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How Remus Met Marlene

Plan R

By the time that Remus got back to the compartment a few hours later, the others had forgotten all about wanting to know who the new prefects were. Peter was gorging on sweets he had bought from the trolley and Sirius and James were discussing their new plans for mischief.

‘Maybe we could get Peeves involved,’ said James.

‘Yeah but how?’ said Sirius, ‘he’s a tricky character.’

‘If we bribe him by giving him an endless supply of dung bombs,’ suggested James, ‘I’d bet he’d be more than happy to help us out.’

‘Hey!’ said Peter, ‘maybe we could get more persuaded to throw some of them at Snivelus.’

‘I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that,’ said Remus getting his book out.

‘You’re not going to be a goody-two-shoes because of that badge are you Moons?’ asked Peter.

‘If you are we might have to disown you from the Marauders,’ said Sirius.

‘Leave him,’ muttered James.

‘No I’m not going to become a teacher’s pet and start reporting you all to McGonagall,’ sighed Remus putting away his book.

‘But, I’m not going to get involved with your bullying Snape or anyone else for that matter. If I read my book I can pretend that I can’t hear you and then not get involved.’

‘You’re still going to help us research new spells and jinxes though arent you Remus?’ asked Sirius.

‘You are arent you?’ begged Peter, ‘you’re the best at finding cool spells! And your the best at teaching us new spells.’

‘Of course, I am,’ chuckled Remus. ‘How can I help it if I teach you a knockback jinx for self-defence, and you use it on Snape, I just don’t want to join in anymore.’

‘We get that Remus,’ said James.

James out of the three friends understood how much Remus had been effected by Sirius’ prank on Severus last year. It had put Remus off pranking for good, Snape had nearly died. Remus might not try to stop his friends from causing mischief or pranking people, but Remus just didn’t want to get involved himself anymore.

‘So give us the dets Remus,’ said Peter.

‘Dets?’ asked Remus confused.

‘Details,’ said Peter, ‘it’s your fault that we know muggle slang.’

‘Firstly,’ said Remus, ‘it’s my muggle cousins fault. Secondly, the details about what?’

‘Prefects,’ said Sirius, ‘we need to know who our enemy are.’

‘Enemy?’ laughed Remus.

‘Since when am I the enemy?’

‘You’re not the enemy Moony,’ said Sirius, ‘no. but we need to know who the new Prefects are, so we can avoid them on the map.’

‘Right,’ said Remus slowly.

‘Well the Slytherins are Evan Rosier, and Pamela Parkinson,’ said Remus.

Peter pretended to gag, and James looked disgusted.

‘Could they have picked worst Prefects?’ asked Sirius, ‘next thing they know Regulus will be a Prefect!’

‘At least Snivelus didnt get a badge,’ smirked James.

‘Hufflepuffs, you’ve got Davey Gudgeon and Katie Mitchell, and then the Ravenclaws are Dirk Cresswell and Catherine Bones.’

‘What about the other Gryffindor?’ asked Peter.

‘Yeah thats the one we’re going to have the most trouble avoiding,’ agreed James.

‘Um er well,’ laughed Remus awkwardly.

‘It’s um Evans, Lily Evans.’

Sirius did a spittake of the pumpkin juice he had been drinking, and James drobbed his guitar in shock.

‘It’s what!’ screamed Peter, James and Sirius.

That evening after dinner, Frank called a meeting of all the Gryffindors before they unpacked. There was excited chatter from all the Gryffindor students who had congregated in the Common Room, catching up with their old friends who they hadn’t seen for a few months. It was so crowded and loud, that people were practically having to sit on each others laps, and having to shout over each other to be heard.

‘Can we have some quiet please!’ called Frank.

‘Oi!’ yelled Fabian Prewett, ‘shut it!’

There was instant silence, apart from the snickering from Fabian’s twin brother Gideon.

‘Thank you Fabian,’ said Frank.

‘First of all, i would like to introduce you all to our new Head Girl, Miss Alice Fawley.’

Frank put his arm around his girlfriend Alice who was standing next to him.

There was a large amount of cheering, and clapping, and even some wolf whistling.

‘Get in Frank!’ cheered Gideon, ‘finally those teachers have got their priorities right!’
‘A head girl who’s hot and powerful!’ exclaimed Fabian

‘Shut up you two or I’ll curse your bits off,’ smirked Alice.

‘Our point exactly,’ beamed Fabian.

Fabian and Gideon backed down, and smirked identically as they leant against the wall.

‘We’ve also got our two new Prefects, Remus Lupin and Lily Evans,’ said Alice. ‘If any of you lot have any problems, just come find one of us Prefects.’

‘Now for the real reason that we’re all here,’ said Frank, ‘as I’m sure you’ve all heard from Dumbledore’s speech, and everytime you open a newspaper, our community is at war, and has been for five years.’

‘We’re not trying to scare you,’ said Alice, ‘we just want you all to be careful. Pay attention in Defence classes so you can defend yourselves.’

‘Don’t trust anyone you don’t know,’ said Frank, ‘always be on your guard.’

‘Especially around Slytherins,’ interjected Sirius.

