This Time I'm Ready To Run.

Stale Bread

Finally, I stare up at him, leaving me completely bewildered.

It is him.

It’s who I thought it was.

Harry Styles.

Harry Fucking Styles.

I try to contain the feeling that is bubbling up inside, my heart beating rapidly. I look down instantly, then take a sip of the tea, trying to break the tension. I am pretty sure I broke some tension.

I hope I broke the tension.

I’m not even a ′mega fan’ or whatever you call them yet, my heart seizes. It’s as if the devil grabbed all the air from the area.

Nope. I didn’t break any tension.

I try to keep in the explosions, that is bottling up inside of me, from coming out. It’s not every day you see a celebrity. Which also gives me more of a reason to ask Why would you want to talk to me? I mean there’s are so many people in this park and a speaks to me.

“You alright love, you’re bright pink?” Oh god, I’m pink. Oh. God.

Oh, earth please suck me whole.

Like, right now.


I gaze at him again. This can’t be real, right? I mean, if I were him, which I’m not, I’m not anything to do with him, I would certainly not talk to me. I mean, I’m me. Plus, I look busy, don’t I?

No Blossom, no you don’t, you’re staring at a blank screen.

I neglect my thoughts and distract my self with his emerald eyes. His eyes were the colours of meadow, as the spring sunlight beaming down, making the meadow glow. His eyes are joyous and full of life and light.

I draw my attention to his lips. I don’t want to kiss him. I really don’t. I don’t know him. I’m just looking. Taking in his facial features and I know people dream to be in this position. And I know that this won’t happen again. I don’t know how got into this position. His lips were a shade of pink that I’ve never seen before. Not as a bad thing of course. He had a smirk on his face gives a ray of light.

Then my eyes travel to his cheeks. What can I say? Dimples.

Oh, and now I’m back to the eyes. Oh great. Already addicted.

No. Blossom. No. You’ve got a book to make. I slowly retreat from his twinkling, emerald eyes to my blank screen. Boring...

“I’m fine..” I stutter, words coming out unconsciously. I feel my cheeks heat to a shade of red. “Perfectly fine.” And now I’m just making a fool out of myself... Why hasn’t he left yet? I’m just a normal girl living the reality that I don’t want to live in. I’m pretty sure this a dream but we’ll lay that thought off for now.

An awkward silence lays upon us. Very brutally awkward. Help. He doesn’t know me. Why hasn’t he left me yet? Please go away...

No, please don’t.

“Now, seriously love, please throw some bread out to the ducks.” He says in a nice and innocent tone. “The poor ducks will starve.” untrue. “Pretty please?” I look up at him once again. His green orbs sparkle, pleading for me to throw the bread. Why do I do this to myself? His eyes...No... I need to write my book, and he needs to do Harry Styles things. And why is he calling me love? No one’s ever called me that before. Love is a strong word.

Blossom stop it. He doesn’t even know my name yet... ever. He’s never going to know your name. He has to call me something.

I want him to know my name.

No, no I do not. I want to write my book.

“No,” the words chuckle out my mouth tea spraying over to what seems a mile away. Okay, now the earth can devour me. And he just sits there. Maybe in shock? He should probably leave.“Sorry,” Okay... Oh god, let’s change the subject. “I can’t take the bread.” I want to take the bread. But I can’t. I’m busy.

“Course,” He blurted. “Sure you can.” I can’t, I need to get on with my work, which is a blank screen. I peer up at him again so I can have my word.

" No, I really can’t,” Harsh? Maybe? “I’m busy right now, I’m sorry.” I mean he can’t argue with that. Right? I mean after this he says sorry and walks away, right?

Oh, Blossom, you did this to yourself. You’re the one who kept eyeing the bread.

“Oh sorry. What are you working on? ” Why is it his business? Maybe he just wants to help. No why would Harry Styles want to help me? I mean it couldn’t hurt telling him, he’ll probably just forget, it’s not that big of a deal.

“A book,” That’s it. That’s all he needs to know, now he can walk away. “A book I’m writing.” I show him my screen and I watch his expression change. He is smiling from ear to ear. Why? Why is he smiling? I didn’t do anything.

I try and latch on to what he is smiling about then it comes to me. How stupid am I? The screen is blank. I was explaining how I’m making a book and it’s just a blank screen. I’m such an idiot.

He gives a chuckle before saying “Writer’s block?” Yep. Writer’s block. “I can help. I’ll help with the writer’s block you have, love, so don’t worry.” Of course, he can. I want him to. But I’ll probably do something terrible and kill him.

I already see the headlines... ”Uni student kills ex-bandmate of One Direction”

“Stupid girl from school murders Harry Styles.” Oh, the list can go on.

Okay. Well, I have two options. Write nothing and never get this book out. Or, have a chance with the book but also have a chance to mess up. Like I always do.

Without saying anything Harry Styles nudges over to me the almost stale bread. What is there to fight for anymore? I mean it’s only bread. It’s going to be over with then I’ll go back home afterwards. My shaky hand lifts and grabs some bread. Slowly I break the bread and I throw it to the ducks. This is kinda what I’m trying to do. Throw away the bad stuff, so I can bring in the good stuff. The good stuff like a house, a future. Stuff all people want. Maybe Harry Styles can help me. Or not.

His lips mould into a dimply smirk as he lifts to his feet. What is he doing? Is he just going to leave? I mean I would but I’m not him.

He reaches out his hand.

“Shall we?”

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