This Time I'm Ready To Run.

DayDream: 5


“You got your bag? Shoes?” Her mother asks, rushing about to get everything in tip top shape.

“My bag!”

“It’s right here, Lunie!” Her mother says, passing the bag to Luna.

“You brushed your teeth?” Her mother asks, worried for Luna’s first day.

Luna nods and shines her teeth at her mother. “Awee. You look so grown up.” Her mother says, trying to contain her tears.

“You had your breakfast, little one?” Luna’s Dad says from behind Luna.

“Yes daddy.”



“Off to school then.” Her mother says, with slight pain.

They all hop in the taxi to go to school. “Brushed your hair?” Her mother asks.

“Mummy, Daddy, stop worrying! Ill be fine,” Luna giggles, in between them both. Her mother kisses her head.

“Don’t grow up too fast, Lunie.”

They arrive at the Catholic school with little groups of people. You have the ‘cool boys’, you have to the left, the ‘popular girls’ to the right. There are the same groups but all the older years.

“You gonna be okay?” Her mother asks, tears falling from pure sadness and proudness.

Luna smiles before getting rushed into the school hall.

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