‘Aren’t your whole family Slytherins, Black?’ laughed Mary McDonald. ‘So by your own logic we shouldn’t trust you!’

‘Say that again McDonald!’ threatened Sirius pulling out his wand.

‘Sirius sit down,’ said Frank, ‘Mary shut up! We’re getting off the point.’

‘What we’re trying to say,’ said Alice, ‘is that you need to be careful, not just around Slytherins, but the other houses too. Just don’t let your guards down.’

‘Even Gryffindors,’ finished Frank.

‘The day that a Gryffindor join the Deatheaters is the day that Hell freezes over,’ called Peter to the sounds of applause and cheers.

‘Just try not to get yourselves in any unnecessary danger,’ said Frank, ‘there’s enough people getting hurt already.’

‘Right,’ said Alice turning to the other four Prefects, ‘Remus, Lily, well done again. As new Prefects, your main job is keeping an eye on the First years.’

‘You guys ok with taking Monday and Thursday night patrol duties?’ asked Frank.

‘Er yeah sure that works,’ said Remus.

‘As long as it doesn’t clash with Charms club,’ said Lily.

‘It won’t, don’t worry,’ laughed Alice.

‘You two should go enjoy your night off,’ said Frank, ‘you start your OWLs in the morning, this is going to be your last night off in a very long time.’

Remus headed off to the dorm, where Peter was unpacking his trunk manually. Sirius was lying on top of his bed idolly ignoring his unpacking that needed doing, and James was rifling through his trunk for his chart.

Remus tapped his own trunk with his wand, clothes and robes flew around the room, and placed themselves carefully on Remus’ bookshelf, and wardrobe. His record player put itself on his bedside table, on top of a stack of records, and next to a few moving photographs.

‘Ok gang,’ said James setting up his flip chart and hanging it on the wall, ‘we are onto Operation Evans, Plan R.’

‘Oh Merlin not this again,’ muttered Sirius.

James had been trying to get Lily to go out with him since their second year. It usually involved elaborate, and carefully planned operations. In Third year for example, James had tried plan J for Jealousy, in this plan James had tried to flirt with as many girls as possible, this had come straight after plan I for Ignore, which was fairly self explanatory, trying to ignore Lily to make her notice him.

None of these plans had worked, and some of them actually made Lily hate James anymore.

‘Come on people,’ said James, ‘we’re running out of time! We’re at war for Merlins sake, we could die tomorrow!’

‘And your point is?’ asked Peter.

‘My point is that I want to kiss Lily Evans, for tomorrow we die!’ yelled James frantically.

‘Alright James,’ said Remus, ‘alright.’

‘So what’s Plan R then?’ asked Sirius propping himself up on his elbows.

James looked at his board, for a moment. He had been thinking about this all Summer, since Plan Q for Quidditch had failed.

‘I have no idea,’ sighed James.

‘James Potter the Plan Master has run out of ideas?’ asked Sirius.

‘Does that mean we can give up?’ asked Peter excitedly.

‘Come on people we need ideas,’ said James, ‘R, R.’

‘Romance,’ suggested Sirius, ‘over romance her, flowers, chocolates the lot, just shower her with gifts.’

‘No thats too similar to Plan P, Presents,’ said Remus, ‘she threw them all in the bin.’

‘That was hilarious!’ laughed Sirius giving Remus a high five.

‘Reading,’ said Peter, ‘Lily loves books, read her favourite books, and discuss them with her.’

‘That might work,’ mused Remus.

‘Sounds like too much hard work to me,’ said James.

‘Seconded!’ agreed Sirius, ‘what with the exams, we need no extra reading.’

‘Plan R, Plan R,’ said James pacing back and forth.

‘Reading, rowing, romance, radishes, Remus.’

‘Wait,’ he said stopping pacing, ‘Remus. Plan Remus!’

‘What?’ asked Remus confused.

‘Plan Remus,’ nodded Peter.


‘Well Lily doesn’t hate you right?’ said Peter.

‘What are talking about?’ asked Remus.

‘Well you don’t get on Lily’s nerves,’ said Sirius, ‘she can’t stand to be in James or I’s company for more than two minutes.’

‘Yeah,’ laughed Peter, ‘she doesn’t love James, she loathes him!’

‘Thanks Peter,’ grumbled James, looking completely miserable.

Remus sighed, he thought that James’ plans were ridiculous, but he hated to see James looking so miserable.

‘What’s the plan then?’ asked Remus.

‘Well as your a Prefect now you’re going to have ot spend a lot more time with Evans,’ said Sirius.

‘Just become friends with her,’ said James, ‘maybe she’ll realised the rest of us aren’t so bad either, and you know maybe talk me up once in a while.’

‘Alright fine i’m in,’ sighed Remus.

‘But i’ve got one condition, if it fails, we move onto plan S, which does not stand for Sirius gets a Shot.’

‘Damn it,’ muttered Sirius under his breath.

‘S if for Sincere and Straight. Tell her how you feel, drop the elaborate plans, and just be honest with her and spend some time with her as a person, if Plan S doesn’t work, none of the others will.’

‘Thank you!’ said James giving Remus a huge hug, ‘you are the best friend in the entire world!’

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