This Time I'm Ready To Run.

Cafe Boy

I wake up in the spare bedroom of Harry’s house. I grumble as I jump out of my bed. Usually, I’d just sleep in but, today is special.

I’ve never been to a job interview before. This could go good or bad.

Today I can make no mistakes. If I stutter, misplace myself, or mutter anything under my breath they could very easily say no. I could very easily trip up and they’ll tell me to make a trip back home. If I stutter they could think I’m weird. So, I have absolutely no room for mistakes.

I get dressed, brush my teeth, have a shower and wait.

I stare at the clock intensely, biting my nails as the devil’s butterflies flutter in my stomach as if their lives depend on it. Are you meant to be this nervous? What if I get the wrong address? What if I’m late? Thoughts muster up in my head making my heart rate increase rapidly.

“Love,” Harry says rubbing my back beside me. “The worst they’ll say is that you don’t have the job, don’t worry about it,” I say nothing as the seconds tick by. “I promise you, it’ll be alright.”

“But Harry, you know what I’m like, I stumble, I stutter, I turn into a mess and mutter things under my breath without knowing I’ve said a word. That’s just me.”

“Love, it’ll be alright, trust me.”

I refuse to say another word as I’m too focused on the annoyingly loud clock on the wall.

The ticks get louder and louder as the time goes by, whilst my heart is beating like it’s never beaten before, my stomach twisting, jaw clenching.

“Blossom Harriet.”

“Good morning,” I put out my trembling hand “This must be Kelsey Brown,” She takes my hand.

I take a seat. “Nice to meet you,” I say. She takes a seat opposite me as she looks at her papers. She can probably tell I’m nervous. I give the brightest smile possible as she looks away from the papers, straight into my soul. Bloss, don’t overreact.

“Nice to meet you too,” She smiles. I fiddle with my thumbs. “How are you?” She asks.

Then, my head goes blank. Blossom, this is basic communication skills. “Great,” I stammer.

“So, why are you choosing to apply for the job?”

Good question. My mouth goes dry. What am I meant to say to that? I don’t really have an answer.

I’m going to improvise. This could rather ruin it, or make it work my favour. “Well, Ms Brown-”

“Just call me Kel,”

"Kel," I look down at my lap “Well, Kel, I saw you were short of staff,” What else should I say? “And...” Deep thoughts. Nope. “Nope, I got no other reason. Just because you were short of staff,” I do the weakest smile.

I mean it didn’t go terribly.

“How many hours a day are you able to work?”

“Pretty much every day.” A little informal, don’t you think? I straighten my back. To act more polite?

“And what would you do if you encounter a rude customer?”

“I suppose, I’d be as polite as possible and try and serve them.”

“What would you do if the store is overfilling and there’s not enough staff?”

“I’d- I,” Talk then. “Well, I’d-”

“May I ask if you’ve been in a job interview before?” I go red. How did she know? Was it that obvious?

I shake my head and look down at my clammy hands.

“Why do you want the job?” She leans on her paper looking directly at me.

My head shoots up as I know exactly why. “Well, Ms- I mean Kel,” not a great start. “I am tired of living off of everyone around me. It gets exhausting and embarrassing.”

The door swings open and there in front of me is someone I thought I’d never see again.

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