This Time I'm Ready To Run.

Going Away Gift

“It’s two people.”

Pardon me?


I promised I wouldn’t be scared.

“Who’s the man behind the mask this time?” I asked, slightly panicked. I can’t even think straight.

“Sure you’d like to know?”

I blink a few times.

I think I want to know.

I nod hesitantly. He doesn’t speak at first, he just looks at me. He can tell I’m scared. Why wouldn’t I be? He looks down at my lips and pecks them, making me flicker a small smile. I look into his green eyes and all I see is some sort of guilt. Not as if he’s killed someone but more of he made a small mistake and that he regrets it.

“It’s Oxford Guy.”


What did I do to him?

I look to the side, trying to comprehend everything, failing miserably.

“Wait so James is trying to kill me?” I blink, still trying to process this. The only bad thing I’ve ever done to him is that I’ve dumped him for being an absolute dick.

With a blank expression on Harry’s face, he nods. “Sorry I didn’t tell you I-”

“Wait, so James is trying to kill me because...?” I ask, ignoring his apology. I’m not trying to be rude but I know exactly what he’ll say and I don’t think he needs to apologise. “What did they do to him?” I ask, leaning in slightly closer to Harry.

“Taken away. I mean, he got caught red Handed.”

I nod slowly, things starting to digest. “So why me?”

Harry shrugs. “Jealousy? Didn’t want you to leave? I have no idea.”

“I’m sorry, Harry.”

I don’t know why I’m sorry, I just am. I shouldn’t have been so pushy. Maybe that’s just me, though. He brings me to his chest. He’s a lot warmer than me. I feel his heart beating against me, making me smile. I feel him kiss my head as he swivels me over so my legs are arched over his.

“Don’t say sorry. You didn’t do anything.”

I look up at him, him already looking at me. “I’m sor-”

He cuts me off with a kiss.

His warm, soft lips touch mine, making my stomach bubble. A burst of bright colours ignites the cool night air as his lips caress mine. I don’t kiss often. I mean James didn’t let me. I don’t want to mess this up even though I can’t think straight to function on what to do next.

I feel his warm hands against my waist, making goosebumps spread all over. His warm scent fills my lungs as the kiss lasts longer. I feel his tongue sweep my lower lip sending shivers down my spine as he sucks all the air out of me.

“You trailed off,” He pants. Confused and flustered, cheeks going red, unable to breathe properly, he cups my cheek, swiping his thumb along my lower lip as I take in heavy breaths. He smirks and rolls his red, plump lips in. He knows I’m confused. “The other day,” Making my heart beat once again, he touches his lips with mine as I wrap my cold hands around his neck making him smile.

“You said ‘happiness, joy and...’ what was the other one?” He says in between his warm kisses.

What should I say?

Think fast. “I can’t remember.” I lie. I mean, of course, I remember. He said ‘happiness, joy and love. Home.’

Our lips fade apart as we look at each other in awe. I notice his forehead is glossed in sweat from the show, not making him look any worse than before. I watch his eyes twinkle, I watch his plump lips roll in, his hair’s a mess. He’s the closest to perfect a person could get.

“This area will be getting busy soon,” He half-whispers. “Plus, we’re leaving in 4 hours.” I smile and hop off the wall and reach for his hand. He accepts and jumps off the wall with me.

One of my favourite things about this tour is that I don’t have to pack anything. I didn’t bring anything in the first place.

Now, of course, Harry does.

Plus all I need is my phone and my clothes. I wear one of Harry’s tees to go to bed in, I own one pair of shoes and I use Harry’s charger. I’m all set.

“You got your phone?” I ask as I watch Harry zip up his case.

Oh yeah, we’re late.

We’re going to New York and we were meant to arrive at the airport 5 minutes ago, we haven’t even left the building yet.

I power walk to the perfectly made bed, just how it was when we got here, to grab his dead phone.

When I arrive back in the main room, I see Harry at the door with his full suitcase, waiting for me. “You ready?” He asks, unlocking the door. He turns back around to face me as I wrap his rainbow knitted cardigan closer around my waist to keep all the warm air in.

I’m really, really nervous to go back to New York. Things aren’t exactly okay there. But, maybe this will be good for me. I haven’t seen it in a while and I may see my dad somewhere, maybe going in a taxi to go home from work.

But maybe New York is different. Maybe my parents moved away. No, dad wouldn’t move away knowing I could be anywhere.

All I can hope is for it to go well and then to go home.

I nod at Harry as I take his ringless hand as we exit the building that I possibly will never see again.

“Blossom!” Rin says from the corner. Harry and I stop in our tracks as we see Rin holding an item in her small hands. Harry hasn’t met Rin. I’ve told him about her, though.

“Hi Rin, I’m so sorry, I’m in a rush,” I say, begging for her forgiveness.

“Don’t worry, Blossom! I need to get going too, I just wanted to give you this! Like a souvenir,” She smiles.

I nod happily. “Close your eyes,” She says.

I flicked my eyes shut, excitement bursting out from inside. She takes my hand and places this cold item inside.


I open my eyes and see this gold bracelet with the country on this circular coin. My heart bursts and my cheeks hurt from smiling. I’ve only met this girl this morning. We’ve been talking non-stop all day, though.

“I can’t take this, Rin, this is too much,” I respond, upset that I can’t keep it. I mean this is way too much.

“No, Blossom, take it. I got last year but I don’t wear much jewellery.”

I hesitate to accept the gift. “You sure?” I ask, her smile making the world brighter. She nods as she puts the necklace around my bare wrist.

I need to give something back.

I slip off my earrings and give them to her. I see her eyes glow as she put them through the puncture in her ears. My lips part as she looks at the gift from her phone’s camera. She looks back at me. “I got it a month ago,” I smile “Like a souvenir.”

We take each other for a long embrace.

I need to get going.

“Sorry we can’t chat for longer, Rin!” I shout, starting to back away.

She raises up her arm and waves at me as I do the same. “Visit again!” She shouts back.

I smile as I enter the car.

I’m heading back to my childhood.

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