This Time I'm Ready To Run.

DayDream: 4


“Lunie!” She shouts from the bathroom across from where Luna way playing.

Luna skips happily to her mother. “Can you please take care of Tobias, you’re dad’s at the door,”

Luna accepts. Luna loves her dad. He’s the one who gave her the necklace. The moon bracelet. She was excited for her stars to align. Very excited.

She stares down at her baby brother who is lying there in the baby bath. Luna gives him a warm smile.

She then knocks her Mother’s drink. “Be in a minute, Tobs.”

She walks into the next room, collecting a pink towel.

Her humming stopped as she didn’t hear Tobias playing in the water.

Her stomach drops. “Toby?” She says to her brother. She walks over to him and sees him under the water, still. Tears start filling her eyes. “T-Tobs?” She decides to lift him out of the luke-warm water. “Tobias?” She calls out once again. “N-no...”

“Mum!” She screams from upstairs. As quick as lightning, her mother rushes into the room with Luna and her unconscious baby brother.

“What the f-” Her mother stares at Luna, then at the spillage on the floor and at the brother. She takes the baby from Luna’s hands as the father rushes in as well.

Luna turns to her father with tears drowning her face “D-dad, Mu-mum I’m sorry I-” She says unable to finish. “I spil-split Mummy’s drin- drink and-”

“Call the fucking ambulance!” her mother screams at her father, ignoring her daughter’s apology. Her father rushes downstairs to the phone. “What the fuck did you do!?” Her mother screams in anger.

“Mu- Mummy I-”

“You’re a fucking monster!” Her mother says in tears. Maybe she justs needs to calm down. Maybe they’ll work things out. Luna steps one step further “Don’t you fucking come any closer!” She hollers.

“Mumm-Mummy I’m so-”

“The ambulance will be here soon, Honey.” Her father says, in the most calmest voice he was able to do in this situation. “Luna, what happened?” He says kneeling down to her level.

“I spilt m-mummy’s drink s-so I was going to g-get a towel and I came b-back and then this h-happened... I’m sorry, I didn’t k-kno-”

Her father embraces her with a hug. “Shh... It’s okay. Luna, you know the rules.”

The rules were simple.

1. Don’t EVER leave the baby unattended.

2. Indoor voice ESPECIALLY when the baby’s asleep.

3. Help out you’re parents.

4. Be kind to everyone.

5. As the parents will be more busy, you have to clean the table and wash your own plates.

The rules were simple.

“She’s a fucking murde-” Her mother screeches.

“Jo, don’t!”

“I- I just wanted to h-help Mummy,” Luna stutters. “S-she’s been very b-busy lately so I wanted t-to help h-her out,” She cries.

“Don’t use your little sob story on me, young lady!”

“I-I’m not, Mu-”

“The ambulance is here, get the door.”

Her father takes Luna out of the room and he reaches for the door. “End of the corridor.” Her father says to the tall men at the door.


“Yes, Luna?”

“Are you mad at me?”

Her father hesitates to answer “Luna, I know you were only trying to help your mother. I can’t help but be a little be mad but, I’m more disappointed you didn’t follow the rules,”

“But Daddy, I love him.” She cries into her father’s shoulder “And now h-he’s dead! It’s true, isn’t it? I am a murderer.”

“Don’t talk like that, no one’s a murderer here.”

“My stars will never align, will they? I’m a monster, aren’t I?”

“No, Luna, no you’re not a monster.”


“Luna, put your toys away.” Her mother says with coldness in her voice.

“Wait a minu-”


“But I-”

“Oh my fucking god, Luna. When I ask you to do something, you fucking do it, you understand. When you don’t, you murder your fucking brother!” She drags Luna to the dead baby’s room, puffing the life out of her cigarette.

“No, mum, please don’t do t-”


“No m-”

“Stop acting so bratty! Why don’t you understand that you are not ever going to be forgiven by Tobias? Say. Sorry!”

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