This Time I'm Ready To Run.

Chalk Welcome

‘Good morning Bloss, get ready, I’ll be in the car. Take your time.’

What a pleasant way to wake up.

At 7 in the morning.

This man likes to wake me up early, doesn’t he?

I turn off my phone to do exactly what he says. I brush my teeth, wash my face. Now I need to get dressed. My least favourite part of the day. I know I’ve already made that obvious but, it doesn’t hurt to say it again, right?

My original plan was to just throw some things on, but last time that didn’t go well. Either way, my plan isn’t going to plan as the plan wasn’t waking up to a message at 7 am. Blossom, you’re getting off-topic. It’s not that hard, take a top, take some jeans, then go.

I am limited to two options. My yellow-mustard dress or, my Winnie The Pooh jumper.

I’ll take the dress, thanks.

So I slide the dress over my body and do my hair. My second least favourite thing about my day. My hair is mixed race, making it hard to style at times. Bloss, just deal with it. People would expect me to be an expert as I’ve had this hair for around all my life.

I put my hair into a high ponytail. I look very bland. I have a red-orange bandana? Good enough, Bloss. I tie the bandana in my hair, then go on a journey, that only lasted around half a minute, to my black converses.

Finally, I exit the house.

I open the car door to be accompanied by Harry. “Where we going, Harry?” I look in the car mirror to check my hair. I probably look like an idiot. “Does my hair look okay?” I feel Harry’s eyes on me. I turn over to see him staring at me. “Do I look okay?” His eyes gravitate to my dress. What is wrong with him? What’s wrong with me, I’m the one he’s looking at. “Harry!” No reply “Harry, please answer me!” I plead.

He blinks twice then shakes his head. I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t like it. I give him a ‘what are you doing’ face. “You look wonderful, love.” He gives off his dimply smile and turns to the wheel. “I’d like to take you somewhere, I won’t tell you until we get there.”

“Why so early?” That sounded very improper. It made more sense in my head.

“It’s a long drive.”

“How long?”

“Very long.”

“But how long is the drive Harry,”

“3 Hours.”

I snort. I must have heard that wrong. 3 WHOLE hours. “What? 3 hours?! Harry, you cannot be serious!” His face stays how it is. He’s telling the truth. Oh. God. I take deep breaths in and out. “Okay. Okay, I can do this. Blossom, you’ll be fine, 3 hours isn’t that long.” I turn to Harry who seems to be containing his laughter.

I said that out loud, didn’t I?

My cheeks turn red. I want this car to devour me. “Love, I was thinking about it and I was about to take you back to yours but I didn’t want you to leave me, so...” My cheeks are going to fall off. They’re too red. Blossom, how many times do I have to tell you, ‘things don’t simply Fall Off.’ Either way, that’s one of the nicest things someones ever said to me.

“You alright, love?” I turn to him and see he’s turned to me. He rolls his lips in and looks directly at my face. And I don’t know if it’s good or bad. He looks at my eyes, my lips, cheeks, forehead, chin.

Dimples appear. “Yes, I’m okay, Harry.”

And just like that, we are heading into the unknown.

We arrive in this small place, 3 hours later. He helps me out of the car then we start walking. I have no idea where we are. At all. It’s very nice. “Follow me, love.” He takes out his hand. Should I take it or leave it. Blossom Harriet. Are you stupid? You take the thing, dummy. You will most certainly get lost. I take the hand and he leads me into a shop. We walk into the fruit area and he picks up some strawberries and chalk. What is he doing?

Hand not leaving mine, he takes me elsewhere. After around 20 minutes of continuous walking and bickering about where he’s taking me, we arrive at this grassed area, with this brick bridge covered in chalk and paint, some of it was more washed away than others.

Who else is confused? I am. Bloss, no one else is in your head. “You like it here?” He asks. I mean yes, I do, but I fell asleep in the car so I have no idea where we are.

He lets go of my hand.

“I do, Harry, but where are w--”

“Shhh.” Rude. I turn around to see him not there. I turn around again. I still can’t hear or see him.

“Harry?” I say. There’s no response. “Harry please, I don’t want to get lost again.” I plead. There’s still no response. He can not of gotten that far. Maybe he wanted to chuck me away so he took me to a random location. Bloss- I don’t even know what to say.

“Harry, this isn’t funny.” With still no response I check everywhere. Under the arches of the bridge where the marked bricks are.

‘Thanks for being you’

‘We hope you are happy always.’

What is this place?

I twirl around reading all the messages in fascination and curiosity. I’ve been placed in unfamiliar surroundings and I have no idea where we are. I mean Harry is. “BOO,” I scream at the sight of Harry. I fall to the floor, and look up at him.

And giggle.

His fly is undone. Completely open.

What should I say? Should I say? Here goes nothing. “Harry,” I clear my throat, my face turning red. “Your f-” I can’t do this. Someone needs to tell him. “YourFlyIsUndone.” I hope he understood that. I barely could. I get up from the floor, and try and check if there are any grass marks on me. I don’t think there is.

He looks down at himself and chuckles. He knew, didn’t he? He has done this deliberately. “Oh yeah,” I see his hand going down, so I cover my face with my own hands. I didn’t peak. I didn’t what to the peak.

I hear him pick the chalk and stra--

Wait. What if he bought the chalk to draw on the wall? I cannot wait! What if it’s not Bloss. I won’t get my hopes up. I remove my hands from my eyes. “You figured it out yet?” He asks, displaying his dimples perfectly. I shake my head no. I mean, all the clues he gave me is that he knows where we are. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have bought us here. “Turn around.” My mouth opens.


I turn around slowly.

‘We love you, Harry! TPWK.’

I turn back around.

“Welcome to my home. Homles Chapel.”

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