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What would you feel, when the person who always teased you suddenly court you? Well, it's not that we are really an enemies, actually we were friends; childhood friends to be exact and it's just sometimes he really get on my nerves since we were kids. I really don't know what is his real motives, but one thing for sure I won't fall for his stupid tricks. . . . What would you do, when you fell in love with the person you always teased? I tend to get away, only to be caught and trapped to lived in together. I need to get an answer, maybe a small tricks and things would do. . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DISCLAIMER: FANFICTION ALL CHARACTERS BELONGS TO BITTERSWEET, CHIFFON_CAKE, HIDEKO_SUNSHINE & LAZYSHEEP :) THE PLOT WAS MINE. THANK YOU. SORRY FOR THE WRONG GRAMMAR ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE

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Part 1

“Hey Kao! Come with me I will introduce you to my friends!”

“But P’ Patt... I’m scared”

“Don’t be scared, and I already told you don’t call me P, we are of the same age... geezzzz”


“Follow me! Just leave your teddy on your nanny”

“Nanny can you take care Mr. Teddy for a while?”

“Yes sweety, just go follow your cousin”

“Here!” -Patt wave at me and I came to him

“This is Boonsrie and this is Thitiwat, they are my friends, guys he’s Xiankao my cousin”

“Hi don’t be shy, I’m Boonsrie but you can call me Boon or Bon and this is my cousin, hey introduce yourself”

“Oh, hello your cute, by the way I’m Thitiwat but they call me Ohm for short”

“Hello there, I’m Xiankao you can call me Xian or Kao” - I shyly said them.

“Patt said we were on the same age, don’t be shy with us come let’s play”



“Uurghhh.. what a dream I have" I stir and turned off my alarm and sit up on my bed and stretch. It’s too early it was only 7am and it’s saturday morning and I don’t have anything to do.

It’s been years since I met them, as far as I remember we were only 5 years old when the four of us met and became friends, well our families were also friends so it’s not a big deal. We go to the same school and currently in our last year in high school and we are also planning to enroll to same university even though we chose a different courses.

In our campus they are calling us the Big Four (Boon, Ohm, Patt and me Kao), we were always been together since we were kids and those three sometime get on my nerves when they start to prank and tease me.

Boon was scary and intimidating because of his sharp eyes, so no one messes with him but inside we was a real softy and he was a caring person.

Patt my cousin, was a social butterfly he can mingle easily with others, so when they want to approach our group they always talk with him first, but when he was in bad mood, you better hide.

Ohm was Boon’s cousin he was calm and quiet on the outside but he was the real prankster and a king of tease.

By the way I’m Kao and they call me the Ice Prince since I am cold to others and I really don’t mingle around.

I don’t have many friends because I prefer to be alone than to mingle with others. Well I’m thankful for my cousin for dragging me to met those two. We were on the football club since primary to elementary, but when Boon and Ohm joined the swimming club in junior high and Patt joined the basketball club I lost interest going to the club.

I just contented to stay in the house and read some books. Some times they came in my house barging in to my room and just hanging out with me so that I don’t feel left behind, but these pass few months Ohm was getting on my nerves and I was starting to get irritated with him.

Well, not just these pass few months it was like since we were kids, when the four of us hang outs Boon and Patt were glued at the hips they sticks together always. So Ohm and me would tag along with them, but the two of us always ended up bickering with each other for our different opinions with the topics we are discussing.


“Woah! Hello!” I answer my phone immediately and my thoughts have been gone.

“Hey sleepy head! where are you? We plan to meet at 9AM at the park right?” It was my cousin Patt he always made the plan to meet up since we were young.

“I don’t wanna go” I whined to him.

“Nope! Get your ass here or Ohm will drag you there” he threatened me.

“PATTIDON! geeezzz! I am your cousin why you always side with him?” I said to him I was annoyed a bit.

"Hey! I’m not just your cousin, and the both of your are my bestfriend I am not taking any sides”

“But...” I didn’t finish what I am saying he cut me

“Nope! you come here, and I know even though you hated Ohm for his antics you still consider him as a bestfriend” he said to me and cut the call.

“Aaaaarrrrggghhhhh!!!!" I massage my temple, I really can’t say ‘no’ to my cousin. I get up and get ready to meet them at the park.

You are wondering what happen? Well these pass few month Ohm and I stumble some little arguments that made the two of us don’t talk to each other, and Boon and Patt sense it and they make us spill the beans and both of us earn an earful preaching from both of them. They said that we need to rekindle our friendship, so that it would not affect us in the future.

