This Time I'm Ready To Run.

For Cough Sake

Update: We’re going back.

Another update: It’s my fault.

Completely my fault.

I have the flu. My body is throbbing and my head spins every few seconds as if I’ve been on a rollercoaster. Normally I love rollercoasters. On this very rare occasion: I hate them. I completely and utterly despise them. I can’t and won’t, as it’ll take too long, explain how much I hate rollercoasters right now. Though, this is all a metaphor and quite frankly irrelevant to the fact that I’m ill.

Now, it didn’t just appear. It’s been 3 days since Harry kissed me. It started just being achy then I started to be snotty and now it’s only getting worse. “Would you like anything love? You okay?” Harry asks behind the steering wheel. I shake my head no before we turn a sharp corner. “You sure? Ice-cream, painkillers?”

I shake my head no again. “It’s okay, Harry, don’t get me anythi-”

“Blossom...” He says for what seems like years. He must be out of breath. “I can tell you’d like the ice-cream...” He holds the last symbol for a few more decades and then catches a breath again. I don’t know how he is not unconscious but we’ll let it slide.

“Harry, no. I’d love some bu-”

“Simple, I’ll be back.” He cuts me off. I was about to say: that doesn’t mean I need it. I think that’s valid. With the painkillers, I know for a fact he has some at his, which is the place I’m assuming we’re going to next. Where else are you going to go, Bloss?

“No, wait,” I say holding his wrist. I know I’m not going to win this fight as I’d love ice-cream and painkillers as of now. And plus, when do I ever win? And, I’m not complaining. “If you go at least let me give you...” I go searching for my bag. I take out £10 and show it to him. If getting food, I’m paying. I’m not a bloodsucking leech that’s wants everything. In all honesty, I want my own life, not other people’s. Now thinking about it, I never finished my sentence.

“What are you doing?” He chuckles. I thought he wasn’t blind.

“What does it look like? Maybe giving you some money to buy some ice-cream?” He chuckles again.

“Nope, I’m paying. Cookie-dough Ice-cream? Your favourite?” He asks.

“No Harry. Please. Let me give it to you. You can’t keep paying for me, it’s not fair.”

“Impossible, love,” He smirks. I think I’m 100% right in saying that he can’t always pay for me. I’m me and I have some money. Enough for myself. I certainly don’t need Harry to pay for me.


Before I could finish, he is out of the car door.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful and everything. How could I not be? But I am capable of paying for things. It’s the ice-cream I’m going to eat so, it’s the ice-cream I’m going to pay for. Right? Blossom, you could’ve said that beforehand, now he’s gone.

Now thinking about it, I say lot’s of smart things in my head and never say them aloud. But then again I say lot’s of stupid things in my head that I’ll never say out loud.

The car’s warm. Warmer than the outside. Quieter than the outside, too. Some people love to be out there and enjoy loud places. I would much rather enjoy quieter places where no one can be judged at all. I find safety in those places. But I hate libraries. They are oddly quiet. People are there, people are moving yet not a sound is made. People have voice boxes yet you are forbidden to make noise. I very much dislike it there.

My very valid point is, I have enough money.

Nevermind, I don’t have much.

I need to get a job.

I pick up my almost-dead phone and search. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

I could work at McDonalds? No, no, I’m not working there. Never.

KFC?Nope. We’ll just not work in any fast-food chain.

A cafe? I mean, I can make pretty good cappuccinos... I’m sounding like the girl in books and movies. I don’t want to be one of those.

Library.No. No. Nope. Not a chance. Not even a thought. 100% no. I would rather work on a farm then do that. No offence to farmers.

Then, my screen shuts off.

It’s dead.

“I got you 2 pots instead as there was only two left.”

Harry’s back. With 2 pots instead of one.Even more reason for me to pay. He reaches over the wheel and passes me some tissues, painkillers and 2 pots of cookie-dough ice-cream. “I didn’t want the other pot to be lonely so I bought it as well. It’s all yours, love.”

I can’t let him give me 2 pots. In search of the £10 note again, I say my first words. “Harry, no, I can’t. Please just take the stupid money.” I say now whipping it out at him. He stares at me and sighs.

“Love,” He gets into his seat. “You are ill.” Pointing out the obvious.“I want to take care of you,” The car starts moving.“Don’t worry, love.” He smiles then turns a corner.

“Harry, take care of me all you want if that’s what you want to do, but that doesn’t mean you pay for me. I’m fine by myself. I promise you.” He hums and turns yet another corner. I’m not going to win this, am I? I sigh. “Okay, next time Harry, I’m paying. Okay?”

“Alright, love.” He concentrates on the road, his jaws moving as he chews his chewing gum. I got so lucky, didn’t I? I mean, Harry and I aren’t dating. At all. But to have the chance to sit here in his car being ill is a thing people could only dream of. And, for me, it’s not a dream, it’s reality. I’ve become friends with the kindest human being to exist. I am so, so lucky. I don’t deserve this.

I’m sure he’s not that perfect.

“We’re 20 minutes away.” He says, driving along.

I am lucky for him to look after me. I am lucky to meet the sweetest, kindest family in the world. My world has changed so quickly and sometimes I still refuse to believe that I’m not dreaming. I mean, his dimples shine when they show, his jaw is sharp and perfect, his heart is pure, he’s down-to-earth. He’s just the most amazing human being ever. And he’s right in front of me.7 Billion people in the world and I somehow ended up with this curly head.

“You happy?” Huh? I turn to Harry, dragging me out of my daydreams. “You’re humming.” Huh? No, I wasn’t. I don’t hum.

I go the colour of a strawberry. Oh. God.“No, I don’t hum,” I say. My hands become extremely fascinating all of a sudden.

“You were just humming, love.” No. “You always seems to hum when you look your happiest.” He smiles, dimples deeper than the ocean. That was dramatic, Blossom.



“No, Harry.”


“No, that’s weird.”

“Then I like weird, love.”

I stare at him and my mouth drops. He likes, weird. I called it weird. He likes me? No. Why? “Huh? But that doesn-”

“It doesn’t have to make sense love.” He smiles.

I guess that settles it then.

We arrive home, no troubles no mess, no anything. Other than my aching limbs. I pick up the melting ice cream and painkillers from my lap and bring them to the door where Harry is waiting for me with his black sunglasses on his head. He opens the door and rushes off. That was odd.

I slip off my shoes and take off my coat. Although I love it at Anne’s, I also love it here. It’s nice to be back. I walk over to the stairs. “Hey, love,” Harry walks out of the kitchen.

“Hey? You okay?” He smiles nervously and passes over a glass of water. What’s gone on with this man? “Harry? What’s going on?” I say nervously, my body so numb I forget about my flu.

“Nothing. Nothing right now, love.” I look at him. He looks so nervous. His eyes look cold with fear. This is not the Harry I’ve seen before. Not the nice, innocent boy. He looks like a scared, lost man.

“Harry you seem so nervous...” He stays silent. Even more strange.“You sure?”

He nods and looks up the stairs. My eyes follow. Nothing’s there. “Love, you’re ill.”

“I know I’m ill, Harry. Tell me what’s going on!” I croak.


“Harry you’re hiding something!”

“I don’t hide things.”

“Why. I don’t trust you.” His face drops even more as I realise what I’ve said. I have no reason not to trust him.

“Nothing’s going on love! I promise,” he bites his lip. “Love, you okay? You don’t need to rest?”

“No Harry.”

And I run upstairs as if he never existed.

And god it hurt.

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