This Time I'm Ready To Run.

Moments away

“Welcome to my home. Homles Chapel.”

Oh. My jaw unhinges and falls to the floor as I see Harry’s warm, welcoming smile and his luminous dimples appear. That explains the filled up wall of messages. My heart returns to its normal pace, slowly taking in the new information- I’m at Harry’s hometown.

Until he steps one step further.Very quickly, my heart races, lungs squeezing in a cramped space. Help. He’s so close. I look at him. I don’t know what to do.“I’m surprised you didn’t find out sooner.” I still have no clue what to do. I don’t mind being close, but his eyes are so green and his jaw so sharp, you freeze up.

I freeze still unsure of what to do. He gets closer. I feel his warm breath against my ear. “Are you okay, love? You’re pink.” He whispers. I mean, no I’m not okay! You took me to your hometown, now you’re less than a centimetre away from touching my face! Blossom, he can’t hear you.

I attempt to stand up straight. I do a weak smile. What do I say? Emma is usually good at these types of situations. What would she do? “Yes, I’m perfectly fine,” I say. I think Emma would’ve said that. I twirl around going even pinker. “I just... why would you bring me here?” why did I say that. And the way I said that was so rude. “I mean, thank you for taking me here. I appreciate it, it’s beautiful, wonderful, spectacular, amazing, but I’ll probably trip up, fall somewhere and blow everything up. Why would you trust me here?” I really need to get out of the habit of rambling.

His bright dimples appear while he starts walking. “Love, the real question is, why wouldn’t I take you here?” Why?Why?Because I will at least kill 3 people.

I chuckle at his question. I mean, he can’t be serious, right?“Because, Harry, you are you and I’m me. I can barely navigate my way around your house without getting lost or tripping up, let alone navigate my way round your hometown.”

“You probably have had to get used to many of hometowns." He’ll never know how wrong he is.“I mean, you’ve probably had many of people’s homes that you’ve had to get used to. Like your boyfriend, what about you--”

“Nope!” I run in front of him. We’re not going down that path.“I don’t have a boyfriend.” Why does he look so confused? It’s simple, I’m unattractive and quite frankly a hot mess, to simply have a boyfriend. Plus, I dumped my ex from Oxford, James. “Let’s just say, one guy from Oxford tried to take away something I’ve had all my life.”

“What did Oxford Guy try to take away? Money? Your house?” How do I tell him without telling him? It’s not a simple thing to discuss, especially in the middle of nowhere, where he used to be as a kid.

“No, nothing like that. Something that everyone is born with.” That’s okay, right? I see Harry look even more confused than before. “I’m not saying it out loud.” He raises his eyebrows.

I mouth the word, going red like a balloon.

Harry surely knows now.“Ohhh. Virgin--” I slap my hand over his mouth stopping us from our tracks. Whilst I go even redder.


He removes my hand from his face, holding it down in front of us. “Why would he do that?” I shrug. I start shaking slightly. I mean it happened, it’s a thing of the past. “I’m sorry, love.” We start to walk again. Let me correct that: I start walking again. He has other plans. “Blossom.”

He stops me from walking forward. He makes me face his way. I am going pink.

“Please, whatever happens, ever,” Harry, get to the point. “Let someone who loves you, who truly loves you as a person, take that from you.” I stay still, unable to process much. “Whether this be in decades, or tomorrow, or months away, if this person loves you wholeheartedly, you’d love to spend the rest of your life with, let him be the one who takes that away.”

I feel my heart pound in my chest. How can someone be this nice? My jaw drops on the floor as I try to contain the tears that want to go past. “Promise?” He asks, looking me straight into my eyes.


And we start walking again.

We walk over to a bed of trees closeby. He let’s go of my hand, and I see his smile appears on his face, make one appear on mine too. “I had my first kiss here.” He walks over to the specific tree, placing his palm on it. “Was pretty steamy,” He nods to himself.

I release a chuckle whilst walking over to him. “How old were you?” I think that’s a valid question. It’s a question I don’t know and if he asked me, I wouldn’t be able to answer as I didn’t have my first kiss until ‘Oxford Guy’ as Harry names him.

“Around 12 I think.” How can kissing at the age of 12 be steamy?! All I can imagine is two people placing slobbery kisses on each other. Fair enough, I’ve never been lucky enough to have a proper kiss with a proper boy, at the age of 12, it can’t be half good, right?

“How can you have a steamy kiss at that age?” I blurt out. He turns to me and chuckles, so I return with a smile. His smile brightened. Was that because of me? No. It can’t be. Yes, it can Bloss, it wasn’t because of you, there’s probably a dog behind you. I turn around.No dog. Only me.

Maybe he thought of a joke?

“I was inexperienced, so it was very much steamy.”

We arrive at this house. Only meaning one thing. This is his home. The home where his mother is. Why did he bring me here? I’m breaking them. I don’t want to ruin anything.

Hand in hand, we make it over to the door. “Harry, I can’t!” I say in a hushed tone. “I’m going to ruin everything! Why did you bring me here? I should just get a taxi and go.” My hands get more sweaty with every word I say. My anxiety is creeping up.Help.All the air has left Homles Chapel and it’s all on me.

“Love, firstly, if I think you’d mess up, I would’ve sent you home. Secondly, my family is welcoming and will love you. And thirdly, the only reason you’re here is that I didn’t want you to go and for us to never meet again.” I go pink to his words. I feel is palms rub my arms for comfort. “Please?”

What would Emma do? I mean Emma would have done it a long time ago, but if she was in the situation...? Blossom, she’d say yes. I hesitantly say yes without thinking. Too late now.“Okay, but if I do break anything, it’s on you.” In all honesty, the only reason I’m so nervous is the fact I’m meeting his parents.

As soon as you know it, I’m through the door.

As soon as you know it, I’ve walked in Harry’s childhood.

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