortably" - - "What d-did you do?" "I killed him, for you. Now will you believe my love?"

Romance / Thriller
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01 - His Sanity

“Why the hell am I here in this stinky place?” A ten year old Jungkook asked coldly to his so called father Kim Minjun who instead of answering, ignored the true blood.

Jungkook gritted his teeth annoyed that someone dared to ignore him, a freaking true blood Alpha.

Though he maybe only a ten year old child from the outside but from the inside he was a crazy insane child who loved anything sadistic.

He was like that from the start.

he knew that he was not the child of the noble Kim Minjun and Kim Suri because the blood inside him was that of a demon. But still he stayed with the Kims and believed all their lies about how Suri had herself given birth to him and blah blah.

It was all nonsense and he knew that well but he kept quiet letting those dumb wolves think that he was just an introverted kind boy who would never harm anyone.

He wanted to kill his fake father for not answering, pierce those eyes out for not looking at him, slice those fingers out for tapping and making that irritating sound.

Mostly he wanted to kill the new member that was coming into their small family.

While Jungkook was planning a murder inside his head, Minjun was walking here and there head clad in worry and stress.

It was not in his intention to ignore Jungkook, He was just so stressed about his pregnant wife that he actually didn’t hear a word the boy said.

Its been a hard time for Minjun from the last nine months. Suri was an alpha wolf and it was mostly impossible for female alphas to get pregnant and that was why they adopted Jungkook. His innocent bambi eyes instantly attracted the Kims towards him. They were a small happy family but then Suri got pregnant and Minjun was so happy to finally have a child of his own but that doesn’t mean that he ignored Jungkook.

Oh no he considered Jungkook as his own child only but that was not the problem. Due to being an Alpha, Suri started experiencing a lot of problems during her pregnancy and right now it was time for the baby to come out but the doctors said that they may not be able to save both the lives together.

Minjun was so scared of what would happen. He couldn’t lose his wife neither their baby. It was like time had stopped for him, His heart was filled with so much anxiousness that he forgot everything around him.

Jungkook glanced at the tensed looking Minjun and at the operation theatre where the caesarean was going on. He pouted sadly, at the thought that he couldn’t see Suri screaming in pain but my her vocals were quite that his sadness banished immediately.

Like any normal person, Minjun’s eyes wettened on hearing his wife scream in pain. His heart heavy with remorse while Jungkook was laughing on the inside.

He loved it, loved every inch of the torture that Suri was going through.


Because he didn’t like the fact that she was carrying his replacement into the family.

He tried so hard to kill that stupid thing inside her but no matter what he did, Suri somehow managed to escape every attack.

And suddenly the screaming stopped and the hospital had pin drop silence. Jungkook raised his eyes brows curiously and peaked into the operation room to see that the nurses where holding a baby in their hands but something was wrong..

Why wasn’t it crying?

Why wasn’t it screaming like babies should?

He frowned confused and abruptly felt a hand on his shoulders.

Jungkook snapped around to see Minjun staring into the room with a bright smile on his face.

“Why is it not crying?” Jungkook asked finally

“Tell me Kook, inhale the scent and tell me why he’s not crying” Minjun said smiling widely

Jungkook frowned again but then suddenly a sweet scent hit him, hit him so hard that his knees gave out. Jungkook inhaled the scent deeply feeling it make his head go dizzy and his felt his sesnses spinning.

“Arghh” he groaned and held his head tightly, everything felt foreign inside him.

“Jungkook are you alright?” Minjun asked worried and knelt down next to his son

“Him, He’s mine.” Jungkook growled, eyes glowing golden

“W-What?” Minjun asked afraid at the sudden change in his son’s body manner

Jungkook ignored Minjun and stomped into the operation room ignoring everyone’s protests. He immediately took the sleeping baby from the nurse’s arms and gazed at the tiny bundle in his small hands.

The baby opened his eyes making Jungkook gasp at the galaxies that held in them.

He was blinded by the brightness in them and how addicted he got to those gorgeous blue eyes.

(Taehyung has natural blue eyes and his wolf has purple eyes like any male omegas do)

The baby gurgled and held out a small hand towards the older, who immediately caught the tiny hand feeling a soothing feeling inside him.

Jungkook watched the baby carefully wondering why he was so affected just by his scent and those eyes...

His usual expressionless face changed into a bright bunny smile when the baby laughed in his arms.

He smiled widely, cooing at how cute the little one’s boxy smile looked.

So small, so pretty and only belonging to him.

he smiled and inhaled the sweet scent coming from the baby, tickling the child in the process.

The baby laughed and Jungkook couldn’t help but smile as well.

Jungkook didn’t know what was happening but he was sure about only one thing.

That this male omega was the only light in his dark life.


Minjun watched the interaction between his both son with heart eyes..

He was so happy that his first son was finally smiling not just holding his usual blank face.

He thanked the moon goddess for making everything go well and for making Jungkook love his son.

But what he didn’t know was that he would soon regret thanking the goddess for making Jungkook love his son.

Because the devil has found his queen.

Now the question is, Will the queen accept his position??

Only time will tell...

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