This Time I'm Ready To Run.

DayDream: 3


“You see these stars?” Her father asks, sat on the table outside. She nods in fascination “One day, these stars will align. You may never see it, but you’ll feel it,” Luna slowly looks at her amazing father “You’ll feel it, here,” He presses her heart “And here,” He tickles her small stomach, making her squeal with joy.

“What do you feel?”

“Happiness, joy, love. Home. It feels amazing, Luna.”

“Have your stars aligned, daddy?”

“Yes, do you know why?” She shakes her head, looking back up at the stars “Because of you, your mother and your baby brother.” Luna blushes and grabs his dark, warm hands.

“Lunie, bedtime!” Her mother calls out from the door behind them. She gets up from her position on the table and skips inside.

“Can I see baby Tobias?” Luna asks her mother.

“Okay, then it’s bedtime after, okay?” Without a word, Luna runs into her baby brother’s bedroom him laying peacefully awake in his crib.

She leans over the crib to see Tobias’ oak eyes. He raises his squirming hands, entwining it with her moon necklace that her father gave her. She feels proud to be the sister of Tobes.

"One day, my stars will align for you,” She whispers to him.

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