It’s not that I really hate Ohm, it’s just his stupid pranks that makes my blood boil in irritation. I really don’t know why he have the urges to tease me and prank me. He also teases Patt and Boon but not this much. I wish I can counter him so he would stop his teasing.


I went downstairs after I freshen up to joined our breakfast and to my surprise my dad was here, because he was so busy at the hospital.

“Dad” I shout and run to him and hug him like a koala.

“Oh my Xian! you are so big naaa, my baby boy” Dad said to me while he hug me also.

“Dad, I am not a baby” I pout at him still hugging him. I miss my Dad because he was always away for his work.

“Even you get older you and your siblings will still be my babies” Dad said smiling

“Both of you sit first, before you talk” my mom said to us and we giggled before we take our sits.

Dad was sitting at the center my mom was on the right and I sat beside her, my siblings will take the seat on the left side of my dad when they came.

“So where are you going this early?" my dad asked me

“At the park to meet with the rascals” I answer my Dad and start to eat.

“Language young man” mom reprimand me.

“sorry mom" I said and continue to eat.

“Oh, that’s good to hear, were you and Ohm are all good now?” my Dad asked and I was stunned, how does he know?

“How do I know? Better asked your siblings, Good morning kiddos” my Dad stand up and greet my siblings.

“Dad!” they shout in unison and hug our dad.

“It’s Xandee, she accidentally heard Patt talking to you” my Mom whisper to me

“Mooooommm~~" I whined to her but she just smiled at me.

“Hey P’Xian don’t whined on mom, P’Patt’s voice was loud that we clearly heard it” Xandee said to me and sit beside me.

“Seriously P? You over react when you learned that P’Ohm was the new Captain of their club?” Lander said to me.

“Hey! shut up! I just learned about it” I said to him

“Oh really P? because for all I know P’Ohm was already the Captain since the start of your senior year” Xavier said to me the fact, because he was also in the swimming club.

“Yeah! yeah! And those rascals don’t bother to tell me that they are the captain and vice captain. I am their friend” I snarled to him.

Yep you heard it right Ohm became the Captain of the swimming club and Boon was the Vice Captain and my cousin Patt was the Captain of the Basketball team. Those rascals don’t bother to tell me those important details.

“Language” mom said to me.

“Son, you know them very well they don’t boast around, and you stop joining some clubs when they change their paths” my dad said to me.

“You know me dad I enjoy sports, but not like them” I said to him and he just smile at me.

“We know that very well son, but don’t hate them if sometimes they get into your nerves, especially Ohm” my mom said to me and I gapped at her how did she know?

“How did you know?” I asked her.

“I am not blind Xian, I know that you easily get irritated when he teases you” my mom said

“Look at your face P, your turning into a cherry bomb" Xandee teases me.

“It was like the saying ‘the more you hate, the more you love’ thing” Lander exclaimed and my eyes got widen for what he said.

“What did you say?!” I asked them and they all laugh at me.

“We all know that even though you were friends since kids, its always P’Ohm make your blood boils in irritation, P’Patt and P’Boon always there to stop the both of you from killing each other” Xavier said to me.

“Because he always teases me, mom scold them they were teasing me” I whined to my mom.

“Okay kids, finish your food don’t tease your P to much” my mom said and we back at eating our breakfast.

When we were finish I got up and get my phone and wallet to my room and head down stairs. I met dad on the porch he was going back to the hospital.

“Xian hopped on I would give you a lift to the park” he said to me and I get on the car and we drove off.

“What are your plans for the upcoming entrance exam? What course would you like to take?” my Dad broke the silence asking me.

“Ahmm Dad, was it okay to you if I take up Communication Arts?” I timidly asked

“Oh why asked me? It’s your choice Xian we are only here to support what you really like” Dad smiled at me.

“Thank you Dad”

“By the way about Ohm, I know that both of you were always bickering with each other, but my son please don’t hate each other, he is a good kid” my Dad said to me.

“Yes Dad, I know and I don’t hate him, he was one of my bestfriend you know that” I answer him.

“It’s good to hear that and here we are, oh he was always an early bird” my Dad said when we reach the park and I look only to see Ohm already waiting for us.

"Yes dad, he was always like that” I said to my dad and get out from the car.

“Be careful when you get home later” my dad said to me and I wave to him when he leave to go to the hospital.

I glance to where Ohm is he was sitting on the bench and I can see that he was playing on his phone, well the both of us always early when we planned a meet up. I go to him and sat beside him while we wait for the two rascal to joined us.

He was engrossed to the game that he didn’t notice me sat beside him, I lean my back on the bench and close my eyes for a moment and I don’t know I fell asleep.



Oh Kao, you sleepy head.

Don’t read if you are homophobic and don’t like a ghost ship.
Thank you!

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